This story has been written by our reader, Pallavi Desai. This story is a journey of young boy, Pratik, who was ill-treated by his family because he was different. He finds solace in his mother’s sister who helps him become the woman he really was. In his turbulent journey towards becoming Pallavi, a woman, we see how Pratik’s relationships transform with his wife Alka, his boss and future husband Yogesh. Become a part of this educational love story.

Pallavi Desai (Author)

Chapter 1: The beginning- Award Function
Chapter 2: The Interview
Chapter 3: The Childhood
Chapter 4: Summer vacation with Nina Masi
Chapter 5: Back home at Gandevi
Chapter 6: Schooling in Surat with Nina Masi
Chapter 7: New Life Begins
Chapter 8: Training Begins
Chapter 9: Exposure in Society
Chapter 10: First Year in College
Chapter 11: Vacation after First Year
Chapter 12: Finishing School for Girls
Chapter 13: Second Year of College
Chapter 14: Explanation of SRS Treatment
Chapter 15: End of Second Year of College
Chapter 16: Last Year of College
Chapter 17: In the USA
Chapter 18: In the USA – First Month
Chapter 19: In the USA – Meets Alka
Chapter 20: Pallavi returns to India
Chapter 21: Pratik calls Father
Chapter 22: Move to Mumbai
Chapter 23: An Accepting Father
Chapter 24: Coming Soon

If you have any feedback, please contribute your ideas in the comments section. All your feedback are welcome.

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