Finding Krishna

The true experience of a crossdresser who finally found a woman inside her.

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Story Credit: Krishna

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Preface: It is our pleasure to introduce Krishna and her story. Krishna is one of those fortunate crossdressers who found a supportive partner. Her girlfriend not only gives Krishna her sarees and dresses, she also helps Krishna with makeup and jewelry too! The images that you will see in this story are Krishna’s pictures wearing her girlfriend’s saree! More pictures can be found at the end of the story.

The Story

It all started when I was 12 years old. Right from my childhood, I was interested in women’s clothes especially in sarees, lehengas and of course, lingerie. When I was 13, I used to secretly wear my aunt’s bra when everyone one was out of home. It was one such day, I found a bra that my sister no longer used. So, I decided to keep it with me so that I can wear it whenever I would get a chance.

Since my grandmother lived with us, my aunts would often visit our house to stay with their mom i.e. my grandmother. My grandmother’s house was little detached from our house. So, it was a little convenient place for me to go and do all the crossdressing. I used to stay at her house very often. Her house had two rooms so whenever I got chance, I would wear the bra I had and a petticoat and stay as long as I could. But it was never enough for me as I wished to stay like a woman all time. The longest time I could manage was the night time when I would sleep wearing bra and a petticoat. At morning, I would change into my male clothes again as I prepared myself to go to the school.

But all this was just a beginning. Day by day, my desire to wear women’s clothes was increasing, specially sarees, jewelleries and makeup etc.

By the time I was 17 years old, I had secretly collected some old bangles, necklace and a pair of anklets. I also found an eye shadow palette. The only things missing were a saree and a blouse. I could have taken my mother’s old blouse but she would have known if I ever took her saree.

One day, one of my aunt came to stay with my grandmother. I secretly slipped into her room to see her sarees which she brought with her. I touched them one by one but the only problem was I couldn’t drape them in her presence. Next morning, she was ready to go due to some urgent work so she left in a hurry. After she left the house I went to the room to check if see had forgotten something.

When I opened the closet I saw her heavy purple georgette saree with blouse and I can’t tell how happy I was! It was like a dream come true. I immediately went to an internet cafe to learn how to drape a saree. I downloaded several videos including different saree draping styles. I happily returned home.

Then I went straight to my grandmother’s room and locked the door and took out her petticoat from her closet. Then I took the saree and started draping it as it was instructed in the videos. At first, I found it a little difficult to make 9-12 perfect pleats but I tried several times. After successfully making the pleats I put a safety pin on it. Then I pleated the pallu and put it on my shoulder. I carefully went in front of the mirror to see my work.

For the first time I was wearing petticoat, bra with a saree. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I was almost looking like a woman. I started walking inside the room and it was the first time when I completely forgot that I’m a boy. After an hour it was time to open the door or else everyone would have started wondering what was I doing inside. So I undraped the saree and petticoat and put them inside the closet. I was very unhappy after removing the saree. I wished I could wear it all day. That night I didn’t slept well as I was constantly thinking about wearing that saree.

The next day I decided to stay at my granny’s house so that I can spend the night wearing that saree. At evening, I started preparing myself for the night. I took a long shower and shaved all my body hairs. After having dinner at 9 pm, I took my mother’s red lipstick and ran into my granny’s house and locked the door. I took out the saree, petticoat, bra, blouse and all the jewelleries that I collected. I stood in front of the mirror and put on my bra and petticoat then I put on the blouse ,the blouse was little large for me but I managed to wear it by putting three safety pins.

After that everything just looked perfect in my eyes. Next I took the saree and started draping it. After making the pleats I pleated the pallu and put it on my shoulder and attached a safety pin. It was about 11pm. I sat in front of the mirror and started applying the red lipstick, and then I put some eye shadow. Finally it was time to put on my jewelry – the necklace, bangles and lastly, I put on the pair of anklets.

I stood up and tried to walk inside the room but the saree was heavy which made it a little difficult for me to walk. Also, I had used the third hook in my bra which made it feel lot more snug around my chest. I tied the petticoat little bit tight but I enjoyed that feeling so much. At 12 pm, I prepared my bed and lied gently since I was in a saree.

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I fell asleep after a few minutes and woke up at 6:30 am next morning. So that was my first memorable night as a woman. Since then, I have spent many more such nights but I am always going to cherish that my first night in a saree. That night, I finally found Krishna the woman inside me!

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मेरी बहना

मेरी और मेरे चचेरे भाई अरुण की कहानी जो मेरी बहन बन गया|

कृपया कहानी की लेखिका के लिए कमेंट लिख कर उन्हें प्रोत्साहित करे!

लेखिका: श्वेता कुलकर्णी

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ये मेरी सच्ची कहानी है| ये कहानी मेरी और मेरे भाई अरुण की है| अरुण मुझसे २ साल छोटा है और मेरे चाचा का बेटा है| हम लोग बचपन से काफी साथ में खेले है और बड़े हुए है | बाद में स्कूल के बाद वो इंजीनियरिंग करने बाहर चले गया | पर जब कभी वो नागपुर आता तो घर पे मिलने जरुर आता था | मैं उसके साथ घुमने भी जाती थी और हम एक अच्छे भाई बहन थे |

अरुण मेरे लिए भाई के साथ साथ दोस्त भी था| हम साथ साथ मूवी जाते थे और शोपिंग करते थे| हम दोनों अच्छे दोस्त की तरह रहते थे| पढाई के बाद बाद अरुण की जॉब नागपुर में ही लग गयी और उसका घर में आना जाना बढ़ गया था| एक बात बता दू की हम दोस्त तो थे पर कभी प्रेमी नहीं सो इस कहानी में कोई सेक्स की बात नहीं है|

इसी बीच पापा की ट्रान्सफर मुंबई हो गयी जहा वो माँ के साथ रहने लगे| माँ कभी नागपुर तो कभी मुंबई रहने लगी| पापा की तबोयत ख़राब रहने के कारण माँ का उनके साथ होना जरुरी था और मैं घर अकेले नहीं छोड़ सकती थी इसलिए मैं नागपुर में और माँ मुंबई में रहने लगी|

मैं ज्यादा घुमने फिरने नहीं जाती थी और घर पे ही रहती थी| पढ़ते हुए कुछ दिन में मुझे बोर होने लगा था, पर अकेले बाहर जाती भी तो कहा? मेरे सभी दोस्तों के बॉय फ्रेंड थे और वो बिजी थे| मैं अकेली थी जिसका कोई बॉयफ्रेंड नहीं था | सो उनको भी डिस्टर्ब नहीं कर सकती थी| इसलिए मन मार के मैं घर पे ही रहने लगी | पर अरुण के घर आने और उसके साथ समय बिताना मुझे पहले से ही पसंद था हम भाई बहन कम और दोस्त जो ज्यादा थे|

मेरी कोई छोटी बहन नहीं है और ये बात मुझे बहुत खटकती थी, मैं चाहती थी की मेरी भी कोई बहन हो जिसके साथ मैं आपने कपडे गहने मेकअप शेयर कर सकू | ऐसे में ही मैंने अरुण को मेरी बहन न होने की बात बताई वो हँसा और बोला “बस इतना ही न आज से मैं तुम्हारी बहन बन जाता हूँ|” पहले तो मुझे लगा कि वो मजाक कर रहा है| मैं भी हँस दी और बोली कि “तुझे क्या पता कि लड़की होना कितना मुश्किल काम है| अगर मेरी बहन होती तो मैं उसके साथ कितना मज़ा करती, मस्त ड्रेस शेयर करती, सब बात बताती और घर के काम में हेल्प भी लेती|”

तो वो बोला, “देखो दीदी. घर के काम तो मैं वैसे भी करता हूँ| रही बात ड्रेस की तो तुम्हारे पास ही इतने कपडे है कि नए कपडे खरीदने की ज़रुरत नहीं है| और बातें तो ऐसी कोई नहीं है जो हम कर नहीं सकते| हाँ, कुछ लड़कियों वाली होगी तो अगर मैं तुम्हारी बहन बनूंगी तो वो भी कर सकोगी| मतलब तुम मुझको समझा देना| और हम दोनों बहनों की तरह साथ में रह भी सकेंगी” उस वक़्त तो मैंने उसकी बात को हँसी में ले ली और हम फिर से नार्मल रहने लगे|

पर कुछ महीनो बाद मेरी एक दोस्त जिसका नाम मयूरी था उसकी शादी थी और उसकी शादी में मुझे जाना था पर समय नहीं था कि पारलर जाकर वैक्स करू और तैयारी करू| इसलिए मैंने घर पे ही वैक्स करने का फैसला किया और तैयारी में लग गयी तभी अरुण घर पर आ गया| मुझे वैक्स करने में तकलीफ होते देख कर वो बोला, “दी मैं हेल्प करता हूँ” और मैंने अपने हाथ और पैर के बालो को निकालते वक़्त उसकी हेल्प लेने में कुछ गलत भी नहीं समझा|

मेरी वैक्स के दौरान मैंने उसको कहा, “अरुण तुम भी आपना वैक्स कर लो वैसे भी ज्याडा बाल तो है नहीं तुम्हारे”| उसने कहा “आप कर के दो तो कर लू”| सो मेरी वैक्स क बाद मैंने भी उसके हाथ और पैर की वैक्स कर दी| उसने कहा कि वो छाती के भी बालो की वैक्स करना चाहेगा जैसे हीरो लोगो के होते है तब मैंने उसको छाती के बालो की भी वैक्स कर दी और उसको बाद में नहाने के लिए बोली क्योंकि वैक्स के कारण उसे बहुत जलन हो रही थी| प्रॉब्लम तो तब हुयी जब वो नहाकर आया क्योंकि पापा तो मुंबई में रहते थे इसलिए उनके कोई कपडे घर में नहीं थे और जो थे वो काफी दिनों से रखे थे बिना धोये अब अरुण के पहनने के लिए कुछ नहीं था| ये बात हमने पहले सोची नहीं थी और उसके कपडे वैक्स के कारण ख़राब हो गए थे और मैंने धोने भी डाल दिए थे जिसको सूखने में कम से कम दो घंटे लगते| हालांकि वो तब तक टॉवेल लपेटकर रह सकता था पर वैक्स के बाद उसको मेरे सामने शर्म आने लगी थी|

तो अरुण ने मुझसे कुछ पहनने को माँगा| तो मैंने कहा, “घर में कोई जेंट्स के कपडे तो है नहीं| क्या तुम मेरे या माँ के पहन सकोगे?” कुछ न होने से तो कुछ अच्छा सोच कर उसने हाँ कर दिया| अब मेरे सामने सवाल था कि मैं उसको क्या दू क्योंकि माँ तो सिर्फ साड़ी पहनती थी| इसलिए मैंने उसको अपने कपडे देने के बारे में सोचा| मैंने अरुण को मेरी एक नाईट camisole दिया और निचे शॉर्ट्स पहनने को कहा| camisole तो बनियान की तरह होता है तो उसे कुछ प्रॉब्लम नहीं हुई पर मेरी शॉर्ट्स में वो घुस नहीं पा रहा था इसलिए मेरे पास उसको मेरा सलवार या मिडी देने के अलावा कोई आप्शन नहीं बचा था| मेरा मिडी देने का मन नहीं हुआ तो मैंने उसको सलवार दे दी वो भी बिना कमीज़ के| क्योंकि सलवार बहुत ढीला होता है और वैसे कपडे लड़के पहनते नहीं है तो उसे काफी अजीब लग रहा था और मुझे भी उसे देखकर हँसी आ रही थी|

खैर उसके बाद मैं उसके लिए टीवी चालु कर नहाने चली गयी| नहाकर आते ही मैंने टॉप और मिडी पहन ली जिसकी लम्बाई मेरे घुटनों तक थी| मुझे दुसरे दिन शादी के लिए अपने पैरो पे मेहंदी जो लगानी थी| तब तक अरुण भी सलवार और camisole के साथ कम्फ़र्टेबल हो गया था| बाद में हमने खाना खाया और मैं उसको देख कर हँसी आने लगी| अचानक से मुझे अपनी छोटी बहन वाली बात याद आई और मैंने अरुण से कहा, “भगवन ने आज मुझे एक बहन दे ही दी” और हम हँसने लगे| मैंने अरुण से कहा कि क्यों न अब वो मेरी सलवार और camisole पहन ही लिया है तो अब मेरी नयी बहन का नाम कारण भी किया जाए| मैंने उससे पूछा कि उसको लड़कियों में कौनसा नाम पसंद है? तो उसने कहा, “मेरी सबसे अच्छी दोस्त बहन तुम ही हो और मैं चाहता हूँ कि मेरा नाम भी श्वेता हो” तो मैं बोली, “पर घर में दो दो श्वेता कैसे हो सकती है?”

तो उसने कहा, “ये बात तो सिर्फ हम दोनों के बीच की है| मैं वैसे भी आपको दीदी कहता हूँ| और नाम से नहीं बुलाता| आप मुझे श्वेता कहना” मुझे भी उसकी ये बात अच्छी लगी इसलिए मैंने उसका नामकरण श्वेता कर दिया| उस दिन उसने मुझे मेहंदी लगाने में मदद की और मैंने भी उसके वैक्स किये हुए पैरो पर घुटनों के निचे और सॉक्स के ऊपर वाले हिस्से में मेहंदी निकाल दी ताकि ऑफिस में किसी को उसके वैक्स और मेहंदी के बारे में पता न चले|

ये तो बस कहानी की शुरुआत थी कि कैसे मुझे मेरी छोटी बहन श्वेता मिली आने वाले समय में मैं आपको और भी बाते बताउगी| पर इस कहानी को किसी और कहानी की तरह मन में सेक्स मत लाना| ये एक अच्छी कहानी है और आज भी हम दोनों लोगो के सामने भाई बहन है और अकेले में हमारा रिश्ता बहनों वाला ही है|

आगे अगले पेज में पढ़े…

Kavya’s Story

The story of a crossdresser who gets to be a girl and makes friends in college.

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Story Credit: Ekta Thakur

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“ Ashish wake up it’s 8 am, do you don’t want to go for college …?” my elder sister Sandhya yelling from kitchen. As she is the only family member as we lost our parents last year in an accident.

“ No di, now Summer vacations have started “ I responded her through bed.
But she has to go for office. She works in MNC. She is 24 and I am 17 now in First year of graduation.

As she went for office I went for bathroom where I saw her bra and panties. I always wanted to try them I took cream colour bra and dark brown pantie. The feeling of soft touch of pantie and tension of bra strip on body giving me a different feeling. I decided to wear it for some more time as di is going to come in evening. And I decided to try some more dress. So I choose her leggings and top. After few minutes I decided to some work by wearing dress as di always do. So I started cleaning kitchen hall and our bedroom washing the dishes. By doing all these things I observed my flat chest so I put my socks in that to give it shape. As I look into the mirror I was stun by look. I was just looking a teenage girl. I kept dupatta on it and look towards clock so I got realised that di will come anytime. So I get back to my normal dress and kept all things as they were.

After coming from office di was so happy as I already did everything cleaned. I appreciates my job. But I was just thinking about the how was looking so girly after keeping socks in bra cups and how was my curvi body and the feeling of keeping dupatta. So I was eagerly waiting for next day. In night I was thinking about other stuffs so I can transform my self as a girl. As my body was clean I just have to arrange one wig and have to try other girly stuff like lipstick mascara nail polish earrings bindi and bangels. When I get sleep i don’t know but in morning I get wake up early with di. And helping her.

She was so happy that I was helping her But I was saving my time to dress up and explore my self more as girl. As soon as she went I get change fast in her salwar’s or leggings and try to make up so look perfect as I don’t have wig still looking like a girl having small hairs. But My make up skills making me upset. So try to see videos on you tube. It was almost one week I was doing all these things very carefully .

But on Sunday When di was at home so today I have to be in normal male dress. But I thought why I not make a fake fb account as girl and feel at least. When I created fb account I kept name as Kavya Singh as I like Alia very much. And started to make friends. Some ask about my real pics then I got urge to show my pics to them but I also got fear what will happen if someone got known about me. So I decided to kept such dp which will show my girly figure on next day when di will goes to office. So next it was very exciting day for me as I am going to post my first pic on fb and want to know how my friends going to react on it. Soon di went for office and today I decided wear blue colour Salwar which I like most and wear some bangles as I wanted to show myself as traditional girl. And stared to make up. When I feel I was looking good I started to take some pics so my face not getting clearly visible. And posted it on fb. OMG every friend is commenting on it and reacting on it with likes loves and wowws. Most of the boys started send me hi and waving hands in inbox. Some are doing cheap comments for them other friends giving the reply. And I making them block. Girls are getting jealous on me for my getting popularity. As know one is my known persons in real life I am not getting fear of anything.

So it was very exciting day for me. As I have made friends and chatting with them as girl.

Few days goes like that but still I don’t have a wig. And I started to feel to go outside and want to experience as a girl. Days goes like this I was Kavya at home when di went to office and on virtually on fb only. Soon my vacation over and I have to get back to college and from onwards it will be not easy for me to dress and live as Kavya.

I joined college but this time I was feeling odd with my male friends and feeling to get back to my world as Kavya. So I started to avoid them and started to login as Kavya and spent time to watch other college girls how they dress up do make ups. Soon I wanted to try modern dress but now I have to keep patience to get alone at home. When ever I get this chance I never let it go. One day a When I was going for college a girl Deepa from my college stopped me said, “ Hey Ashish you live in this area ?”

I said “ I reside at Raj pride and what about you ?”

“ I also in Raj pride wing C and you ?”

“A wing”

“ But I never saw you in this locality before ?”

“ I rarely goes outside and also don’t have friends so stay at home “

“ O that’s why but I love to go for outing and have fun , from now on words we will go out and have fun and I will be your first friend so now lets go to college and I will don’t have to wait for bus as you have scooty … “ and we laughed. That day we talk lot of things about family friends hobbies likes dislikes and get known lot about each other. And we becomes good friends. I get known she don’t have many male friends as I was the only. The whole day I was with girls and feel good as don’t get time to open fb.

When I came back to home Sandhya di ask me about my happiness and I told her about Deepa and other girls.

“ Ashish it is very nice you made some friends … otherwise every time you are spending time on mobile only ”

“ yeah di today I am feeling very good ”

As the whole I was with girls and this is the first time I am watching there dress and accessories very closely.

Next day while going to college Deepa said “ Ashish why you are staring all girls I thought you were nice guy but you are just like others we girls always like boys who respect them not like you. All girls didn’t liked your behaviour so from onwards stay away from us.”

I was in shock I wanted to explain but what can I say to her I wanted to stop her and said my feeling to her but she left me and went away. I was just to cry but not want to cry here so went back to home and started to cry. I console my self its okay I was not behave properly yesterday and have to say sorry to Deepa and her friends. So I decided to say her sorry tomorrow in college. So now I was at home and I got chance to dress up so I forget everything and become Kavya. And started to chat with friends. Now I got used by the fb friends as they flirt me and it makes feel too good. I was blushing like a girl and watching reading all the flirty comments of boys that same time I got shock as Deepa was standing at door and watching me Surprisingly as while coming home I was upset and forgot to close the door.

She was in awww position and said me while closing door “ Ashu you are looking so cute but why you dress up like girl … ?” before I said anything she again started, “ so Ashish you were watching yesterday to all girl as like girl and we thought some thing different cheap”.

“ I felt very after scolding you so I came back to you to say sorry … ”

While saying all this she come to close to me and watching carefully all my dress and accessories and saw my mobile which is having open my fb account.

“ OMG so you have name Kavya when you dress up… you looking so pretty cute just you need a wig”

“ I know it is the only thing I don’t have but… please don’t disclose my secrete to anyone ”

“ No Kavya .. from now we are besties and I will give you wig I have one “, she was smiling and checking my fb ac.

“ wowww all these pics are yours Kavya ?”

“ yeah how are they ?

“ kavya you are looking sso cute ”

She was smiling and I was blushing.

“ I have to change as Sandhya di will come now … ”

“ Okay but I will call Kavya from now and we will go for outing as girls so be ready”

“ no way I am not going out as girl what will happen if someone get known ”

“ Kavya after wearing wig no one will recognize even though your di, and we will have real fun, other wise i will tell everything to di how you dress your flirting with boys each and everything ”

I thought may be she is right after wearing wig no will recognize me and i can enjoy in real not in virtual and Deepa will be with me for help. So I agreed. So it decided for tomorrow to dress up and go for outing adventure.

Next day Deepa come at home as I was already ready in yellow chudidaar she was come with wig she put wig on me and did some make up and also teach me some tricks for glossy lips and mascara. I was looking very hot as saw in mirror as hairs making me perfect it was just like dream come true for. I got some tears in my eyes Deepa got understand about my feelings and she hugged me like true bestie and said Kavya don’t mess mascara you will rock today. We smiled she was some bit modern she was in blue jeans and black tshirt and having blue shirt on it.

My heart was pumping I was first time going outside real word as Kavya. We were on scooty I was sitting on backseat. I was enjoying all this. Deepaa stop for panipuri and I got feared as it was safe on scooty. Deepa encouraged me” you are looking hot and Don’t be shy be bold and I know it was your dream so enjoy it”
We eat panipuri and taken some pics I upload all this pics on fb everyone was commenting on pics abput my and Deepa’s beauty. When we come back to home we were just gossiping like girls like how we enjoyed everything . I shared my feeling to her “ Deepa I want live like that I will never forget this day in my life as you showed me to myself and we hugged each other “. She also shared her feelings to me everything.

We became more close and Deepa is the only my bestiee who knows my secrete.

Next story will be very interesting if you likes the story please rate it … ☺

Yours Kavya.

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The Best Revenge

The story of revenge and feminization.

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Story Credit: Manisha Patil

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The Introduction

The door bell rings. Doctor Arun Saxena had been expecting it. He was a handsome man in his early 40s. Clean shaved, fair, hair neatly combed. People could guess his profession just by looking at him. He opened the door and welcomed the two visitors. It was his elder brother Amit and his son Nishant.

“Hey Arun, so good to see you after a long time!”, said Mr. Amit Saxena. A handsome man too. He was a businessman in his late 40s. He had a well trimmed beard, slightly grey hair which suited him, and was still muscular which came from being a good sportsperson in his college days. Arun welcomed them inside with a smile.

He looked at Nishant. ” must be Nishant. This is the first time I am seeing you after the day you were born.” You have grown up so much! You guys sit. I will bring you two something to eat.”

Nishant was an introvert boy. Thin, fair, aged seventeen, and was of a shy nature in contrast to his father. Nishant and Mr. Amit set on the sofa. Mr. Arun brought them some biscuits and wafers.

“So Arun, how are you?” said Mr. Amit while eating the biscuit kept. “Such a handsome man and still not married. Are you ever going to marry someone?”

“I am so involved in my work these days that I hardly find time for myself. Now its too late!”, said Arun.

” What Rubbish! My young brother can get anyone he wishes.”

“Hmm..”. Arun noticed Nishant sitting quietly, scanning the house and not eating anything.

“Hey Nishant, eat something! Think of this as your house now. You are going to stay here for a long time!” said Arun. Nishant took a buiscuit from the plate with a smile and started eating it.

“I thought my boy will be a sportsperson like me. But look at him. He chose to become like his uncle. Studied his whole life, never played a single game with the other kids, and now got admission in the best medical college in Mumbai. I m still proud of him. Arun, I am so thankful to you for letting him stay. I was worried how he would survive in the hostel.”

“No problem at all, Amit”, said Arun. ” I have always been away from the family. This is just a little that I am doing. I am happy that Nishant is here. I won’t feel alone now.”

“Thanks Arun. You have always been a better person. I will have to leave now. My flight is in an hour.” Mr. Amit looked at his son now. “Take care Nishant. Don’t trouble your uncle. If there is anything you can always call me. Be tough my young man. I vl try to visit every 3 to 4 months.”

Mr. Amit got up, shook Nishant’s and Arun’s hand and left.

Nishant and Arun were sitting at the dining table for lunch. “So Nishant, tell me about yourself. You must have studied hard for getting the admission. Competition is so tough these days.”

” Yes uncle.” Nishant had gotten slightly comfortable now. He had changed to his shorts and T-shirt. “I have always been into books. I hated playing with the other kids. Dad did not like that but he finally gave up on me. He always wanted me to be a sportsperson.”

“I know. You and your dad are very different. When I was young, I was just like you. Your father used to make fun of me in front of his friends. He was a big bully.”

“Yeah!”, said Nishant. ” Dad always used to talk about how he made fun of you. He used to get angry on me when I used to study and say are you going to be like your uncle?”

“Haha..”, laughed Arun. “And here you are. Just doing what your uncle did.” Arun noticed Nishant had not drank the juice given to him. “Have the juice dear. I have made it fresh. And take a nap after that. You must be tired!”

Nishant gulped the juice and went to his room. Mr. Arun had made all the arrangements. He started feeling dizzy. There was something wrong with the juice he was given. He sat on the bed and passed out in a minute.

Uncle Arun entered the room and saw Nishant passed out. With a smile on his face, Mr. Arun said, “My plan has begun!”

When Nishant woke up he found himself in a new room. The room was empty with nothing else than his bed and a cupboard in the corner. He couldn’t move as his hands and legs were tied tightly to the bed. He was feeling cold and realised he had nothing on his body except a pink bra and panty.

He tried to scream but couldn’t, as his mouth was stuffed with a cloth and taped. Struggling with tears in his eyes he saw his uncle entering the room, with a wicked smile on his face.

Part 2: The Transformation
Part 3: The Conclusion

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बुआ की भतीजी

एक क्रॉसड्रेसर की कहानी जिसको बुआ ने भतीजी बनाया

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Story Credit: Sanjana

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Ye kahani ek 24 saal ke ladke ki hai jo kaise ladki ban gaya……Mera naam susheel hai mai family ke sath rahta hoo mujhe bachpan se hi crossdresing karna bahut pasand tha. Me bachpan se hi sochta tha jab mujhe itni samjh bhi nhi thi ki mai ladki kyo nhi hoo.phir jaise jaise badi hui ladki banne ki iccha aur badti gyi. Lekin me apni khwahish ko dabakar ek ladke ka jiwan ji rahi thi . But me zindgi se khush nhi thi. Lekin phir bhi me kabhi kabhi crossdresing kiya karti thi apne ap ke liye .

Mahine me kai baar apni mom ki saree , blouz, petticoat aur jewelry pahanti thi..Mujhe acchi tarah se yaad hai ki meri family me mere ek uncle ki shadi thi jo mujhse umra me 3 saal bade the. To unki shadi me meri dono bua mere ghar pe aa gayi . shadi ladke aur ladki wale milkar dono log ek sath ek jagah par kar rhe the . To mere ghar ke sabhi log 5 dino ke liye shadi me ja rhe the but kisi ko to ghar pe rukna hi tha maine bol diya ki mai rukunga to mom bhi man gayi mere liye to ye bahut accha mouka tha ki zindagi me phli baar acche se taiyar hokar 5 din tak aaram se ladki ki tarah rah sakti hoo. Lekin phir mom ne kaha ki tum rokoge to phir tumhare khane ka kya hoga . To meri ek jo chhoti bua hai rukne ke liye unhone bol diya.

Mai man hi man chintit thi ki mouka hath se gaya but kya kar sakti thi.meri chhoti bua bahut hi acchi thi. Phir agle din sabhi log shadi ke liye nikal gye ab ghar me keval main aur meri bua thi. Maine socha phle ki tarah thodi bahut crossdresing to ho hi jayegi. Meri bua ka bag mere kamare me hi rakha hua tha..To jaise hi khana kha ke bua mom ke kamre me letne ke liye gayi me bhi apne kamre me aa gayi . To maine dekha ki bua ka ek bahut hi sundar bLouz chamakila golden color ka table par rakha hua tha . Jisko dekhar me bahut khus hua . To maine jab use uthaya to dekha ki is blouz me cup lage hue hai. To maine jaldi se use pahan liya . Meri bua ka size , hight mere jaise hi thi. To wo blouz mujhe asani se phit ho gya..Ab mujhse raha nhi jaa raha tha . To maine unke bag se saree , petticoat nikal kar pahanne lagi thi. Maine blouz aur petticoat pahn rakha tha . Aur saree pahan rahi thi..Achanak mere kamre ka darwaza khula to main dekhar wahi shok ho gayi . Samne meri bua khadi thi . Unhone mujhe dekh liya. Saree blouz me . Aur wo zor se hasne lagi.

Mere man me yahi khayal aa raha tha ki ab kya hoga…Bua mere paas aayi . Aur mujhe dekhkar boli tumhe saree pahanna nhi aata. Me tumhe sikha deti hoo ki kaise pahnte hai. Maine bua se poocha ki ap ko ye azeeb nhi lga. To wo boli ki tumhe ladki ke kapde pasand hai . To kya hua. Ye sunkar mujhe bahut sukun mila. Phir wo boli aao tumhe aaj me ladki banati hoo. But usse pahle apne baare me mujhe sab kuch batao . To maine unhe apne bare me sab kuch bata diya ki mujhe ladki banna hi. To ye sab sunkar meri bua boli ki tum chinta mat karo me hoo na me tumhe ladki bana dungi. Lekin usse phle mujhe medicine kha lene do jo mere bag me hai . Me wahi to lene ke liye aayi thi.

Medicine khane ke baad meri bua mere liye Vax cream lekar ayi jo ki mere ghar pe hamesha rahti hai . To bua boli sabse phle apne sare kapde utaro . Maine apne sare kapde utar diye . Me bilkul nude tha . Meri bua neeche ki taraf isara karke boli ki isko sant rakho. Aur me kuch kah nhi paya. Me man hi man bahut khush tha. Ki aaj meri iccha puri ho rahi hai..Bua mujhe bathroom lekar gayi aur meri poori body par Vax lagaya jisse mere sare bal nikal gye vaise jyada bal mere body par nhi girls ki tara hi the meri dadi munch bhi sahi se nhi aati thi. Meri body shape bhi girl ki tarah hi tha. Jab sare vaxing ho jane ke baad nahane ke baad unhone mujhe ek towel diya aur bola ise girl ki tarah apne chest se lapeto to maine aise hi kiya. Ab unhone mere liye ek bra aur panty nikali . Jo maine pahan li . Ab wo boli ki tumare boobs ke liye kuch karna padega. kuch der ruko yahi. Aur wo kamre se bahar chali gyi aur kuch der baad jab kamre me wapas aayi to unke hath me do water ballon the.

Jo unhone meri bra me rakh diye . Jisse mujhe accha lag raha tha aur chalne par hil bhi rahe the. Ab unhone mujhse poocha ki tum saree pahnoge ya suit to maine bola ki saree pahnongi. To unhone apne bag se kai saree nikal kar mujhe dikhayi aur bola ki tum inme se pasand kar lo to maine ek pink aur red color ki kafi bhari saree pasand kar li. To bua boli ki tumhari pasand to ladkio jaise hi hai. Ab unhone mujhe petticoat nikal kar diya .Jo maine pahan liya . Phir unhone mujhe saree ki matching ka hi blouz deiya jisme cups the . Wo mujhe bilkul sahi fit ho gaya.uske baad unhone mujhe payal & bhichiya nikal kar diye pahanne ke liye jo maine pahn liye. Uske baad unhone chudion ka set nikal kar diya jo ki bilkul saree se matching tha .

Bua ne mujhe chudiya pahanne me help ki aur dono haton me 9 -9 chudiya aur 2-2 kangan pinaye . Phir unhone mujhe saree pahnna sikhya ki kaise saree pahnte hai jab me saree pahan rahi thi to chudion ki khan bahut madhur lag rhi thi . Unhone mujhe bahut acche se saree pinaye.. phir mera makeup kiya eyebrow banayi. Lipstick lagayi .Kazal lagaya. bindi lagayi. Nailpolish lagayi Ab unhone mujhe mirror ke samne khada kiya me bahut hi sunder dikh rahi tHi. Me bata nhi sakti ki us din me kitni kush thi. Phir wo achanak se boli abhi sab kuch nhi Hua. Abhi tum puri tarah se taiyar nhi hui . Girl ki sabse jaruri cheej to rah hi gyi hai jise wo hamesha pahanti hai . Bua boli ladki bina nak kan chidwaye acchi nhi lagti. Main boli ki sach me ap mere nak kan chidwaye ngi . Wo boli ha. Bilkul tabhi to tum aur sunder dikhogi . Main bahut khus ho gyi. Aur wo jaker sui lene chali gyi. Ab unhone mujhe baitha ke mere dono kano ko 2-2 jagah se ched diya. Maine poocha ki do jagah se kyo.

Wo boli ki aaj kal 2 jagah kano me ched ka fashion hai . Bua boli Mere bhi to kano me 2 jagah se ched hai . Unhone mere kano me bahut hi heavy jhumke pahna diya . Kan ke dusre ched me choti bali pahna di . Mere kan par bahut vazan ho gaya tha. Mere chahre ka thoda sa bhi hilne par jhmke hilte the . To bahut accha lagata tha. Ab bua boli ki ab tum nak aur chidwao me boli ki thik hai . Maine kaha ki ap mujhe nak me kya pahnaogi unhone kaha ki tumhe kya pasand hai. Maine kaha ki mujhe apki nak ki bali bahut pasand hai . Jo puri nag ki hai. To wo boli tum yahi pahn lena. Me kuch aur pahan lungi . To wo apni nak ki bali utarne lagi . Lekin bua ki nak ki bali utar nhi paa rhi thi . To wo boli tum meri nak ki bali nikal do. Aur maine unKi nak ki bali nikal di . Aur unhone apne jewelry box se ek phool nikal liya aur boli ki tum ise mujhe pahna do . To maine bua ko nak ka phool pahna diya. Ab bua boli ki ab tumhari baree hai. Aur unhone mere nak par sui se ched kar diya. Aur usme nag wali bali meri nak me pahna di. Ab me apne ap ko dekhar shok ho gyi me ladki bankar kitni sunder dikhti hoo…Maine bua se bola ki mere baal bade hote kitna accha hota..To bua boli isme kya hai tumhare liye wig le aate hai. Maine bola abhi. Wo bole ha abhi jyada samay nhi hua hai. Abi to keval 10 hi baje hai. Chalo wig lekar aate hai. Maine bola me aise jaoongi. Wo boli ab tum ladka nhi ho ab tum ladki ho. Aaj se tumhara name swati hai.

aur me scooty nikal kar saree pahan kar wig lene bua ke sath market chali gayi. To dukandar ko mujhe dekhkar bilkul bhi shak nhi hua. Ki ye ladki nhi hai. Wo to mujhse Benji karke baat kar raha tha.ab ham ghar wapas aa gaye the..Aur phir me wig lagakar ek bahut hi sunder ladki ban gyi thi. Bua ne mujhse kaha ki aaj se tum aise hi rahna. Maine kaha log kya kahenge. Wo boli unki chinta mat karo . Aur tumhare mammy papa ko me sambhal lungi. Ab ham dono logo ne raat me khub baat ki . Phir jab rat ko 2 baj gaye to bua boli ki ab tum so jao . Kal tumhare liye market se shopping karne chalenge. Bua boli ki tum saree me hi so jaogi ya fir tumhe nighty du. Me kaha nahi me to saree me hi so jaogi . To bua boli thik hai. But apne kano se jhumke utar do .Ye kafi heavy hai. Inhe regular nhi pahnte hai. To unhone mujhe golden hoop earing di.

Jo maine pahan li. Mere kano me kafi pain ho raha tha . Aur nose me bhi. But me bahut khush thi. Phir dusre din. Bua ne mujhe subah 6 baje utha diya aur boli ladkian jyada der tak nhi soti hai. Aaj tumhe ghar ke sare kam shikhaongi. Me khade hokar fresh hokar nahane ke liye chali gyi. Jab bahar aayi to dekha bua ne mere liye ek blue black color ki saree blouz rakhi thi . Maine use pahan liya . Aur usi ke sath ki matching chudiya bhi pahan li . Aur bua ne mujhe acche se taiyar kiya. Aur bua ke sath milkar ghar ke sare kam bhi kiye. Phir free hone ke baad ham dono log shoping karne market gye . Bua ne mujhe 4 saree , suits, top , skirt , kai sare earing heavy ., Necklace sabhi cheeje dilayi .

Aur phir ham ghar aa gye . Me bahut kush thi ki ab mere paas bhi khud ki saree aur jewellery hai. Aise hi main roj taiyar hoti. Ab to me saree pahnna bhi seekh gyi. Aaj sabhi log ghar aane wale the . Mujhe dar lag raha tha ki kya hoga. Tabhi door bell baji. Aur bua mujhse boli ki gate tum kholne jao. Maine gate khola dekha sabhi log bahar khade the. To sabhi log andar aa gye aur mom ne mujhse poocha beti tum kon ho. To bua hasne lagi . Ye apki nayi beti swati hai. Phir ghar ke sabhi log samajh gye . Ki me susheel hoo. Phir mom ne poocha beta ye sab kya hai . Tum ladki ki tarah kyo bane ho. Aur ye nose & ear kyo pierce karwaye . Bahar log dekhenge to sab kya kahenge. Phir meri bua ne meri mom aur sabhi logo ko samjhaya. To ghar ke sabhi log maan gye.

Aur me bahut hi khush ho gyi. Meri khusi ka thikana nhi tha. Aur meri bhabhi boli meri nanad to bahut hi sundar hai. Phir kuch din baad bua chali gayi. Mujhe unke wapas jane ka bahut bura laga but unko apne ghr to jana hi tha. Ab me girl ki tarah hi rahti thi. Kuch mahine baad maine doctor se treatment lena start kiya to doctor ne mujhe hormone ke tablet di aur bola ki kam se kam 18 month tak aise hi girl tarah raho use baad tumhari surgery hogi. Aur ab main ghar pe ladki ki tarah hi rah rhi thi. Aur log bhi ab kuch nhi bolte the shuru me to mujhe dekhkar log tane marte the. But ab me to poori tarah se ladki ban gyi thi. Keval surgery hona baki tha. Me apni mom ko koi bhi kaam nhi karne deti thi. Sare kam me hi karti thi. Mujhme ab ladko ki koi bhi aadat nhi bachi thi . Aur phir meri surgery ho gyi. Ab me bahut khush thi .Mere paas ek boyfriend bhi hai…

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Crossdresser’s Dreams

The story of a crossdresser who becomes princess for a day.

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Story Credit: Sagarika Desai (Piyu)

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Hello dear friends,
I am Sagarika desai (PIYU). I am a private crossdresser. I love if you call me as “piyu”.

Today I wake up in the morning & see that no one is at home today. Hence I decided to be a little princess girl for today.

I opened my secret bag where I kept some secret things & taken the Veet cream. I went to bathroom & used veet cream on my private parts of the body & removed each & every small hair. Oh!!! It’s really painful. Then I used the Nivea body lotion cream all over the body. As I used to shave my body regularly it’s somehow managed to lessen the hairs. Oh the feeling is great smooth & shiny.

Now it’s time to dress up.

I opened the wardrobe, taken my favorite color which every CD loves & which suits my name “piyu”.

YES …PINK. I took the pink color bra size 32D which is padded one & I know how to wear it from front & I done that. Oh!!! The tight feeling of strips on my shoulder. I like to wear bra properly hence I adjusted & make strips in line & wear it properly.

Then I took the pink color panty & wear it & fitted properly on my waist & butt. This is normal cotton panty which fitted great to me & keeps my tool safe underneath it.

Then started the makeup, actually I am not good at makeup but the face gives much support so I look more feminine without makeup. I took out the makeup kit out of the wardrobe & sit in front of the mirror & started making a princess makeover.

Just imagine smooth skinny shiny slim girl sitting in front of mirror wearing the pink lingerie & legs are crossed WOW & doing her makeup. I applied some foundation on my chicks & forehead. Then applied some cream & pink blush ohhh la la la. Then I took out the Pink lipstick & make the pouch & applied it oh great I said to myself. Then I used black pencil & make my eyebrows inline & then used the mascara & kajal. Then I used again pink on my eyes so it will looks like chooi-mooi. I am bit whitish not much but that’s my plus point.

Now I took out the pink nail polish, took my one legs up on bed & started applying it just imaging how it will look.


After half n hour I completed nail polish of my both legs & hands. Then I had the printed mehndi which I used on both my legs & hands which took again half hour to dry it. Oh great look at me wearing the pink panty & bra, with pinkish makeup & pink nail polish & mehndi & sitting in front of mirror, oh god m exciting by this view.

Then I took out the pink satin leggings & wear them which fitted just below my navel great.

Then wear the pink kurti with long & transparent shoulders /hands which is having the white small design on it. Then taken out the black color wig combed it & wear it properly it’s not too much long but looks great on me.

Now I am in pink kurti & pink leggings. Then I wear pink colored 6 bangles in each hand yes it’s taken time but look great now & then pink earrings. After that I wear the white color pearls necklace in my neck which tight to my neck. Then I wear the silver Payal on both legs which make sounds like choom-choom when I walk. Then I took out the pink colored dupatta wear it across the neck & shoulders.

Then I wear the white color small bindi in between my eyebrows. It took me 3 hours to be ready as love to be. Now it’s 12 in the afternoon & I had a full day to explore.

Then I wear the white colored sandals & started moving around the house, took some pictures in different angles.

Then in chair I sit like a princess, walk like princess & done lots of pictures.
Then I feel like I should go out like this & most of boys will look at me like who is this hot girl in town?

Then I uploaded all my pics in FB & the response is great, like & comments & asking for dates.

WOW the great day. I loves to look like Hansika motwani, the pics added here just to imagine myself in this attire.

Princess is ready for the Prince now & doorbell ranges continuously OH MY GOD who is there now???………………………………………… at this time??

Sagarika desai (piyu).

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Wife makes my dream come true

The story of a crossdresser whose wife makes her dream come true.

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Story Credit: Jinal

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I had a fantasy for dressing up since puberty hit me. I wanted to crossdress even before I knew what it meant. I always dreamt of wearing sexy feminine clothes. I could never try any female clothes at that time though, but the curiosity in me never died.

When I started dating my wife, I once gathered the courage and told her my fantasy. I am sure she did not expect that and was rather surprised by the fantasy, but she said she will help me live it once and if she found it comfortable, we will see where can we take it further. Once while we were making out, she took off her bra and asked me to try it on. I was really excited and tried it on myself. While I had mixed feelings of excitement and embarrassment, she could not stop from giving the disgusted look. I took it off immediately and told her I did not like the idea, just to save her from giving the difficult message that she did not like it.

I did not discuss that idea with her for next 10 years. We got married and led a very happy life. But the thoughts of wearing feminine clothes never went away. In fact living with her and looking at her in the sexy clothes from time to time increased the desire of wearing her clothes. I had even tried her clothes in her absence. But everytime I thought of bringing that topic, that looks on her face when she saw me reminded me of not doing it.

Things did not change for 10 years. But then one incident changed my entire life. My wife had gone out of town for 10 days. She wanted me to buy her a gift when she came back. I jokingly said that I can gift her sexy lingerie if she wants (now I never bought lingerie for her before and so this was new for both of us). I thought she will not like the idea, but she infact encouraged me to buy for her.

She loved my choices and we had one of the best sex that night. And so it was decided that only I will buy lingerie for her from there on. She started to discuss her likes and dislikes with me about her clothes. She would wear them and explain me what exactly does she like in it and what is not comfortable.

I was getting the two best things – the sex life got better and I could see her in my choices of lingerie;

I started getting more daring with my choices and the sluttiness in each of my selection started increasing. Once the bra that I bought for was really slutty and gave her a look of a hooker. It was really a small one and hardly covered anything. She would otherwise always try the clothes that I would select but this time she got really agitated. She threw it away and asked me not to bring such clothes for her. I really wanted her to try it on and started requesting her to atleast try it once. “You can be my whore for one night right?” I told her. Thinking that she might like the idea.

Instead, she got even angrier with that and told me “Why dont you become a whore for a night then? I have had enough of parading for you. Why dont you try to dress up for me once?”

I had no idea whether it was her anger speaking or was she really suggesting that. I was not even sure whether she remembered by fantasy.

While I was in my thoughts, she asked me again “I am waiting. Try it on and show me.”This time the looks on her face suggested I should actually try it.

I started removing my clothes to try the bra. removed my shirt and then started removing my shorts. She said “Wow, getting naked just to try on a bra, you really are my whore”.

I needed no further encouragement. My dick was eagerly waiting to get free. I got naked and put on the bra. Now I am really hairy and rarely shave, so I am sure I would be looking ridiculous. But this time her expressions were different. She was eyeing me with lust.

As soon as I wore the bra, she went to her wardrobe and took out some other clothes. First of all,
she gave me a pair of pads from one of her other bra. She also gave me thongs to wear with it. Now I
had tried her panties but never tried her thongs. I asked whether I can wear my boxers below.

“Did I ask your opinion? Just do as I say” Suddenly the roleplaying game was turning from her being the hooker to me being her submissive lesbian partner.

I quietly wore the thongs. It did not cover anything. My dick was too big to hide behind the small help and the material was causing irritation in my ass. Looking at my discomfort, she suddenly pulled me towards herself and told me “Now you will understand what I go through to entertain you.” and then whispered “And looking at your dick, I am sure you are enjoying it more than me”.

With that she went and sat on the bed. I was too shocked to move. She got comfortable and called me nearer “Come here honey. Lets see what have you got there”

“Sure mam” I was not sure why I called her mam. I simply followed what I was asked to do.

“Yes, ‘mam’ would be nice. I like you calling me mam, dressed up like that” and with that she pulled me nearer and gave me a long kiss. Her fingers started exploring my entire body. She squeezed my ass and bite my lips at the same time. All I could manage was a soft moan.

Finally I gathered some sense and realised that she was still fully clothed. I tried unbuttoning her shirt, but she stopped me right there with a firm grip on my hand.

“Did I tell you to remove my clothes? Don’t act smart missy, it might not be good for you” She said with a stern look on her face. I did not dare to do anything that she did not want from there on.

She pushed me on the bed and started kissing me all over my body. She started kissing and sucking my fake boobs as well. The feeling of making love to her as a girl was overwhelming. I was enjoying every kiss of her and letting out moans.

“My missy is liking it I think. Do you like being my girl?” “Hmmm”
“You will have to say it, missy” “Yes I love being your missy”
As soon as I said that, she bit me on my chest just above my bra, as if biting my boobs. I was actually feeling like being a girl and getting turned on by her playing with my boobs.

Then she pulled the thongs aside and started kissing my dick. That caused the thongs to go inside my ass and made it even more uncomfortable for me. I tried adjusting it but she stopped me.

“Didn’t I tell you not to do anything without my permission? I want my missy to enjoy a little penetration in her ass too”

“Ok mam”

She started kissing my dick and taking it in her mouth. She had never taken my dick in her mouth without condom earlier, but the domination over me probably made her do it for the first time. She deliberately pulled the thongs along with sucking my dick. I started to enjoy the feeling in my ass and

“Don’t just lie there missy, your boobs need your attention. Press them for me.”

I did as I was told. Started squeezing my boobs and enjoyed getting sucked. I could not hold for longer and came rather quickly that day.

Once I was done, she came on top of me and hugged me tightly. I tried to move away after a while, to change the clothes.

“Where do you think you are going missy?”

“I thought I will change the clothes before sleeping”

“Did I ask you to change? Didn’t I tell you to do only what is told to you?” She said with a smile and gave me another hug. “I want you to be my girl for entire night. And I know you like it to. So be my cute little whore for the night and sleep like this”

I slept in those clothes for entire night with her teasing me from time to time. She would often woke up and press my boobs or my dick. I must say it was an experience which was better than any other earlier experience. I knew I would enjoy women’s clothes but never knew I would enjoy it so much.

Next day started as usual. We got ready and went to work. I was getting confused whether it was for a night or it may continue and just about then, I got a text from her saying “From now on, you can buy my lingerie and I will buy yours”.

And that is how it started. I would buy sexy lingerie for her and she would wear it for me. She would sometimes buy lingerie for me and make me her missy for that night.

I started shaving my body to look and feel more like a girl. I usually wear full sleeves shirts to work and hence no one in the office could notice the missing hairs. I had to wear shirts and trousers even when I was with friends to hide my shaved arms and legs.

She would assume the dominant position while I would be the girl. I enjoyed being the submissive girl in the relationship.

Then one day, she texted me saying “I have changed the trend a little. I have bought gifts for both of us for tonight.”.

I thought she would have bought lingerie for both of us that day. I went home early that day and started preparing for the night. I took a proper bath and shaved my face, arms and legs. I wore her bathrobe and came out of the bathroom when she entered the room.

“Wow, my missy is too eager for the night” She came close and gave me a kiss. Her dominance became very obvious with the way she kissed me. As such I knew how she behaves but something looked different that day. She was behaving more bossy than ever.

“Prepare the dinner while I get ready. Don’t take too much time. And no need to wear clothes”

I did as I was told. The anticipation for the night was too exciting for me. She came down for dinner after sometime. I was expecting her to wear something special, but she was wearing a normal shirt and pyjama for the night. I was not able to understand the selection of clothes but had understood by then not to question her anything.

Our game of dominance never left our bedroom, but that day, she was behaving bossy even in the kitchen for the first time. When we were done with the dinner, she said “Do the dishes and come upstairs missy. Don’t be late, you will not like the consequences” By saying that she gave me a kiss, squeezed my dick and went upstairs.

When I went upstairs, my gift was lying on my bed. The sluttiest possible bra with matching thongs. She was sitting on the working desk as if least interest in me. She asked me to get inside the bathroom and get ready. I went inside and put on my pads along with the bra and thongs. I had learnt how to apply a little make up by then and decided to try it on. Once done, I saw myself in the mirror and saw the sexiest version of me possible.

I went out and saw that she was still on the working desk, reading a magazine. As soon as she saw me, a smile came on her face, but she soon changed her expressions and called me near her.

“Come and sit here missy” She asked me to sit on her lap. “May I ask mam when will she wear her gift for the night?”
“You have no right to ask anything missy, but for your information I am already wearing it”

I sensed that something was odd and that she had planned the entire night. So I just went with the flow. I went and sat on her lap. She started talking to me while moving her hands on my bare back and thighs.

“You know missy, as much as I like being the dominant person in the relationship, I do not see myself as a lesbian. I think there is a need of a man in our relation”.

This shocked me to the core. While I loved dressing up, I was not gay and never wanted to be with a guy.

“But honey I don’t think I will be comfortable with that. This dressing up is only for you. I do not want anyone else to know it. A man would be the last person I would want to know.”

“Did I ask your choice missy?” and with that she squeezed my boobs. “I have invited a man tonight and you are the slut who will entertain him”

Now I was getting really scared. I gave her a kiss and told her with a request “Please mam. I do not want anyone else in the room. Please don’t make me do that.”

“Who said there will be someone else, missy?” And with that she took my hand in hers and guided it to her crotch. It was then that I felt a big strap on. That was the special gift for her for the night. She had already worn it while getting ready.

“I want to be the man in the relationship. Please be my bitch for the night. I love making you my bitch” She said kissing me and caressing my boobs.

I was not sure how to react. I had never thought of this scenario. But then I wanted to be a part of her fantasy as she had been part of mine. So I simply went with the flow.

“So, do this man have a name?” I said with a smile and kissing her back. “Its master for you, bitch” She bit my lips
“Ok master”

She made me stand up and turn. She gave two playful slaps on my butts. I wiggled my butts for her to enjoy the view. She then stood up and ordered

“Help me take out my clothes bitch. I need to get relaxed”.

I took out all her clothes and then I saw it. An 8 inch dildo with thickness even more than mine. Looking at my face, she understood what was going on in my mind. “It wont hurt if you make love to

it” She said, pushing me on my knees.

Reluctantly, I went down on my knees and started kissing the dildo. I held it with my hands and started taking the tip in my mouth. It was then that I realised that it was a two way dildo and a part of it was inside her as well. Her juices were already flowing and the smell made me lusty.

I forgot the reluctance and started enjoying it. I slowly took it in my mouth and started sucking it.

“I knew a slut like you would be a natural sucker” She said with a smile. I smiled back. I knew I had become the girl in the relationship. And more than that, she was the man now.

She pulled me up and pushed me on the bed, almost throwing me. She started kissing me passionately all over, all the time talking to me like a girl.

After exploring my entire body, she removed my thong and made me sleep on my chest. She slowly came near my ears and whispered “Ready to lose your virginity to your master, bitch?”

I had never thought of getting pegged, but it seemed very natural in that moment. “Yes master. Fuck me please”
“That’s like my girl. I knew you would like it.”

She applied some lube on my ass and slowly inserted the dildo. It was too much at first for me, but she really took it slow for me. After a couple of strokes, I started to enjoy it and my body got relaxed. Just when I was starting to enjoy, she stopped.

“What happened, master?” I asked

“I think my bitch is liking it” “Yes I am”
“In that case you need to ask for it if you want more”

“Please fuck me master. Make me your bitch. I want you to fuck my ass. Please” “With pleasure, bitch”

And the next stroke was not gentle. The pain and pleasure took me in a different world. I lost the
track of the time how long she fucked me. I never imagined cumming while getting my ass fucked. My hands naturally started caressing my boobs for pleasure. She came after a long time of fucking and then simply fell on me and slept. We slept there for a while before coming to senses. As soon as she woke up, she fucked me again, without even asking me. I felt like her fuck toy, which was making the sex more pleasurable for me as well.

And that night changed everything. From there on, we have never made sex as lesbians. It is either her as a girl or me as her bitch. She has started becoming dominant even when she is the girl in the room. And I am not complaining about it.

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