Village Changes My Life


An amazing mystical story written by a young writer, Preeti. This story is about Mayur who comes back to become a teacher in his home village. This village is facing an unusual problem, which can only be solved through divine intervention. And in that process, he is magically transformed into a woman named Avni. This story begins with exploring Avni’s changing relationship with “her” mother and “her” elder sister Priya.

Note from Indian Crossdressing Novel: Use the links below to read the various parts of this story. Please note that this story is not published by Indian Crossdressing Novel, and these links will take you to Preeti’s website.

Part 1: The transformation
Part 2: Welcome to womanhood
Part 3: My new life with mom
Part 4: A hot teacher in school
Part 5: Meeting my sister
Part 6: Going out shopping!
Part 7: First love?
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11

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