Gold Stories

Our gold collection containing the best crossdressing stories in English and हिंदी. Also, check out our Platinum Stories and Silver Stories collection!

List of stories in no particular order.

Chandi Chowk
A short story in English
By Amita Sikka

Living alone is hard, but for a crossdresser, it can be the only way to enjoy their femininity.

Devar Bhabhi
A short story in हिंदी
By Male in Saree

The relationship between a devar and a bhabhi is full of love and naughtiness.

Hostel Life
A short story in Hindi
By Kainaat Khan

युग नामक एक लड़के की कहानी जो एक गर्ल्स होस्टल में महिला स्टाफ मेम्बर के रूप में काम करने लगा.

A series in English
By Lakshmi Seetha

Arjun, a journalist, comes across a special woman who opens up a new world to him.

The girl in me
A short story in English
By Gitanjali Paruah

Love blossoms when a submissive crossdresser is caught by his brute roommate.

A night to remember [HOT!!!]
A short story in English
By Pratibha Mehra

When a man dated a crossdresser for the first time in his life, he didn’t realize that he was in for the most memorable night.

Pratibha: A wild encounter [HOT!!!]
A short story in English/हिंदी
By Pratibha Mehra

When I found that my wife was cheating on me with another man, I was furious.

A walk along the river
A short story in English
By Vinitha Honey

When two crossdresser friends go out on a walk along the river.

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