Caption: Maid

When a dominant aunty forced feminizes her nephew.

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Note: The subject matter of this caption deals with forced feminization. Please do not proceed if you do not like the subject.



English हिंदी


Me: No Aunt, you cannot force me anymore. Do you still think I’m young teen age doll in your hands who used to be forced by a dominant lady and serve your kitty party ladies acting as a house maid and a slave of your group of other dominant ladies…you have already used best of my teen age.

Aunt: You cannot hide behind your words. Do you again want to be beaten by your father…. Ohh sorry! you are married now….Do you want to get divorced by your newly wife? or you are going to serve us as you did earlier? .

Me: (Tears rolling down from my eyes) I’m so sorry mistress. I will do whatever you want. What is my dress code today?

Aunt: A French maid.

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मैं: नहीं आंटी, अब आप मुझ पर और जोर ज़बरदस्ती नहीं कर सकती. मैं अब बच्ची नहीं हूँ जिसके साथ आप खेल सको. बचपन में आपने और आपकी किटी पार्टी की औरतों ने मुझसे बहुत सेवा करवाई है पर अब और नहीं.

आंटी: तुम्हे लगता है तुम बड़ी हो गयी हो? क्या तुम अपने पिता के हाथो मार खाना चाहोगी. ओह मैं तो भूल ही गयी थी कि अब तुम्हारी शादी हो चुकी है. कैसा लगेगा जब तुम्हारी पत्नी को तुम्हारे इस लड़की वाले अवतार के बारे में पता चलेगा. अब सीधे सीधे मेरी बात मानती हो या फिर मैं सब सच बता दूं तुम्हारी पत्नी को?

मैं: (आँखों में आंसुओं के साथ) नहीं ऐसा मत करना आंटी. आप जो बोलोगी मैं वैसा ही करूंगी. बताइए आज मेरा ड्रेस कोड क्या है?

आंटी: फ्रेंच मेड.

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Experience: My first saree

The experience of wearing my first saree by Naina Menon

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Note: This is a true experience story shared by the beautiful Naina Menon, who is currently undergoing transition to become a woman of her dreams. Do you have a story like this to share?


The sun was up high and the heat of Trivandrum in the month of June was building up. Everyone had given up on the monsoon to hit early in the year 2001. I was new to the school and had made ample amount of friends in a few months. The extra classes were held for the class to finish the syllabus and that’s why we were in school in the month of May.

It always made me jealous coming to school in civil clothes as I could see the girls in my class wearing the clothes that I desired. After the school, I reached home at around 12 and quickly changed into my mother’s old salwar kameez and roamed around the house like a young princess! I didn’t worry much as my parents were both working and came late by 5 pm. And my sister was doing her college in bangalore.

At around 2 pm, the bell rang and I knew it was our maid. Usually I used to change and open the door for her to keep my crossdressing a secret. But today, I felt let’s just open up! I opened the door and without seeing her walked back into my room. She closed the door and went on to do her work.

Naina: I used to wear my mother’s salwar kameez in my school days. But today I have my own.

In my room, I changed into my usual clothes and went up to her. I asked her if she had seen me when she entered. She replied, “yes”. So I asked if she had seen what I was wearing. She said she didn’t notice. She grew curious and asked me what was it all about.

I said that I could tell her but she would have to promise me to keep it a secret between us, to which she agreed. I ran into my room, dressed up and presented myself to her. She didn’t seem surprised, but happy! She gave me a hug and said that I looked like a cute little girl!

I helped her in some chores and asked her if she could teach me how to drape a saree. She said yes, but was concerned where I could get a blouse of my size. She promised to get a blouse for me from the market the next day. I didn’t want her to spend money for my blouse, so I gave her 50 bucks which was the cost of a simple velvet blouse those days!

Next day I was waiting eagerly for her dressed up in another salwar kameez. As she arrived, she said , “Are you ready to learn?” And started smiling. She was a woman in her late 20s, married and blessed with two kids. Yet, me and her shared a bond that no one would understand.

She used to prepare food for me in the afternoons, cleaned our house and used to give me company when no one was at home during the afternoon hours. Since no body was expected to be home, she asked me to wear the blouse and petticoat and come out when I am done.

I am happy woman today.

The blouse was black colored velvet material with golden embroidery! It was probably more than 50 bucks! I asked her why she spent the extra money from her pocket. She replied that she has two sons and when I opened up to her, she felt as if god had given her a daughter in the form of me.

She didn’t think why I was doing it, why I dressed up as a girl. She was just happy, without any reason. That’s what true love is. She dressed me up in a yellow saree that belonged to my mother and draped it in the best way possible! Once done, she moved back and said, you look so pretty! That made me blush and she gave me a hug and a peck on my head as she was taller than me by a few inches.

Even today when I drape a saree, I look into the mirror and see her legacy!

Later, this became a routine and she draped the saree for me everyday. I slowly started learning it by observing and practicing. I don’t know when I started draping it on my own and when I actually became good at it! But I give all my credit of draping a saree to my “aunt”. She left us when I was studying in class 11 to work in the UAE. I will never forget this lady and she will always remain in my heart even though it’s been more than a decade since I lost touch with her. Wherever she is, I hope she is good and spreading live and happiness! This was my story of first saree! Even today whenever I drape a saree, I look into the mirror and see her legacy!

Image Credits: Naina Menon

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Expression Challenge #4 Response

One picture several stories. Here are your responses to the expression challenge!

Expression Challenge #4 Response

Hi Ladies, we are so happy to bring all your beautiful responses you submitted for Expression Challenge #4 for the above picture. It was really fun to read all your responses. Read all your beautiful submissions below. (You can find all our past challenges here!)

Congratulations Kritika, Ramya Crossy, Puneri Priyanka and Sharma Asha Sangeeta. Your entries have been selected as editor’s choice!

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Scent of a woman

Were you ever mesmerized by the scent of a woman that they leave in their clothes after wearing?


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Note: We are thankful to lovely Alisha Sista for contributing her story. Not just that, she also gave her sexy pics to go with the story! Please say thanks to this hot girl on facebook!

This story started with me being obsessed with the scent of a woman’s dress. I was just about 10 years old when I started noticing the difference between how a woman and a man smelled. I was so attracted to the woman’s scent that I wanted to smell like her. The fascination drove me to rummaging through my mother’s washed clothes but the scent was just not there. I used to get that heavenly scent from my aunt who used to stay out of my town and used to visit us once in every 3 months. I used to wait for her to come & used to find multiple reasons to stay around her so that I can experience her scent. My first thoughts were that my aunt must using some imported perfume to get this heavenly scent. Her husband was after all working abroad & he must be sending her this imported stuff for her to smell so angelic. Oh how wrong was I !!! Continue reading “Scent of a woman”

होस्टल लाइफ

Read this story to know how Yug, a boy became a full-time female staff member at a girl’s hostel.

कृपया ऊपर दिए हुए स्टार रेटिंग का उपयोग कर कहानी को रेट करे!

नोट हम धन्यवाद करते है कायनात खान का, जो इस कहानी की लेखिका है. फेसबुक पर कायनात का एक पेज भी है Crossdresser Desire नाम का जहाँ वो अपने कैप्शन पोस्ट करती है. तो लेखिका को ज़रूर मेसेज कर प्रोत्साहित करे!

भाग १

होस्टल की ज़िन्दगी, जब अपने होस्टल के दिनों को कोई याद करता है तो दोस्तों के साथ पूरे दिन और पूरी रात चलने वाली मौज मस्ती आँखों के सामने आ जाती है, और यह ख़ुशी दुगुनी हो जाती है यदि बात हो गर्ल्स होस्टल की! मेरी भी बड़ी सुहानी यादें है गर्ल्स होस्टल की, पर ख़ास बात ये है कि मैं लड़की नहीं हूँ. कम से तन से बाहरी रूप से तो नहीं, पर मन से तो मैं पूरी तरह लड़की हूँ. Continue reading “होस्टल लाइफ”

Entry into Girl’s gang

A story of how I, a crossdresser, became a part of a girl’s group!

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Note: This is a Silver category story contributed by our reader, Kainaat Khan. Indian Crossdressing Novel is publishing this story without any major edits or review. Our team does not make any claim on the story. All rights to this story remain with the original author.

I am Rohini, a closet crossdresser of 22 years. I stayed with my parents and how I became a crossdresser has lot to do with my aunty Meera who was sooo sexy and modern. Her fashion sense used to make me too jealous of her. She was really my role model, and I always wanted to be like her. So, I started to wear my mom’s cloths in my attempt to be like my aunt. I have been crossdressing for last 3 years. And today, when I heard that there is a saree sale at the mall, I could not resist myself from checking it out. I decided to stop at my aunty’s home on my way to the mall. I wanted to see her once, and notice a few things about her dressing style, so that I could be like her. Continue reading “Entry into Girl’s gang”

Expression Challenge #3 Response

One picture several stories. Here are your responses to the expression challenge!


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