Experience: My first saree

The experience of wearing my first saree by Naina Menon

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Note: This is a true experience story shared by the beautiful Naina Menon, who is currently undergoing transition to become a woman of her dreams. Do you have a story like this to share?


The sun was up high and the heat of Trivandrum in the month of June was building up. Everyone had given up on the monsoon to hit early in the year 2001. I was new to the school and had made ample amount of friends in a few months. The extra classes were held for the class to finish the syllabus and that’s why we were in school in the month of May.

It always made me jealous coming to school in civil clothes as I could see the girls in my class wearing the clothes that I desired. After the school, I reached home at around 12 and quickly changed into my mother’s old salwar kameez and roamed around the house like a young princess! I didn’t worry much as my parents were both working and came late by 5 pm. And my sister was doing her college in bangalore.

At around 2 pm, the bell rang and I knew it was our maid. Usually I used to change and open the door for her to keep my crossdressing a secret. But today, I felt let’s just open up! I opened the door and without seeing her walked back into my room. She closed the door and went on to do her work.

Naina: I used to wear my mother’s salwar kameez in my school days. But today I have my own.

In my room, I changed into my usual clothes and went up to her. I asked her if she had seen me when she entered. She replied, “yes”. So I asked if she had seen what I was wearing. She said she didn’t notice. She grew curious and asked me what was it all about.

I said that I could tell her but she would have to promise me to keep it a secret between us, to which she agreed. I ran into my room, dressed up and presented myself to her. She didn’t seem surprised, but happy! She gave me a hug and said that I looked like a cute little girl!

I helped her in some chores and asked her if she could teach me how to drape a saree. She said yes, but was concerned where I could get a blouse of my size. She promised to get a blouse for me from the market the next day. I didn’t want her to spend money for my blouse, so I gave her 50 bucks which was the cost of a simple velvet blouse those days!

Next day I was waiting eagerly for her dressed up in another salwar kameez. As she arrived, she said , “Are you ready to learn?” And started smiling. She was a woman in her late 20s, married and blessed with two kids. Yet, me and her shared a bond that no one would understand.

She used to prepare food for me in the afternoons, cleaned our house and used to give me company when no one was at home during the afternoon hours. Since no body was expected to be home, she asked me to wear the blouse and petticoat and come out when I am done.

I am happy woman today.

The blouse was black colored velvet material with golden embroidery! It was probably more than 50 bucks! I asked her why she spent the extra money from her pocket. She replied that she has two sons and when I opened up to her, she felt as if god had given her a daughter in the form of me.

She didn’t think why I was doing it, why I dressed up as a girl. She was just happy, without any reason. That’s what true love is. She dressed me up in a yellow saree that belonged to my mother and draped it in the best way possible! Once done, she moved back and said, you look so pretty! That made me blush and she gave me a hug and a peck on my head as she was taller than me by a few inches.

Even today when I drape a saree, I look into the mirror and see her legacy!

Later, this became a routine and she draped the saree for me everyday. I slowly started learning it by observing and practicing. I don’t know when I started draping it on my own and when I actually became good at it! But I give all my credit of draping a saree to my “aunt”. She left us when I was studying in class 11 to work in the UAE. I will never forget this lady and she will always remain in my heart even though it’s been more than a decade since I lost touch with her. Wherever she is, I hope she is good and spreading live and happiness! This was my story of first saree! Even today whenever I drape a saree, I look into the mirror and see her legacy!

Image Credits: Naina Menon

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Riya: An adorable princess

A few tips for indian crossdressers taking pictures in their saree and other outfits

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हिंदी में पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे

A few years ago, a girl was fascinating everyone on Facebook with her beauty. I could see her everywhere with her big smile. Be it in Kerala or Goa, it seemed like this delicate princess was spreading her fragrance through her beautiful eyes everywhere. I so wanted to talk to this girl. But being a faceless crossdresser myself who hadn’t ever properly wore a saree in her life, I could not muster the courage to send a message to this girl. But a few days back, I received a message on our page from her. She told me that she can relate to the characters in our story. And this time, I didn’t want to miss my chance to know more about this girl!

That girl is Riya Desuza and today, I am sharing what I learnt from her. I am happy to present the first ever interview with a crossdresser on our website. And bonus, there are lots of her pictures as well! I hope you like this interview. You can click on any of the images you see in this article to zoom and admire Riya’s beauty in a better way.

Riya, spread her magic through her eyes in a house boat in Kollam. She is wearing a light transparent saree with matching bangles. She tell us that if you feel like a woman in your heart, you can look gorgeous even in the most simple saree you have. The happiness in her face is clearly evident in this picture. Looking at her, even I dream of wearing a saree and sandals like her. Remember that high heels always look great with sarees.

Anupama: Riya!! Welcome to this interview. I am so lost in admiring your beauty that I cannot think of any question for this interview. So, why don’t we start by you telling us a few things about you. We barely know you as a person.

Riya: Hmm… it’s always difficult to answer this question about myself! What can I say… I am a normal CD like anyone else. As a boy, I am really shy but as a woman, I am really bold. I love our Indian traditions and culture and I really respect those. I love wearing sarees as well as dresses.

Anupama: A normal cd? I cannot believe that! But I can certainly believe that you are a bold woman. Tell me do you like sarees or dresses more?

Riya: I don’t know, yaar… but the way I can feel my skin when wearing a saree or a dress or the way I can explore my soft skin by touching it… I really love that. You might have got that I have a fair complexion, and my skin is naturally very smooth… So, I don’t really need to wax it. That’s why I love to expose a little … be it in a sensuous saree or in a sexy dress!

Like I love to wear deep backless or sleeveless blouses along with a transparent saree or net saree so that I can feel my soft smooth body. I can feel the woman inside me. I love exposed back, my navel, and my slim arms … and cleavage is my favorite! Ha ha … And I love to show off my long milky legs and thighs in a western dress.

रिया: परी हूँ मैं

A few tips for indian crossdressers taking pictures in their saree and other outfits

कृपया आर्टिकल पढने के बाद ऊपर दी हुई स्टार रेटिंग से अपनी रेटिंग देना न भूले!

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कुछ साल पहले, फेसबुक पर एक लड़की हर जगह छाई हुई थी. हर जगह उसकी मुस्कुराती हुई तसवीरें दिखाई देती थी. चाहे केरल हो या गोवा, लगता था जैसे यह छुई-मुई सी लड़की अपनी सुन्दर आँखों और प्यारी मुस्कान के साथ हर जगह अपनी खुशबु बिखेर रही है. मेरा दिल तो बहुत किया कि इस लड़की को मेसेज करके उससे कुछ बातें करूं. पर जहां मैं आज तक कभी ठीक ढंग से साड़ी भी नहीं पहनी थी, इतनी सुन्दर लड़की से बात करने की हिम्मत तक नहीं कर सकी मैं. पर जब कुछ दिनों पहले इस लड़की का हमारे पेज पर मेसेज आया कि कैसे वो हमारी कहानियों से जुड़ा हुआ महसूस करती है, तो मैं ये मौका छोड़ना नहीं चाहती थी इस लड़की को जानने का!

उस लड़की का नाम है रिया डीसुज़ा और आज हम इस अंक में रिया से कुछ बातें करेंगे और जानेंगे इस खुबसूरत अप्सरा के बारे में. तो आपके सामने प्रस्तुत है हमारी मैगज़ीन का पहला इंटरव्यू और रिया की ढेरो तसवीरें! आशा है आपको पसंद आएगा ये इंटरव्यू. आप इस इंटरव्यू में रिया की फोटो पर क्लिक करके बड़ी करके भी देख सकती है.

रिया, कोल्लम में हाउस बोट में अपनी आँखों से जादू बिखेरती यह लड़की. मैचिंग चूड़ियों के साथ एक हलकी पारदर्शी साड़ी पहने रिया हमें सिखाती है कि यदि आप दिल से खुद को औरत महसूस करती है तो आप एक साधारण सी साड़ी में भी कमाल की लग सकती है! रिया की ख़ुशी उसके चेहरे से साफ़ झलक रही है. रिया की सैंडल देख कर तो हमारा भी रिया की तरह साड़ी और सैंडल पहनने का मन कर रहा है. याद रखिये कि साड़ी के साथ ऊँची हील हमेशा अच्छी लगती है!

अनुपमा: रिया! स्वागत है आपका. तुम्हारी खूबसूरती देख कर तो मैं वैसे ही खो गयी हूँ. पता नहीं कैसे यह इंटरव्यू करूं. ऐसा करते है कि आप पहले अपने बारे में कुछ बताइए. हम भी जाने की रिया क्या है और कौन है?

रिया: हम्म … अपने बारे में बताना हमेशा मुश्किल होता है! मैं एक नार्मल छोटी सी cd हूँ. एक लड़के के रुप में काफी शर्मीला स्वभाव है मेरा. पर मेरे अन्दर एक बेहद ही बोल्ड औरत भी छुपी हुई है. मुझे हमारी भारतीय संस्कृति और परम्पराएं बेहद पसंद है और मैं बहुत रेस्पेक्ट करती हूँ उनका. मुझे साड़ी और ड्रेस दोनों ही पहनना बहुत अच्छा लगता है.

अनुपमा: छोटी सी नार्मल cd? हम तो नहीं मान सकते! पर आप एक बोल्ड औरत है यह ज़रूर मान सकते है. वैसे तुम्हे साड़ी और ड्रेस के बारे में क्या अच्छा लगता है?

रिया: पता नहीं यार. पर साड़ी या ड्रेस पहनकर मैं जैसे अपनी स्किन को महसूस कर सकती हूँ या फिर छूकर एक्स्प्लोर कर सकती हूँ… मुझे बहुत अच्छा लगता है. जैसे तुम्हे मेरी फोटो देख कर पता चल गया होगा कि मैं बहुत गोरी हूँ. और मेरी त्वचा प्राकृतिक रूप से ही काफी स्मूथ है तो मुझे वैक्सिंग की ज़रुरत नहीं होती. इसलिए मुझे थोडा एक्स्पोस करना अच्छा लगता है.. चाहे फिर वो ट्रेडिशनल साड़ी में हो या फिर ड्रेस में!

जैसे मैं डीप बैकलेस और स्लीवलेस ब्लाउज को पारदर्शी साड़ी या नेट वर्क की साड़ी के साथ पहनना पसंद करती हूँ ताकि मैं अपने मुलायम कोमल तन को और अच्छे से महसूस कर सकू. अपनी अन्दर की औरत को महसूस कर सकूं. जैसे खुली हुई पीठ, अपनी नाभि, अपने दुबले पतले हाथ… और क्लीवेज तो मुझे बहुत पसंद है! हाहा…. और वेस्टर्न ड्रेस में मैं अपनी गोरी लम्बी टाँगे और जांघे भी दिखाना पसंद करती हूँ!

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Expression Challenge #5 Response

One picture several stories. Here are your responses to the expression challenge!

Expression Challenge #5 Response

Hi Ladies, we are so happy to bring all your beautiful responses you submitted for Expression Challenge #5 for the above picture. The challenge was to answer the question ‘What are you dreaming?’ asked by the mirror in front of you.  Read all your submissions below. (You can find all our past challenges here!)

Congratulations Alexis and Yashika Crossy. Your entries have been selected as editor’s choice!

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Arshia: The Magnificent Beauty

A few tips for indian crossdressers taking pictures in their saree and other outfits

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Dear readers, we are really excited to present you these pictures from Arshia Rao. A beautiful lovely girl from the state of Maharashtra who looks dazzling in her sarees, and equally scintillating when she dons western clothes! It feels almost unbelievable that she is a special woman like all of us here. Very few amongst us are blessed to have naturally feminine look and grace she possesses. But that’s not the reason to be jealous! Let’s celebrate this girl who can be a role model for many of us.

प्रिय पाठक गण, हम बेहद ख़ुशी के साथ इस बार आपके लिए लेकर आये है एक बहुत ही खुबसूरत महाराष्ट्रियन लड़की अर्शिया राव की तसवीरें. हमारी तरह की ही ख़ास औरत अर्शिया जहाँ साड़ियों में देवी लगती है वहीँ पाश्चात्य कपड़ो में सुपर सेक्सी भी! हममें से बहुत कम है जो अर्शिया की तरह प्राकृतिक रूप से इतनी आकर्षक लगती है. पर यह अर्शिया से जलने का कारण न बनाइये बल्कि अर्शिया से कुछ सीखने का अवसर बनाइये कि हम कैसे आकर्षक तसवीरें ले सकते है.

Instagram: You can find Arshia on her instagram account @the_arshia_rao इस लिंक पर आप अर्शिया को इन्स्टाग्राम में ढूंढ सकते है.

Note: You can click on the images to enlarge it.

A unique style!


Not, look at this picture! Perfect with her down cast eyes, light makeup and flower on the side. She truly has developed her own signature style! Her pose is such a delicate one. We really feel that everyone should try such a pose. It will look really feminine. In fact, when you are resting your hands on a table, you can try many more variations and don’t forget to smile!

देखो तो सही कितनी परफेक्ट लग रही है अर्शिया! झुकी हुई नज़रे, हल्का सा मेकअप और कान पर लगा हुआ फूल. सचमुच अर्शिया का अपना ही अंदाज़ है. और पोज भी कितना नाज़ुक है. हमें लगता है कि सभी को एक बार ऐसा पोज़ ज़रूर ट्राई करना चाहिए. एक बार कोशिश तो कीजिये! और मुस्कुराना मत भूलियेगा!

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Becoming a wife of a teacher!

A story of a brother who would do anything for his younger brother

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Note: This story has been contributed by our reader Nisha Patil. The views expressed in this story are author’s alone, and Indian crossdressing novel is only a publisher for this story. All the copyrights remain with the author.

“Honey,please give my tiffin… I’m going to be late for school!!!” Akshay pleaded.

“Yes dear coming”.said Smita, she was looking adorable,in a purple coloured traditional saree,though she struggled a bit while handling it and cooking, Akshay was looking at her with awe.

“Wow,Samosa !!”Akshay said..”nice my wife.”

“Hey ,isn’t this the saree you wore when you first met me??” Akshay asked.

“Yes,it is” Smita said and remembered the past that changed her life.

Smitesh was a B.Com graduate,and had a little brother Aaryan,who studied in school. Smitesh’s parents had passed away and since then, both the brothers lived together. Ocassionally, Aaryan used to miss his mom dad since he was at a very tender age.

One day Aaryan was crying silently while studying in the evening. Smitesh noticed this and went and asked him, “What happened aaru?”

“Nothing bhaiya (meaning: brother in hindi).. just regular fight with friend”, Aaru lied. Smitesh sensed this.

“Tell me the truth !”

“Bhaiya, in a month at the occasion of mothers day, everyone is supposed to bring their mother as there is a function in school. I’m missing mumma and Dada…I wish they would be with us!” Aaru was crying uncontrollably.

“You will have your mother with you tomorrow, trust me, now sleep peacefully”

“But how?”

“I promise you Aaru!!”

“Thank you bhaiya”

z-126-1.jpgI went into mom and dad’s room, and opened mom’s closet. It was full of sarees. I picked the purple one. Smitesh had a parlour friend living next to his house. He went to her with the saree and told her the situation.

“So you want me to go as his mom?” asked Tanuja,the parlour girl.


“I have another idea”,said Tanuja.


“Your face is quite like your mother. I can dress you up like her”.

“Are you crazy?? People will laugh!!”, Smitesh said

“But Aaru will get his mom,think about it!!”

“Ok.. “, thinking about aaru, he immediately obliged. Aaru was too dear to him after all!!

Then started Smitesh’s transformation, his full body was waxed properly, his eyebrows were done,nails were painted, and a wig was used. After some time the breast forms were stuck on his chest and a padded bra was worn. Then the mothers blouse fit Smitesh perfectly. Then the saree ,which Tanuja made him wear, was looking beautiful. He looked just like his mother, but younger, like a woman in her twenties wearing a saree.

“Let’s call you Smita now!”, Tanuja joked!!

The next morning,when Aaru woke up he found a woman sitting next to him “Mumma!!!” he yelled with a glee.

“No Aaru,it’s your bhaiya dressed as mumma!!” said Tanuja who was standing next to Smita.

“Its not bhaiya now, it’s didi! (meaning: sister in hindi)” Aaru smiled and hugged Smitesh.

“This smile of yours means the world to me”, Smitesh said and hugged him back.

For the whole month after that till the mothers day, Smitesh practiced woman’s voice and walking style with help of Tanuja. He used to return from office and dress up in a saree so that he could practice and make Aaryan happy. He had brought a whole set of bras and panties for the process, while sarees and salwar suits and jewelry was his mother’s. Tanuja and Smitesh used to gossip on ladies serials and topics to give Smitesh the behavior and feel of a woman.

Slowly slowly due to everyday routine and Aaru’s response, he started liking dressing up, he was turning into a woman from within, he had started checking out boys with Tanuja too!! Tanuja liked the company of Smita too and did as much as she could to help her.

Smitesh began to enjoy the new found femininity.

They both went to school that day. Everyone knew that Smitesh had dressed up as a woman, but everyone accepted it due to knowing the situations depth.

Later, Aaryans English teacher called Smitesh in his cabin. His name was Akshay.. he was a young dynamic and handsome professor. Aaryan loved him to bits. Smitesh went to his cabin. Akshay was dressed in a suit for the occasion of mothers day.

“He is so handsome!!”, said Smita to herself

“Hi,it’s Smitesh right?”, Akshay asked.

“Yes,Akshay sir. Aaru talks about you, his favorite teacher a lot!!”

“Oh thank you so much.Actually I have called you here to appreciate you doing so much for Aaru. You really are a great brother.”

“Thank you!!”

“And if u don’t mind, may I say something?”, Akshay asked.

“Yeah sure, what is it?”

“You are blessed by God with very graciously feminine looks. U look hot!!”

Smita blushed, she loved the comment and spurted “Not as handsome as you are!!”

She realized what she had just said and felt afraid, after all she had let her feelings out, she thought Akshay would mind, but he didn’t.

“Can you meet me tomorrow at the plaza hotel?” Akshay asked.

“okay, but just for a beer.”, Smitesh said.

“Women drink wine dear, I want to meet Smita at the plaza.”, Akshay said and kissed her hand..gently!!

“Okay!!”, Smita just kept on blushing. Akshay escorted her and Aaru to the school gate.

Smita and Tanuja webt for shopping to buy a new saree.

After reaching home, Smita immediately called Tanuja to her house.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my god!!!, is he that cute?”, Tanuja asked.

“ Yes very, I want to be his lady , so desperately!!!”, Smita said.

“Let’s go shopping, you surely can’t go on the date wearing Aunty’s sarees now!!”, Tanuja said.

“ Yes let’s go!!”, Smita said.

Smita and Tanuja bought a pink coloured chiffon saree for Smita, they also bought a blouse with fully back cut with just the strings.

After going home, Smita couldn’t sleep with the excitement of the next day.

The next day she got up early even though the date was in the evening, she left Aaru for school,and came back home, she shaved her full body nicely with cream and hot water, then she wore the saree by herself , she had become an expert till now, then she called Tanuja for the make up. At the end of it, both if them couldn’t believe how gorgeous she looked.

Then she went to the hotel for the date. On the date, she immediately felt in love with Akshay. He had worn a white transparent shirt which showed his and
“You look beautiful Smita!!” Akshay said.

“ Thank you handsome” Smita winked to Akshay. Love was in the air and they had immediately struck up.

Smita and Tanuja bought a pink chiffon saree



Then they ordered food, Akshay was a thorough gentleman throughout and Smita loved it how he flirted with her still respected her.

After the meal finished, Akshay held Smita’s hand and said to her. “Smita, I always liked crossdressers and my mom and dad accept it too, but until I met you, I couldn’t find a perfect match. Now I would love you to be mine forever !! Will you?”

Smita just nodded,with tears of happiness in her eyes. Then Akshay put a ring in her tender finger, and they hugged each other.

“Meet me in the ladies washroom”, Smita said to Akshay and bit his ear!!

Akshay was in awe. He went to ladies washroom, Smita pulled him inside and locked the door, then she made him sit on the commode and kissed his lips passionately. It was just so right, just so magically wonderful. They kissed about 20 mins

But, just when Akshay was about to remove her pallu, Smita stopped him and said, “I need to get confirmation from Aaru Akshay!!” Akshay understood Smita’s feelings.

After that they politely completed their dinner and Akshay walked Smita home, hand in hand. It was just so romantic, yet simple, just what Smita had expected from a guy.

After she reached home, she changed and called Aaru into her room.

“ Yes, Didi?” Aaru asked .

“ Aaru, there is something very special I want to tell you, but first you need to answer one of my questions!!”

“What is it Didi? “ Aaru asked with utmost innocence.

Smita called Aaru into her room to talk about her love interest.

“Aaru, do you miss our mom now?”

“Yes, Didi.”

“ Aaru, do you want your Didi to be your mom?”

“Wow, that will be so nice, but who will be my dad?”

“First tell me, do you like Akshay sir, your English teacher?”

“yeah he is sooooo cool!!!, But what about my dad?”

“He will be your dad, Aaru!!”

“Really!!!! Thank you so much diiiiiii!!! You’re great, my life will be completed again!!!!”

“ You are welcome dear child, and I am your mom from now!!”

“ Yes mom!!”

The very next day, Smita called Tanuja ..and both of them arranged a special hotel room. Smita wore her mom’s bridal dress, she felt like her mom was with her. Then they called Akshay and both of them exchanged rings.

Then instead of the cost of a mangalsutra and heavy ceremony and honeymoon, Akshay and Smita decided to donate the money to an orphanage, as Smita and Aaru knew the pain.

That night, Smita dressed into a special lingerie for Akshay. A naughty gift by Tanuja to her.

And Akshay said to her after looking at her. “I vow to you my dear wife, I will be yours for life, cause even though we can’t make a child, you complete my life more than anyone else can, I will remain yours and yours forever”

Smita is living as a proud mom today.

And then , it was a magical night, as Smita with every moan of hers , turned into the most loving lady in Akshay’s life. And Akshay, Smita and their child Aaryan lived happily for ages to come!!

The End

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