Sometimes we take long to understand what is love.

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Credit: I don’t know how to thank Sensuous website who gave me this beautiful idea for a story, and inspired me to write once again. I hope you girls like this shorty story.

– Anupama

She was anxiously looking at the door again and again. Her anxiousness was evident from the way she would pick up her dupatta which would slip down from her shoulders. And then, she would take a sip from the cup of coffee which she would hold using both her hands. She was beautiful, and yet lonely. This city and this coffee shop was not unfamiliar to her, and yet, this city seemed to have changed a lot to her.

Amidst the crowd in that cafe, she would look at the door as if expecting someone to appear. Though she appeared lonely, yet another coffee cup sitting on the table told that she was waiting for someone who should have been there by now. May be that person won’t come now. She looked at her delicate watch on her dainty wrist to check the time once again. May be she should not wait anymore. May be she should leave.

“Hi!”, said the woman as she put her big purse on the table. She just came. Finally, she was here. She was still the same like before. She still had big smile on her face, her eyes were wide and lined with kohl as always. She was wearing a synthetic saree accompanied with an old fashioned katori-style blouse whose design defied all the new fashion diktats. She was still the same. She had a dozen of glass bangles on each of her hands. It was as if she belonged to a different era. She had been always like that. But her big simple smile would tell that she was a simple woman with a clear heart.

“Hi!”, Ritu smiled as soon as she saw Shilpa. Her wait and loneliness was finally over. Unlike Shilpa who was loud, Ritu’s voice was sweet and delicate. Ritu was happy.

“Sorry, it took me a little long to get ready. You know how it is!”, Shilpa said as she tried to manage her saree pallu while trying to sit elegantly on the chair in front of Ritu. She sat, folded her legs, and adjusted her pleats below her waist like any elegant woman would do. Seeing Shilpa sit and fiddle with her saree was a funny scene in itself. And as soon as she sat, her pallu slipped down her shoulders which she again pulled up and tried to keep it in its place. While she was adjusting her pallu, her eyes fell on Ritu who was intently looking at Shilpa with a big smile on her face. Looking at Ritu, Shilpa forgot about her pallu and she kept looking at Ritu. Ritu never understood why Shilpa would wear her saree with open pallu spread over her arm when she always struggled to manage it. Who knows what pleasure she derived from that struggle. But girls have their own idiosyncrasies. For Ritu, it was her love for her dupatta.

“You haven’t changed a bit!”, Ritu said laughingly. Shilpa continued to look at Ritu for a while, and then she flicked her hair on one side, and said, “Hmm.. I have become a little fat. That’s all. Otherwise I am still the same” She chuckled.

“Drink this coffee. It is the kind you like. May be it has gone cold by now.”, Ritu said as she pushed the second cup on the table towards Shilpa. Shilpa was still smiling and looking uninterruptedly at Ritu as if her eyes were saying, “You still remember my choice?” Shilpa’s intent look made Ritu a little aware of herself, and she tried to cover her top body with her dupatta though there was no need for that.

“How many days are you here for?”, Shilpa asked as she took a sip out of the coffee cup.

“Two days. I am here for some office work. I plan to meet old friends in the evening. That’s it.”, Ritu said. She was feeling more relaxed now. She didn’t realize that she would feel comfortable with Shilpa so quick. She found no reason to feel shy or uncomfortable in front of her.

They both sat their silently for some time while sipping their coffee. “Did you marry?”, Shilpa broke the silence with a question. She was a little nervous asking that question, and was fiddling with her bangles as if she was not ready to hear the answer.

“No”, Ritu answered after a brief pause. She was looking down. “And you? Any man?”, Ritu adjusted her dupatta on her shoulder as if trying to appear stronger in front of Shilpa.

Ritu’s question made Shilpa to look away from her. Shilpa smiled in a disbelief at that question and she said, “No.” She paused briefly and continued in a struggling voice, “I had told you about that even then.”

There was once again silence on that table. The hustle bustle in that cafe could not pierce the silence that was disturbing them both.

Shilpa finally mustered courage to say something to Ritu. “Let’s go out from here.”

“Where?”, Ritu bent forward with excitement in her eyes, as if she was waiting for this moment to go out with Shilpa.

“That same place … where we would go to eat gol-gappe (paani puri)”, Shilpa said. Ritu was touching her own arms. Her eyes were happy but her look had something naughty about it. “No … we had never been to that place together.”, Ritu said as she boldly corrected Shilpa. Probably, Shilpa’s memories were wrong. That’s the problem with memories. They get faded and jumbled with time.

They both got up and walked out of the cafe. They were walking next to each other on the street. It was clear that there was a common desire in both these girls. They wanted to hold each other’s hand. But none of the two made the first move to do so. Both girls continued to walk slowly and silently. Soon, they were at the gol-gappe stall. They both started eating something they both loved. It was pretty evident that they loved this stall. They both were smiling but didn’t say a word. And the silence was broken only when Ritu began to cough. Shilpa began to pat over Ritu’s back to make her feel better. She even moved Ritu’s long hair on one side to help with her coughing. It was the first time she was touching Ritu after a long long time. As soon as the coughing stopped, Ritu looked at Shilpa. She could feel something.

“You should not eat anymore.”, Shilpa said. “No, I am going to eat 4 more. Where else I would get to eat this delicious gol-gappe“, Ritu said adamantly as if it was her right to refuse Shilpa.

“Oh bhaiya… at least put a little more of that sweet chutney.” Shilpa said angrily to the person who was making gol-gappe for them. And Ritu continued to look at Shilpa. It seemed as if there was some kind of regret in her eyes.

After they were finished eating, they both started strolling once again. The weather was getting colder as the evening progressed. Ritu tried to cover herself with her dupatta to protect herself from the cold. But her thin dupatta was not enough to protect her. Shilpa looked at struggling Ritu. She opened her purse and took out a shawl, and used it cover Ritu with it. “You will feel better now. I knew that you wouldn’t be prepared for the cold weather. You have always been like that.”

Shilpa was really sweet with her gesture. She was always sweet like that, Ritu was thinking to herself. Feeling the warmth of that shawl, she was reminded of her old memories. But sometimes old memories with a lot of sweetness in it can still bring a little pain with it. Somehow Ritu controlled her thoughts. She turned towards Shilpa and said, “I think I should leave now. My friends must be waiting for me. I am supposed to be there in 5 minutes.”

So soon? They had barely met, and it is already time to separate. They had barely talked to each other. Shilpa got a little emotional but she tried her best to hide her emotions with a big fake smile on her face, and said, “I felt really nice seeing you.”

They both looked at each other. Ritu grabbed both of Shilpa’s hands in her hands. She loooked down and said, “I always loved you.”

“I know.”, said emotional Shilpa in a shaky voice. They both turned away from each other and walked in different directions. There were tears and memories in the eyes of both. Ritu continued to walk with moist eyes while feeling the warmth of love in that shawl. Only she knows how much courage she had to muster to meet Shilpa like this. If she hadn’t asked, Shilpa would never have come like this to meet her.

After a short drive in her car, Shilpa was back to her home. She sat on her sofa. She gave a brief sigh before she began going through the pictures on her phone to find a particular picture from 5 years back. In that picture, there was Ritu standing next to some guy. They both were eating gol-gappe in the same stall. They both looked really happy. After all, they both were in love.

“I am sorry, Sudeep. I was wrong. Can we be together once again?”, the typed message on Ritu’s phone said. But would she dare to send that message?

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– अनुपमा

वो बार बार बाहर दरवाज़े की ओर देखती और अपने दुपट्टे को बार बार कंधे पर उठाती और चुप चाप दोनों हाथो से कप को पकड़ कर कॉफ़ी की एक चुस्की लेती. ये शहर उसके लिए अनजान नहीं था फिर भी कितना बदल गया था ये शहर. और वो उस कॉफ़ी शॉप की भीड़ में एक अजीब सी कशमकश में इंतज़ार भरी आँखों से दरवाज़े की ओर देखती. उसकी टेबल में रखा एक और भरा हुआ कॉफ़ी का कप बता रहा था कि वो जिसका इंतज़ार कर रही थी उसे अब तक आ जाना चाहिए था. शायद जिसका उसे इंतज़ार था, वो अब नहीं आने वाला था. उसने अपनी कलाई में पहनी हुई एक पतली सी घडी में एक बार फिर समय देखा. शायद उसका इंतज़ार करना व्यर्थ था. शायद अब उसे वहां से चले जाना चाहिए था.

“हाय!”, उस औरत ने आते ही टेबल पर अपनी पर्स रखते हुए कहा. आज भी वो वैसी ही थी. पहले की ही तरह. बड़ी सी मुस्कान, बड़ी बड़ी कजरारी आँखें, फैशन के विपरीत डिजाईन की सिंथेटिक साड़ी, पुराने स्टाइल का कटोरी ब्लाउज, और हाथों में कांच की चूड़ियां, न जाने कौनसे समय के फैशन को फॉलो करती थी वो. उसे समझना मुश्किल था. पर उसकी भोली मुस्कान बताती थी कि वो एक सीधी सरल और दिल से साफ़ औरत थी.

“हाय!”, शिल्पा को देखते ही ऋतू के चेहरे पर मुस्कान थी. अब तक अकेले अकेले कॉफ़ी शॉप में बैठे हुए शिल्पा का ही तो इंतज़ार कर रही थी वो. शिल्पा के विपरीत ऋतू की आवाज़ धीमी थी और उसमें एक नजाकत थी.

“सॉरी मुझे तैयार होने में ज़रा देर हो गयी.”, शिल्पा ने अपनी साड़ी के पल्लू को एक हाथ से संभालते हुए और कुर्सी में अपने लिए जगह बनायीं. और फिर अपने एक पैर पर दूसरा पैर रख कर अपनी कमर के निचे अपनी साड़ी की चुन्नटो को एक ओर कर बैठ गयी. उसको बैठते देखना भी एक मज़ेदार दृश्य से कम नहीं था. बैठते ही उसका पल्लू फिर कंधे से निचे फिसलने लगा, जिसे वो फिर उठाकर अपने कंधे पर जमाने लगी. वो ऐसा कर ही रही थी कि उसकी नज़र ऋतू पे पड़ी जो अपने चेहरे पे हाथ रखे शिल्पा की हरकतें देख धीमे से मुस्कुरा रही थी. और फिर अपने पल्लू की चिंता छोड़ शिल्पा ऋतू को देखने लगी. ऋतू को कभी समझ नहीं आता था कि शिल्पा को जब साड़ी संभालने में इतनी मुसीबत होती है तो वो अपने पल्लू को प्लेट करके कंधे पर पिन क्यों नहीं कर देती. हमेशा इस तरह खुले पल्ले को संभालने में न जाने शिल्पा को क्या मज़ा आता था.

“तुम बिलकुल भी नहीं बदली न?”, ऋतू ने हँसते हुए धीरे से शिल्पा से कहा. कुछ देर शिल्पा उसकी ओर देखती रही और फिर अपने बालो को एक ओर झटकाते हुए बोली, “बस थोड़ी सी मोटी हो गयी हूँ. बाकी वैसी ही हूँ!”

“ये लो कॉफ़ी. तुम्हारी पसंद की है. अब तक तो शायद ठंडी हो गयी होगी.”, ऋतू ने टेबल पे रखे दुसरे कप को शिल्पा की ओर बढाते हुए कहा. शिल्पा अब भी बस ऋतू की ओर ही एक टक मुस्कुराते हुए देख रही थी जैसे उसकी आँखें बोल रही हो “तुम्हे अब भी याद है मेरी पसंद?” शिल्पा की एकटक नजरो को देख ऋतू थोड़ी शर्मा गयी और अपने दुपट्टे से खुद को ढंकने लगी.

“कितने दिन के लिए आई हो?”, शिल्पा ने कॉफ़ी की चुस्की लेते हुए ऋतू से पूछा.

“दो दिन के लिए. बस ऑफिस का काम और अपने पुराने दोस्तों से मिलकर चली जाऊंगी.”, ऋतू बोली. अब वो वापस सहज हो रही थी. शिल्पा से शर्माने का कोई कारण नहीं था उसके पास.

कुछ देर तक दोनों चुपचाप अपनी अपनी कॉफ़ी पीते रहे. फिर शिल्पा ने कहा, “तुमने शादी की?” शिल्पा को देखकर पता चल रहा था कि सवाल पूछकर वो नर्वस है, और वो अपनी चूड़ियों को छू रही थी जैसे वो जवाब जानने को तैयार नहीं है.

“नहीं.”, कुछ देर बाद ऋतू ने नज़रे झुकाकर धीमी आवाज़ में जवाब दिया. “और तुम? कोई आदमी?”, ऋतू ने अपने एक कंधे पर दुपट्टा संभालते हुए पूछा जैसे वो शिल्पा के सामने खुद को मजबूत दिखाना चाहती हो.

ऋतू का सवाल सुन शिल्पा ने ऋतू की ओर ऐसे देखा जैसे उसे सवाल पर यकीन नहीं हुआ. वो एक अविश्वास भरी हँसी हँस कर बोली, “नहीं.” और फिर रूककर लडखडाती हुई आवाज़ में बोली, “मैंने तो तुम्हे तब भी बताया था.”

उसके बाद एक बार फिर खामोशी छा गयी. उस कॉफ़ी शॉप की चहल पहल के बीच भी उन दोनों के बीच की ये ख़ामोशी दोनों को परेशान कर रही थी.

आखिर शिल्पा ने हिम्मत करके ऋतू से कहा, “चलो कहीं और बाहर चलते है.”

“कहाँ?”, ऋतू ने आगे बढ़कर उत्सुकता से भरी आँखों से पूछा, जैसे वो शिल्पा के ये कहने का इंतज़ार ही कर रही थी.

“वहीँ गोल गप्पे खाने… जहाँ हम दोनों जाया करते थे.”, शिल्पा बोली. ऋतू इस वक़्त अपनी ही बांहों को पकडे हुई थी. उसकी आँखों में अब एक ख़ुशी थी और थोडा नटखटपन भी. “नहीं… हम दोनों वहां कभी नहीं गए है.”, ऋतू बोली. शिल्पा को शायद गलत याद था. यादें भी कभी कभी समय के साथ धुंधली हो जाती है.

और फिर दोनों उठकर पैदल ही चल पड़ी. दोनों शायद एक दुसरे का हाथ पकड़ना चाहती थी. फिर भी न जाने क्यों दोनों में से किसी ने बढ़कर दुसरे का हाथ न पकड़ा. दोनों बस धीरे धीरे चलती रही. गोल गप्पे के ठेले पर पहुच कर दोनों ने चुपचाप गोल गप्पे खाए. दोनों मुस्कुरा भी रही थी पर कोई किसी से कुछ कह नहीं रहा था. दोनों इसी तरह रहे जब तक ऋतू को खांसी नहीं आ गयी. ऋतू को खांसते देख शिल्पा ने तुरंत ऋतू की पीठ पर हाथ फेरना शुरू किया. उसके बालो को एक तरफ कर शिल्पा ऋतू की ओर चिंतित होकर उसकी खांसी से सँभलने में मदद कर रही थी. आज इतने समय बाद वो ऋतू को छू रही थी. खांसी रुकते ही ऋतू ने शिल्पा की ओर देखा. शिल्पा के चेहरे पर अपने लिए चिंता वो देख सकती थी.

“तुम्हे और नहीं खाने चाहिए.”, शिल्पा ने कहा. “नहीं. मैं तो ४ और कहूंगी. ऐसे गोल गप्पे मुझे कहाँ खाने मिलते है?”, ऋतू बोली जैसे शिल्पा से लड़ने का उसे हक हो.

“क्या भैया… ज़रा मीठी चटनी ज्यादा डालकर देना न.”, शिल्पा ने गुस्से से ठेले वाले से कहा. और ऋतू शिल्पा की ओर देखती रह गयी. शायद किसी तरह का अफ़सोस था उसकी नज़र में.

गोल गप्पे खाने के बाद दोनों फिर वहां से चल पड़ी. मौसम थोडा ठंडा हो रहा था. ऋतू खुद को ठण्ड से बचने के लिए खुद को अपने दुपट्टे में लपेट रही थी. पर उसका पतला सा दुपट्टा उसे ठण्ड से बचाने के लिए नाकाफी था. शिल्पा ने ऋतू को देखा और उसे समझ आ गया कि ऋतू को ठण्ड लग रही है. उसने अपनी पर्स से एक शाल निकाली और ऋतू को बेहद प्यार से ओढाते हुए बोली, “लो… अब तुम्हे अच्छा लगेगा. मुझे पता था कि तुम ठण्ड के लिए तैयार होकर नहीं आओगी. तुम भी न… वैसी की वैसी हो!” कितनी प्यारी थी शिल्पा. हमेशा से ही तो ऐसी प्यारी थी वो, ऋतू मन ही मन सोचने लगी. उस शाल को देखकर एक बार फिर पुरानी बातें याद आ रही थी. पर कई बार पुरानी यादों की मीठास में भी एक पीड़ा होती है. फिर किसी तरह खुद को संभालते हुए वो शिल्पा की ओर देखकर बोली, “मुझे अब जाना होगा. मेरे दोस्त मेरा इंतज़ार कर रहे होंगे. मैंने उन्हें मिलने के लिए अभी का समय दिया था.”

इतने जल्दी? अभी तो उन्हें मिले थोडा ही समय हुआ था, और इतनी जल्दी जाने का समय भी हो गया. अभी तो दोनों के बीच बात भी नहीं हुई थी. बहुत भावुक हो गयी थी शिल्पा पर अपनी भावुकता को छुपाते हुए उसने अनचाहे मन से हामी भर दी, और एक कृत्रिम सी मुस्कान के साथ बोली, “मुझे तुमसे मिलकर अच्छा लगा”

दोनों ने फिर एक दुसरे की ओर देखा. ऋतू ने शिल्पा के दोनों हाथ अपने हाथो में लिए और नज़रे झुकाए ही बोली, “मैं तुमसे हमेशा प्यार करती थी.”

“मैं जानती हूँ.”, भावुक शिल्पा ने लडखडाती आवाज़ में कहा. और फिर दोनों एक दुसरे से पलट कर अलग अलग रास्ते जाने लगी. दोनों की ही आँखों में आंसू थे और पुरानी यादें थी. ऋतू खुद को उस शाल में प्यार की गर्माहट को महसूस करती हुई नम आँखों के साथ चलती रही. कितनी हिम्मत करनी पड़ी थी उसे शिल्पा से आज इस तरह मिलने के लिए. और उसने कहा न होता तो शिल्पा भी इस तरह उससे यूँ मिलने न आई होती.

कुछ देर बाद शिल्पा अपनी कार लेकर घर अपने घर पहुँच गयी. घर में आकर वो अपने सोफे पर बैठ गयी और अपना फ़ोन निकाल कर एक ५ साल पुरानी फोटो ढूँढने लगी. उस फोटो में ऋतू और एक आदमी थे. दोनों ही उसी ठेले पर गोलगप्पे खा रहे थे. कितने खुश लग रहे थे दोनों. दोनों एक दुसरे को बहुत प्यार करते थे.

“आई एम सॉरी सुदीप. मैं गलत थी. क्या हम फिर से साथ हो सकते है?”, ऑटो में बैठी ऋतू के फ़ोन में वो मेसेज टाइप किया हुआ था. पर क्या वो उसे भेज सकेगी?

Image Credits: Cafe Latte Salwars

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Caption: Mother’s Saree

When a crossdresser wore his mother’s bridal saree.

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Credit:Thank you The woman inside me page for contributing this caption!


English हिंदी


“Oh dear Mom! Why are you getting so angry? Anyway there was no one who would wear your old bridal saree from the time of your wedding. You should be happy that your only son respects and loves your culture so much that he is ready to wear your sarees happily.”

“But son …”

“No but … no if Mom! You better be ready to get me blouses stitched matching your other sarees too. Your daughter has now reached an age when she should wear sarees.”

“Oh God! What should I do about this boy?”

“Mom. I am saying this for the last time. Stop your drama! Now tell me how do I look in your bridal saree?”

“One in a million.”, mom said with a sigh.

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“ओफ्फो माँ! क्यों इतना गुस्सा करती हो? तुम्हारे शादी का जोड़ा वैसे भी कोई पहनने नहीं वाला था. तुम्हे तो खुश होना चाहिए कि तुम्हारा एकलौता बेटा अब भी तुम्हारी संस्कृति और तुम्हारी पसंद से इतना प्यार करता है कि वो ख़ुशी ख़ुशी तुम्हारी साड़ियाँ पहनता है.”

“मगर बेटा…”

“अगर मगर कुछ नहीं माँ. अब तो तुम मेरे लिए अपनी दूसरी साड़ियों से मैच करते हुए मेरे नाप के ब्लाउज सिलवाने को तैयार रहो. अब तुम्हारी बेटी जवान हो चुकी है और साड़ी पहनने की उम्र हो गई है उसकी”

“हाय राम! क्या करू मैं अब तेरा?”

“माँ. अब ड्रामा बंद भी करो. सच बताओ तुम्हारी बेटी कैसी लग रही है सुहागन के जोड़े में?”

“लाखो में एक लग रही है.”

सभी कैप्शन पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करे

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The Girly Feed

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Cross-dressing related stories, captions and articles from the web.

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Suhasini: The Dawn – Finale

The finale of the story after Suhasini fell unconscious on the ground. Will she survive?

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“HEY!!”, a beam of light blinded my eye as I was able to see a silhouette of a woman running towards me and shouting at someone behind me. “He…Help”, my bangles rustled as I slowly raised my blood-splattered hands for help. Soon the footsteps behind me began to recede and I could hear them talking towards each other and throwing their rods on to the floor. “Wake up… wake up”, she placed my head on her lap and rubbed my chin with her palm. “Don’t die”, her voice choked as she controlled her tears. She quickly picked me up and rushed towards my car. As the parking lights shed on her face, I could see it was Aarthi who placed me in the backseat and rushed back to driver seat. “Take care of Deepa, will you”, I muttered my last words and drifted towards my final sleep.

“Beep… Beep”, I could see nothing in the blackness but hear a mild sound coming nearby. Soon the blackness was filled with water and I felt like sinking and desperately fluttered my hands and legs to stay afloat. My efforts proved futile as I was sucked into its deep unending bottom. As I gave up hope and let myself sink, I saw a beam of light shining at the top, coming closer towards my eyes and filling the room with light. Suddenly conscious struck me and got up from my bed, breathing heavily. I looked around like a lost child and saw a doctor holding a flash light. I saw Aarthi, standing next to the doctor with a huge smile and stepped in forward to soothe me. “Where am I?”, I asked her still breathing heavily. She wrapped her hand around my shoulder and lowered my bed towards the pillow. “Just sleep”, she hummed her words as I drifted back to sleep again.

After few hours, I woke up in slow pace and looked around to see Aarthi seated next to me in chair looking at the doctor’s reports. As soon as she saw me, she quickly stood up and helped me to sit. “Praise the lord”, she smiled wiping her tears.

“Where am I?”, I asked her as I saw my right hand and head wrapped in bandages. “Aah ha…I told you”, I turned around only to see Rubini, in her male avatar walking towards me laughing.

“You lost”, he pestered Aarthi. “What… lost?”, I looked at him puzzled. “Yeah, she lost her bet”, Rubini began to laugh hysterically. “Bet?”, I questioned him again. “I made a bet that the moment you wake up, you would ask where were you?”, he looked at Aarthi as she placed some pillows behind me to make me comfortable.

“Where is Deepa?” I asked both of them, as the dreadful images flashed in my mind. “School”, Aarthi answered and handed me my medication pills.

“The boys?”, I wanted to know what happened to them. “Expelled”, she began to explain that they were expelled from the flat by the association members.

“Do they know…” I enquired whether they know anything about my dressing. “NO”, Aarthi said firmly and explained that she had fabricated a false story around my attack and reported it to them. “Oh, Okay…thanks”, I thanked for her help in concealing the truth.

When Aarthi took me to the hospital after I fell unconscious, I was still dressed in a saree. I was worried that the doctors must have learnt the truth about me.

“Doctors ?” I began to question her again as I was dressed in saree when she must have taken me to the hospital. Doctors might have wondered too why I was dressed as a woman. “Drama”, Ruben aka Rubini took the stage now and began to explain that he had told them that I was attacked after returning from a stage drama. “Thanks”, I was relived hearing their words and laid back again.

Ruben came upto me and explained everything about how they managed the situation at the hospital.

“When will Deepa come here?” I asked Ruben who was busy reading newspaper. “Not now”, he replied still reading the news.

“Why?”, I became restless and looked at him anxiously. “Not the right time”, he
shrugged me off again.

“WHY?” I raised my voice. Ruben placed the paper on the table and took a deep
breath. “Look at yourself”, he pointed his fingers towards my bandages. “What do you think will happen when she sees you like this?”, his words threw me off balance.

“You are right”, I leaned back thinking about my daughter. “Let her stay in Aarthi’s apartment for a while. Once you get back to shape, she is all yours”, Ruben knocked some sense in me. “I guess you are right again”, I agreed with him and grabbed my phone and call my manager to inform him about my leave.

“Thank you Arun. I shall work from home in the mean time”, Aarthi arrived as I hung my call. She quickly scanned me in her eyes and handed my pills. “Feeling better?” she asked as she sat beside me. “Somewhat”, I answered and gulped my medication.

“How is Deepa?”, I wanted to know how is she doing. “Good… she is strong… you know”, Aarthi explained about my daughter in detail that she is coping well after the incident.

“Does she miss her mother?” I wanted to check if Deepa said anything about her
mother. “Sometimes”, Aarthi replied in a calm manner. “But, not that much”, as Aarthi began her explanation, Doctor came along with his nurse to check my condition.

4 days later

“Does it hurt?” Doctor requested me to do some basic actions and noted my replies. “No”, the routine answer I gave him whenever he enquired about any pain.

“Well, Guhan…”, he began to talk looking at my medical reports which inadvertently made me a bit nervous. “Reports are fine. You can discharge at your convenience”, his wide smile made me happy. “Thank you doctor”, I thanked him as he left and told Aarthi that I can leave tomorrow.

“You sure?”, both Ruben and Aarthi looked at me puzzled. “Absolutely”, I jumped out of my bed and began to walk around them, making them laugh. “As you
wish”, Ruben left to pay the medical charges.

The next day, we picked up a cab and reached my apartment by 12pm. Aarthi prepared us lunch and left to attend her personal commitments. “Just relax, don’t do anything stupid. I will pick up Deepa and come here”, she ordered me to relax and left.

After an hour long chat with Ruben, he too left to care of his work. Not knowing how to spend my time, I took a walk around my home and saw my wife smiling in our family photo hanging in the hall. Her contagious smile mesmerized me for a moment and suddenly planted an idea in my heart. The clock showed the time as 3:30, as I quickly ran towards the bedroom and opened my wife’s wardrobe.

I shaved off my beard and rushed back to bedroom and roped in a green saree and placed makeup items in front of my dressing table. I quickly wrapped a towel around my neck and sat on the dressing table in front of mirror. I began with foundation but with caution to conceal my bruises. Then, I applied concealer below my eyes and blended it to a give a smooth look. I pasted the eye lashes and curled it around to give a more feminine look. Then came the mascara and finally for lips I used bright red lipstick for a more glossy look. “Not bad!” I patted myself on my back and moved on to wearing the saree.

I slipped into my inner wears and then the breastforms, checked in front of mirror to verify that it looked natural. With basic makeup and dressing complete, I picked the green saree and wrapped around in a jiffy. I placed the wig properly on head and began to comb again. Then I placed on the curls on my right shoulder to give a more feminine look. I took a thin gold necklace, non-piercing ear rings and half-dozen of bangles on each hand. Time was 4:45pm, when I completed my final corrections. I seated myself in front of the door and waited for Deepa.

I wore half a dozen bangles on each hand, and did a light makeup to compliment my green saree.

Soon, I heard the footsteps and Aarthi opened the door with her spare key. “I am bac… Oh my”, she froze the moment she saw me. “Hi…”, I smiled in a low feminine tone to Deepa who was peeking behind Aarthi. “MOMMY!!!”, she pushed Aarthi aside and ran towards me.

“Did you miss me?”, tears rolled down my eyes as I looked at her. She nodded back wiping her tears and hugged tight around my waist.

Aarthi slowly closed the door and sat on the sofa looking at both of us. Filled with happy tears, she sported a wide smile and looked at me. I reciprocated her smile and carried Deepa to kitchen.

“What do you want?”, I asked Deepa, who still held tight me like a fevicol bond. “Ummm…”, she placed her hand on her chin and thought for a moment. “Ummm…”, I too joined her in her thought. “YOU… ha ha ha”, her answer made me blush for a moment and kissed her on cheeks.

“Then, no food tonight”, I teased and acted like I was leaving the kitchen. “No… no”, she fell for my act and dragged me back to kitchen.

“Got you, Drama queen”, I placed Deepa on the kitchen slab. “My special”, she winked at me smiling. “Your special, it is”, I winked back and began my preparations.

As I continued my preparations for dinner, Deepa narrated her school life and her stay with Aarthi. She went on to explain about how much she missed me, turning her emotional. “I came back”, I cheered her up and continued my work. After spinning her entire tale, she went to hall to watch television with Aarthi.

I was really thankful to Aarthi who took care of Deepa when I was in the hospital.

“Dinner is ready”, I came out shouting holding the hot menu. “Perfect as usual… Muuahh”, Deepa tasted the dish and gave me a kiss for my accomplishment. I wasted no time, as I grabbed a plate and began to feed Deepa as usual.

“Mother’s love … it never wanes”, Aarthi gave a sarcastic look at us. “Continue… continue”, she teased us and began to dig in her dinner.

After finishing our dinner, I and Aarthi sat on the sofa, while Deepa made my lap as her seat. “Did you miss your mother?” Aarthi jokingly questioned Deepa. “A LOT”, Deepa laughed looking at me. “But?”, she gave a cryptic answer.

“But what?”, Aarthi wanted to know what she meant. “But… Mom… ”, Deepa’s face turned serious as she looked at me. She took a deep breath, “MOM… I don’t need you”, and her reply crushed my heart.

“Wait… what??? …is this a joke?”, Aarthi tried to make some sense out of Deepa’s answer. “No, I don’t need her”, Deepa said pointing to me. Devastated by her answer, I remained silent and watched Deepa getting down my lap.

Deepa went to the bedroom and came back with a towel in her hand, sweeping me
off guard. Deepa stood in front of me and gestured me to bow down. I turned towards Aarthi who was in still shell shocked by what was happening around her.

Deepa once again pulled my saree and gestured me to bow, to which I obliged as usual. She placed her palms on cheek and pulled me closer to her face.

“Mom”, Deepa began her monologue with her sweet tone. “You know… I love you”, she continued as I stared at her eyes. “I am sure you are happy wherever you are now and I am happy wherever I am now”, she pulled me much closer and gave a gentle kiss on my cheek.

“I just wanted to see you one last time. So, Thanks for everything and…”, she pulled me closer to her for one last time. “Good bye”, she took her towel and wiped my makeup.

“I… I…”, I froze like a statue in front of her, lost for words. “Shhh…”, she covered my lips with her finger prompting me maintain silence. I said nothing, but tears flowed out making my eyes red. Deepa did not utter a single word, but wiped my tears with her towel and continued to remove my makeup. My heart was brimming with pride that my daughter who was just a kid a minute ago, had turned into a mature woman.

Aarthi too chose silence and kept looking at us in awe. After doing final corrections, Deepa pulled my wig and placed it on the table beside. She looked at me for a moment and smile sprouted out slowly from both of us. “Hi, Dad”, she kissed me on my forehead and began to cuddle me.

Aarthi gestured her leave to me and slowly closed the door as she left. As the door closed, Aarthi saw a new dawn in me, the dawn of a DADDY.

The End

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Caption: Challenge

Captions published under shortest story challenge

The results of ‘Shortest Story Challenge’ are in! Scroll down to read all the beautiful captions and stories contributed. 

Mother-in-law / सास
By Anupama Trivedi

Another life / दोहरी ज़िन्दगी
By Devika Sen

Womanhood / स्त्रीत्व
By Gitanjali Paruah

Maid / नौकरानी
By Saloni Sharma

Stuck / पहली बार
By Sonali Kapoor

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Caption: Best friends

When I came out as a crossdresser to my best friend, you will not believe what happened next.

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English हिंदी


“I cannot believe this is you!”, said Rajiv when he looked at my photograph wearing a green salwar suit. How could he believe? After all, it was me, Nimit, his best friend since his childhood who was sitting next to him wearing a t-shirt and jeans. It was unimaginable for anyone to realize that the beautiful girl in the picture with long hair could be a man like me.

“Of course, it is me. Rajiv.”, I said to him. I had finally decided to open up about my cross-dressing to my best friend who is also my roommate in a city where we both work. He didn’t ask much questions or judge me at all. I knew that Rajiv is not going to do anything to hurt me in anyway. I trusted him, and his actions so far suggested that I was right. He stared at the picture for a while and finally hesitantly asked, “Can I see you in real as a woman? Err.. only if you don’t mind.” I smiled at him. No, I was not being feminine or anything at this time. I was just being his friend he had always known. “Wait here for me”, I said to him.

I stood up and went to my bedroom where I began my transformation. I thought I will surprise him with my looks in a saree. It took me about 10 minutes to find a nice saree and drape it. But it took me about half an hour to apply makeup and wear accessories like dozens of bangles which I really like. I shaped my eye-brows a little bit with my liner because I wanted to look like a real woman. Finally, I applied bindi on my forehead and came out holding my saree pallu with a big smile on my face. I was thrilled because I was coming out as a woman to someone for the first time in my life!

“Wow!! You look … you look…”, Rajiv could not complete his sentence when he looked at me in a pretty colorful lehariya saree. May be because he was mesmerized by my beauty or may because he could not believe it was me, his best friend, Nimit. Seeing him struggle with his words, I giggled. This time I giggled like a real girl. “What’s the problem, Rajiv? Haven’t you seen a pretty girl before?”, I said laughingly.

“You look… amazing!!”, he finally completed his sentence. He looked a little nervous. “What should I call you?”, his next question came up with a lot of hesitation.

“Hmm… I prefer to be called Smita! You know you can treat me like your sister-in-law or like any other young married lady from your neighborhood”, I excitedly told him about my desire.

He gave a nervous smile and said, “Smita bhabhi (sister-in-law)? You know that the relationship between a brother-in-law and a sister-in-law can be really naughty. Right?”, he almost tried to tease me with his shy benign friendly look in his eyes.

“He he.. it’s ok my dear brother-in-law. You can talk naughty to me, but don’t try to come near me. After all, I am a married woman, na!”, I laughed again as I pulled my saree pallu over my head as a gesture of being a devoted married woman.

Honestly, Rajiv had been really a gentleman. After that day, he would occasionally tease me with his words like a true brother-in-law would, but he never said or did anything indecent. And our friendship only grew after that. I was happy to be his sister-in-law after coming back from my work. And he always respected me as a woman. Sometimes when I would be watching TV sitting on a sofa, he would come and sit next to me. And he would hold my saree pallu in his hands, play with it and touch it to feel the softness of the fabric.

I looked into his eyes. I understood what he wanted. I knew that he hasn’t fully realized it himself but the time has come when he himself should wear a saree, and experience what I feel everyday when I become a woman. The time has come for him to become my female friend. I hugged him, and took him to my room where I would transform him into my first and best female friend. Our friendship was going to reach the next level tonight.

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“मुझे यकीन नहीं होता कि ये तू है यार”, राजीव ने मुझसे कहा जब उसने मेरी फोटो देखी जिसमे मैं हरे रंग का सलवार सूट पहने हुए था. वैसे भी ऐसे कैसे यकीन कर लेता वो? आखिर, वो मैं था, निमित, उसके बचपन का जिगरी दोस्त जो उसके बगल में टी-शर्ट और जीन्स पहने बैठा हुआ था. किसी के लिए भी यकीन करना मुश्किल होता कि उस फोटो की खुबसूरत लड़की जिसके खुले लम्बे बाल है, वो कोई और नहीं बल्कि मैं हूँ निमित.

“ऑफ़ कोर्स, वो मैं ही हूँ राजीव”, मैंने उससे भरोसा दिलाते हुए कहा. आखिर आज मैंने अपने क्रॉसड्रेसिंग के राज़ को अपने बेस्ट फ्रेंड के सामने खोल ही दिया. अब तो वो मेरा रूममेट भी है उस शहर में जहाँ हम दोनों काम करते है. उसने मुझसे ज्यादा सवाल भी नहीं किये और न ही कोई बुरा बर्ताव. मैं जानता था कि राजीव ऐसा कुछ नहीं करेगा जिससे मुझे बुरा लगे. मुझे उस पर भरोसा था और उसका अब तक का व्यवहार मेरे भरोसे को सही ठहरा रहा था. सच में मेरा अच्छा दोस्त था राजीव. उसने कुछ देर और उस फोटो को देखा और फिर बोला, “क्या मैं तुम्हे लड़की के रूप में देख सकता हूँ? तुम बुरा न मानो तो” उस कहने में एक झिझक थी. पर उसकी इच्छा सुनकर मैं मुस्कुरा दिया. किसी औरत की तरह नहीं बल्कि एक दोस्त की तरह जिसे वो बचपन से जानता था. “तुम मेरा यहीं इंतज़ार करना. मैं आता हूँ”, मैंने उससे कहा.

मैं उठ कर अब अपने बेडरूम में आ गया जहाँ मैं अब औरत बनने वाली थी. मैंने सोचा कि राजीव को आज साड़ी पहन कर एक और सरप्राइज दू. मुझे करीब १० मिनट लगे होंगे एक अच्छी सी साड़ी ढूंढकर पहनने को पर मेकअप वगेरह करने में मुझे आधा घंटा और लग गया. मुझे चूड़ियां पहनना बहुत पसंद है तो मैंने करीब २ दर्जन कांच की चूड़ियां भी पहन ली. फिर मैंने अपनी ऑयब्रौस को अपने लाइनर से थोडा आकार दिया ताकि मैं एक खुबसूरत औरत की तरह दिख सकूं. आखिर में अपने माथे पर छोटी सी बिंदी लगाकर अपनी साड़ी का पल्लू हाथ में पकडे और एक बड़ी सी मुस्कान लिए मैं कमरे से बाहर निकली. आखिर ख़ुशी का दिन था ये. पहली बार एक औरत के रूप में मैं किसी के सामने आ रही थी!

“Wow!! तुम तो … तुम तो…”, राजीव अपने वाक्य भी पूरा नहीं कर पा रहा था मुझे लहरिया साड़ी पहने इठलाते देख कर. शायद मेरी खूबसूरती से उसके होश उड़ गए थे या फिर उसे यकीन नहीं हो रहा था कि मैं उसका दोस्त निमित हूँ. उसे ऐसे शब्दों से लडखडाते देख मैं खिलखिलाने लगी. इस बार बिलकुल एक औरत की तरह! “क्या बात है राजीव? मैं अच्छी नहीं दिख रही तुम्हे?”, मैंने हँसते हुए उससे पूछा. बेचारे की तो हालत थोड़ी खराब थी.

“नहीं… तुम बहुत खुबसूरत औरत लग रहे हो… लग रही हो”, उसने किसी तरह अपना वाक्य पूरा किया. थोडा नर्वस लग रहा था वो. “मैं तुम्हे क्या कह कर पुकार सकता हूँ?”, उसने पूछा.

“हम्म…. मुझे स्मिता नाम पसंद है. तुम मुझे अपनी भाभी मान सकते हो या फिर मुझे इस तरह ट्रीट कर सकते हो जैसे तुम्हारे पड़ोस में रहने वाली कोई जवान शादीशुदा औरत हूँ मैं”, मैंने ख़ुशी से अपनी इच्छा जाहिर की.

मेरी बात सुनकर उसने एक नर्वस सी अधूरी मुस्कान दी और मुझसे कहा, “स्मिता भाभी… मुझे अच्छा लगेगा तुम्हे भाभी की तरह ट्रीट करना. पर तुम्हे पता है न कि देवर भाभी के बीच का रिश्ता थोडा नटखट होता है. क्या तुम तैयार हो अपने देवर के लिए मेरी भाभी जी?” वो मुझे छेड़ने की कोशिश कर रहा था पर साथ ही शर्मा भी रहा था.

“हा हा… ठीक है देवर जी. तुम चाहे जितने नटखट हो जाओ मेरे साथ. पर थोड़ी सीमा बनाकर रखना. आखिर एक शादीशुदा औरत हूँ मैं!”, मैं फिर जोर से हँस दी और अपने सर पर पल्लू ओढ़कर कर इठलाने लगी जैसे एक पतिव्रता औरत हूँ!

सच कहूं तो राजीव एक जेंटलमैन था. उस दिन के बाद भले वो एक देवर की तरह मेरे साथ शरारतें करता था पर कभी भी उसने कोई अश्लील बात या हरकत मेरे साथ न की. हम दोनों की दोस्ती उस दिन के बाद से और गहरी होती चली गयी. मैं काम से घर वापस आने का बाद ख़ुशी से राजीव की स्मिता भाभी बन जाया करती थी. और वो मेरी हमेशा एक औरत के रूप में इज्ज़त किया करता था. कभी कभी जब मैं सोफे पर बैठ कर टीवी देख रही होती थी तब वो मेरे साड़ी के पल्लू को अपने हाथ में लेकर उससे खेलता और साड़ी के स्पर्श को महसूस करता. कभी कभी मेरी साड़ी को वो एक हसरत भरी निगाहों से देखता.

एक दिन मैंने उसकी आँखों में वो हसरत देख ली. मैं समझ गयी थी कि वो क्या चाहता है पर शायद वो पूरी तरह से खुद को अब तक नहीं समझ सका था. पर अब समय आ गया था कि अब वो खुद साड़ी पहन कर वो ख़ुशी महसूस करे जो मैं रोज़ औरत बनकर किया करती थी. अब समय आ गया था कि राजीव मेरे दोस्त के साथ साथ अब मेरी  सहेली भी बन जाए. वो अब भी मेरे पल्लू को पकड़ा हुआ था जब मैंने उसकी आँखों में देखा और उसे गले लगा लिया. और फिर उसका हाथ पकड़ कर मैं अपने कमरे में ले आई जहाँ आज वो मेरी पहली और सबसे प्यारी सहेली बनने वाला था. हमारी दोस्ती इस पल के बाद से एक नए कदम की ओर बढ़ रही थी.

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