Indian Ladies Club: Part 10

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Towards the end of that night, Madhurima announced that Sumati will no longer be able to hold ILC events at her home since she is getting married. Thus, ILC meet ups won’t happen until they find a new place. Anvesha went to a late-night party with a few ladies of the club, along with Sasha and Soha.

Next morning, when they woke up, Sumati realized that she had become a woman overnight. Anvesha and Sasha experienced the same thing. They thought they were turning crazy. But the world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. Sumati, for one, was soon going to get married to a man named Chaitanya. She spent her day with her in-laws and her brother Rohit, and went for her bridal shopping. Chaitanya and Sumati bid their good byes to her in-laws and brother.

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Chaitanya and Sumati walked back together holding their hands to their car in the parking lot. Sumati carefully lifted her saree as she got into the car. She didn’t wanna ruin her delicate saree, nor she wanted to disturb the beautiful pleats she had made in that saree. She felt proud that she managed wearing saree and high heels for the day without any problem. She really enjoyed her day trying on bridal sarees and lehenga with her in-laws. She looked like an angel in that light green saree. She really seemed happy, and so did Chaitanya.

“Hmm… so we are left all alone now. What do we do now?”, said Chaitanya nonchalantly.

“Do I have to tell you what to do? You are now going to drive me to my home. That’s what we do.”, Sumati was blunt and rude to Chaitanya. It was as if her original male self was speaking. As she said this, she wrapped her pallu around her shoulders, covered her bosom and folded her hands. Was she feeling shy? May be it was a natural reaction for a woman to cover herself in the presence of a man, who surely had sexual interest in her.

“OK, princess. I was going to drive you home anyway.”, replied Chaitanya. He merely wanted to talk to Sumati but she didn’t seem to be in the mood.

Sumati was definitely occupied in her own thoughts. She was excited about becoming a bride. “Being a daughter-in-law was not that difficult. I loved spending time with my mother-in-law. She is so sweet and caring.”, Sumati thought and smiled. Afterall, she had a wonderful day shopping. She was not realizing that being a daughter-in-law means much more than shopping for sarees. Of course, she knew. She spent at least some time with her mother-in-law today in the kitchen. But, she was forgetting something. Sumati was so oblivious to the fact that she was going to be a wife too. And she didn’t know what would it mean to be a wife.

As they drove ahead, the wind blew her silky hair over her face, which Sumati pulled back from time to time. She really looked pretty doing that. Chaitanya silently noticed the beautiful woman sitting next to him, who would soon become his wife. Chaitanya and Sumati both didn’t say much in their ride to Sumati’s home.

Soon, they arrived at Sumati’s home. Sumati opened the door and they both entered together. Sumati assumed that Chaitanya would be there just for a few minutes, may be drink a glass of water and leave. She didn’t mind his presence as he was her best friend from her childhood, at least her new memory suggested that. But she knew the truth. Chaitanya used to be Chaitali, a girl, in her original memory, in her original life as a man. And Chaitali was really a good friend of her when Sumati was a man until a night ago.

“What a tiring, long and fun-filled day, Chaitanya! I am going to change my clothes and get out of these heels. You can make yourself comfortable, and grab water or soda from the fridge if you like.”, Sumati said as soon as she entered her home. She moved to her room while Chaitanya stayed there sitting on a sofa.

As soon as Sumati entered her bedroom, she threw away her heels. She was excited. She wanted to look at herself in the mirror. She had pretty much the same look as when she used to crossdress. But her figure was now curvy, sexier and slim. She was smaller in height now. Her jawline had changed a little bit to appear more feminine. Not to forget, she now had ample size breasts and a vagina. She looked like a diva. And she was happy to see herself in the long mirror in her room.

Sumati began by slowly removing the necklace she was wearing. She was also wearing long dangling heavy earrings. She first pulled her hair on one side so that she could remove one earring without getting it tangled in her hair. She tilted her head as she slowly unscrewed the screw behind her earlobe with her fingers while she held the earring with her other hand. As a crossdresser, she never had her ears pierced and she had to use clip-on earrings. As a woman now, she loved it how she could feel the weight of the earrings on her earlobe. A simple thing like removing an earring made her feel feminine about herself. She slowly removed her second earring as well.

Sumati slowly removed her necklace and earrings. Then she gently unpinned her saree pallu from the blouse. As she held her pallu, she looked into the mirror. She indeed looked like a diva!

She unpinned her pallu gently as she wanted to unwrap her saree. She noticed that she now had thin slim fingers which made it easier to open the pin that attached her pallu to her blouse. “Oh, how much I love being a woman! I don’t know how I became one, but I am so loving the tiny pleasures of being a woman!”, she felt elated. She found joy that surpassed all the joy she ever experienced as a crossdresser. She now looked herself in the mirror as she held her unpinned pallu in her left hand. “Wow! Even without the jewelry, I look so sexy! And my breasts are just so perfect. I can’t wait to see Anjali and Madhurima mom, and show them my new look. I wonder how they are doing.” Sumati wanted to share her joy with her best crossdresser friends. Sumati was on cloud number nine!

Sumati was now standing in front of a mirror wearing only a petticoat and a blouse.

Sumati began to unwrap her delicate saree very carefully. Her saree had been hugging her tightly. She felt she was removing a beautiful gift wrap, layer by layer, to unravel her beautiful delicate body. She hadn’t had a chance to pay much attention to her body since this morning as one person or the another kept coming. She wanted to really see herself and explore her new body of a woman. She put the saree crumbled on the bed on her side.

Sumati was now standing in front of mirror wearing only a white petticoat and a blouse. “I can’t believe I have such a sexy figure. My arms have become really delicate and slender. My waist has really shrunken. My hips are much wider than I ever created with my hip pads. And my breasts? They look so beautifully covered in that blouse. I wonder what my bra size is?”, Sumati was admiring her new body. This all seemed so unreal. “If this is a dream, do not wake me up!”, she said to herself. But she should not have said that!

“Now, it’s time I check my breasts.”, she thought. Sumati desperately wanted to feel the pleasure of squeezing her breasts once more. She could not do it this morning, but there was no reason she couldn’t do it now. She had the opportunity to see her breasts in the trial room in the saree showroom when she was trying her lehenga choli. She remembered taking her bra off as the choli had a built-in padded bra inside. But she was really enjoying the whole bridal shopping that she didn’t think about checking her breasts at that time. And suddenly she realized something. She had forgotten to wear her bra after she changed back from the lehenga choli to her saree! She felt like such a fool. “I had been parading around my in-laws without a bra! How stupid am I? Thank god, this blouse is a tight fit and my breasts were not juggling inside it.” She thought like a woman.

Sumati bent forward to check her cleavage in the mirror. Then, she slowly opened the hooks for her blouse. Her breasts appeared to flow out of her tight blouse.

Sumati then noticed the little bit of cleavage visible in that tight blouse. She smiled thinking how hard she used to try creating cleavage using those painful tapes. It used to hurt to pull the tape out. And now, she had a very beautiful deep cleavage. She bent forward to have a better look. She pulled down her blouse neck with her fingers to get a better picture in the mirror. “Woah!! I am blessed with super soft big breasts!”, Sumati felt lucky as the palm of her hands brushed against her boobs. Her breasts appeared as if they would pop out of her blouse at any instant. Feeling sexy and beautiful in her body and in her mind, Sumati began to slowly open hooks in the front of her blouse. “I wonder what color my nipples are. Light brown, dark brown, pink?”, Sumati was in such a rush this morning that she couldn’t even pay attention to the color of her nipples. Her breasts were now ready to be seen.

She was savoring her body very slowly. She was not in any rush anymore. And the moment of big reveal had arrived. She removed her blouse, and her breasts were in front of her eyes, really beautiful, really delicate, soft, firm and ample in size. The only thing missing was someone who could play with them, fondle them, and caress it gently with love. Couldn’t Sumati be the one to play with her own breasts?

The moment of big reveal had arrived. Sumati removed her blouse to expose her gentle, delicate, soft, firm breasts.

Sumati was happy with what she saw in the mirror. “Why stop now? I should remove my petticoat to see my full figure.”, Sumati thought. She opened the knot of her petticoat. But she turned away from the mirror. Could it be that she was feeling shy watching herself nude in the mirror? She slowly began to slide her petticoat down. Sumati was really taking time to enjoy every little action she was doing. She was savoring each moment of her new found femininity. She knew her legs were smooth like a silk as she had felt all day whenever she crossed her legs while sitting. But while she was taking all this time undressing herself, enjoying her beauty, she had forgotten that there was someone else in the house with her. Chaitanya had been waiting in the outer room patiently for about half an hour, and Sumati hadn’t come out.

The door to Sumati’s room opened and Chaitanya entered. Sumati was almost nude with her petticoat barely around her knees. And to make things worse, she was facing in the direction of the door with her open breasts. “Damn it, Chaitanya! I told you this morning that you should knock when you enter someone’s room. Don’t you have any shame?”, Sumati shouted. She quickly pulled her petticoat up. It took her sometime to tie the knot on her petticoat. Chaitanya had a nice view of her breasts while she tied the knot. “For god sake, at least close your eyes!”, Sumati’s temper was getting higher. Her voice was shaking. Her hands were trembling. It seemed like her eyes had a drop or two of tears in it.

Sumati grabbed the saree lying on her bed as quickly as possible and covered her breasts by holding it in front of her. Sumati was furious. “Get out of here!”, she yelled with fury at Chaitanya.

“Come on, Sumati. It’s not like I have never seen you naked.”, said Chaitanya. “When have you ever seen me naked?”, Sumati protested.

Chaitanya came closer to her, and grabbed both her arms around her wrists. They both were really close to each other. Sumati could feel his breath falling upon her. Sumati’s saree fell out of her hands. Chaitanya came further close. “Don’t you remember we have made love several times?”, said Chaitanya as he put his one arm around Sumati’s waist and pulled her closer. “No, you can’t be right.”, Sumati protested but with a meek voice this time. She could not believe that she would have ever made love to a man.

“Of course, I am right. In fact, you were the one who initiated our sex life when you were back home in the first vacation during your college years.”, Chaitanya’s lips were getting closer to Sumati’s lips.

“No! This can’t be true.”, Sumati said again. She closed her eyes. She felt the sharp pain in her head that she had been experiencing since this morning each time a new memory appeared in her mind. Yes, she was able to remember that she was back home one summer when she had initiated sex with Chaitanya in her room. There was no one at home at that time. She could vividly remember that she was the dominating partner in the bed, and Chaitanya the submissive one. But why did she do this?

Chaitanya’s lips touched Sumati’s. She could feel the rough small hairs of his beard rub against her soft face. Sumati tried to pull her wrists from Chaitanya’s hold, but his grip was strong. She could feel his lower body pressing against her. She had her one hand free, and with all her might, she pushed away Chaitanya.

Chaitanya was not in any mood to give it away. He turned Sumati around, and got hold of both of her wrists. He began to kiss her on the back of her neck. He then wrapped his arms around Sumati’s waist, and pulled her closer. “How can you not remember making love so many times, Sumati? I was not going to make love to you for the time being until we get married. But looking at you like this, I can’t stop myself.”, Chaitanya said this in an unclear voice as he vigorously kissed Sumati’s neck.

“Please, stop Chaitanya!”, Sumati pleaded. She never felt so helpless before. Chaitanya was getting excited as he moved his hands over Sumati’s slender arms. Very soon, his hands moved over her waist and got hold of her breasts. He began to squeeze her breasts vigorously and kissed her neck and back passionately, as he thrusted his lower body against Sumati’s soft hips. Sumati wanted her breasts to be pressed, but not like this. Her hips and ass never felt wider and soft to her. She just wanted to get out of Chaitanya’s hold. She was crying within. This was happening so quick and rough that she had no time to think about this. She didn’t know if she was liking what was happening to her, or if she ever liked this.

Suddenly the door opened when Sumati was about to slide out of her petticoat.

Sumati could feel Chaitanya opening his belt as it rubbed against her round ass. She knew what was coming onto her. Chaitanya pulled out his manhood and pressed against Sumati’s hips in the crevice. He squeezed her breasts firmly one more time. Then, he made Sumati bend forward around her waist on the bed as he pulled up her petticoat. He was being forceful, not minding what Sumati wanted. He quickly pulled down her panties. Chaitanya began what any man does after that. “Aaah”, Sumati moaned in pain. That thing felt much bigger for her genitals. Women were supposed to like the penetration. But Sumati didn’t feel it that way. It was too big. She felt pain. She cried as Chaitanya squeezed her breasts.

But something changed after that quick penetration, Chaitanya seemed to have come into senses. He realized that something was not right. Sumati was not her self today. She was not the way she used to be whenever they made love. In his memory, she was a dominating woman, not the dominated one. He quickly pulled back from Sumati. “I am sorry Sumati if I have hurt you because of the passion I felt. I should not have forced myself upon you. I will never force myself upon you like this ever again. I am really sorry, Sumati. I promise I won’t do this again. I am sorry, Sumati”, said Chaitanya as he began to go out of her bedroom. He felt disturbed. May be his intentions were not bad, but the wild instincts in him came raging when he saw the sexy body of Sumati. He felt ashamed.

Sumati remained lying on her stomach with her face pushing in the bed. Her petticoat was still up above her knees, her panties around her ankles, and her breasts pressed against the mattress. There were tears in her eyes. Now, she remembered everything. Her new memory or the tricks her mind was playing with her. In this newly created past of her new life as a woman, she never felt attracted to a man. She never enjoyed making love to a man. All those times, she made love to Chaitanya, she did that only to confirm what she had known all her life. She had always loved women. And in order to confirm what she already knew, she used to dominate Chaitanya into doing things her way. She was mean and exploited Chaitanya for her own sake. While she used Chaitanya to realize that she would never be attracted to a man, all those love making made Chaitanya emotionally attached to her.

The new life as a woman turned out to be not as rosy as she was thinking. The people in the world around her now had a complete new memory about her in which Sumati was born a woman. But only Sumati knew the truth that she was born a man, and she was a man until yesterday night. She was a crossdresser in the real life that she knew. But nobody remembers her as a man anymore. While her body may have changed into a woman, her mind was still that of a man who crossdressed. That mind might have loved the femininity and loved being feminine, but it was always attracted to a woman. Now, Sumati knew that she could become a good daughter-in-law but she would never become a good wife. What felt like a blessing about an hour ago, now seemed like a curse to Sumati. Having realized the new truth, the tears in her eyes continued to roll. Was a life of a crossdresser better than this life? She had to think about an answer for this question.


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Indian Ladies Club: Part 9

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Towards the end of that night, Madhurima announced that Sumati will no longer be able to hold ILC events at her home since she is getting married. Thus, ILC meet ups won’t happen until they find a new place. Anvesha went to a late-night party with a few ladies of the club, along with Sasha and Soha.

Next morning, when they woke up, Sumati realized that she had become a woman overnight. Anvesha and Sasha experienced the same thing. They thought they were turning crazy. But the world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. Sumati, for one, was soon going to get married to a man named Chaitanya, and her in-laws were here to take her for bridal shopping.

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Becoming a bride someday is the fantasy of any crossdresser. But becoming a bride begins with shopping a saree, which itself can be the most memorable moment of one’s life.

It’s a dream of almost every crossdresser to dress up and become a bride one day. While becoming a bride can be the most fascinating fantasy, the experience of the shopping for the wedding itself can be one of the most memorable experience. The joy of visiting shops with brightly colored sarees and lehengas on display on mannequins, where several women gather to find the outfit for their most memorable day of life, is unforgettable for any woman. They get to hold, touch and feel the most luxurious sarees which they would, otherwise, not wear in their whole life. The ladies get to chit-chat and share their experience of their own wedding while the bride-to-be gets to be at the center of attention of all. While the bride-to-be tries the heaviest, the prettiest and the costliest sarees and lehengas available in the shop, the ladies around her admire the new bride each time she tries a new outfit. The bride smiles and her face glows with happiness, while other ladies remain in awe. Not many crossdressers get to do that. But Sumati, she was going to experience all that which no crossdresser, in her knowledge, had ever experienced.

It wasn’t like Sumati had never been to saree shops. But all those times, she was a man pretending to buy a saree for his wife or girlfriend or mother. And this time, she was not going to pretend. She was going to buy a saree very proudly for herself as a woman! She felt such a joy that she had completely forgotten that she was going to get married to a man.

Sumati was now in a market street popular for bridal saree shops. She was walking with Prashant and Kalavati (her in-laws), Rohit (her brother) and Chaitanya (her fiance). She had walked on this street before. And as always, she was mesmerized by the beautiful colorful sarees and lehengas that were on the display in a series of shops. The street was buzzed with many other brides like her who had come to do bridal shopping with their families. The happiness could be felt in the air. And certainly could be seen on the smiling faces of Sumati and Kalavati. These women were happy and excited to shop.

A salesman had put on a saree to show it to the women around him. Sumati, as a man, had always thought that she should have become a salesman like that.

As they walked, Sumati peeped into a tiny shop where a salesman was showing a saree to a few women. He had made the pleats on the saree and was holding it around his waist to show how it would look when worn. The women were touching and feeling the fabric of the saree while they decided if it is worth the purchase. Sumati smiled to herself. She remembered how many times she must have felt like becoming a saree salesman so that she could get to be around women’s clothes all the time. And she would never have minded putting a saree on herself like the salesman did. In fact, she would have worn it completely.

As they were walking by several shops, Sumati started thinking about where to begin her shopping. There were so many shops to look at. “Each shop seems to have a lovely bridal collection. If I look at every shop and try several sarees on before making any decision, it would take several days to complete my shopping! I always thought I knew what I would like. But god!! Looking at these pretty sarees hanging in the shops, I want to try them all before I make any decision! Should I purchase a lehenga? Or should I try sarees and lehengas both? And see which I like better? No no… that will make it even more time consuming task. I am going to focus only on sarees.” Sumati’s mind was contemplating what she would do to be efficient in her shopping.

“Listen, my dear husband. I am warning you that I am not going to spare any expense today. I have got only one daughter-in-law and I want her to buy anything she likes, no matter how much it costs!”, Kalavati said to her husband Prashant. She was being a little dramatic.

“My dear Kalavati ji. Just like you, I have got only one daughter-in-law as well. But that’s not the point. Who told you that I am not going to spend money for a very special day in the life of our lovely Sumati?”, Prashant responded politely. Both Rohit and Chaitanya were smiling at their conversation.

“OK, dear. But tell me are we going there or not?”, Kalavati enquired. “Yes, my dear wife. We are going to the shop you like the most.”, said Prashant.

That street was lined with an impressive series of shops for bridal shopping. But one shop stood apart from all that. Once Sumati reached at the front of the shop, she could not stop gazing at the way the designer sarees were on display at that shop. Sumati wished this was the shop Kalavati was talking about. And to her surprise, Prashant said, “So should we go in or are we going to stare at the shop from the outside?” Sumati almost had tears of joy in her eyes. She wanted to say, “Thank you very much, Daddy.” But she stopped from saying that but her eyes conveyed her message to Prashant.

One shop stood apart from all the shops on that street. Sumati could not believe her eyes that she was being taken to this shop for her bridal purchase.

Once they entered the shop, they were taken by a lady to an area where they all could sit on the mattress where the sales people would show them the clothes. Sumati sat next to Kalavati with her legs bent backwards, her back straight and her arms on her thighs. She always knew how to sit like a lady, but in a woman’s body, it seemed far easier. There are differences between a man’s body and a woman’s body. The wider hips and a more flexible waist makes it easier for a woman to sit on the floor. Realizing that the shopping process has begun, Sumati started blushing. Kalavati, being the only woman with Sumati, was there to ensure that Sumati doesn’t feel uncomfortable among three men. Men can get impatient while shopping, and Kalavati didn’t want that to pressurize Sumati into hurrying up her shopping.

“Please show us some bridal sarees in the shades between orange to maroon, preferably  in red.”, Kalavati said to the salesman. “Sure, madam. But please have some cold drinks first. I will show you all the best items we have. Do you have any price range in mind?”, said the salesman.

“Do not worry about the prices, but don’t show us anything exorbitantly expensive.”, Kalavati said with a pride on her face.

“Alright, madam.”, salesman said and went to get a few sarees. He came back after a few minutes, and began to show sarees. “Madam, this is a Kanchipuram silk saree. It is very fashionable to wear in south indian weddings.” It was a very rich magenta-pink silk saree with floral and temple designs weaved in golden threads. It came with a heavily embroidered blouse piece. “Wow”, that’s all Sumati could think of when she looked at that saree. Any woman who would wear that would get to feel like a queen. South indian sarees are really classic. The fabric when touched felt really luxurious. Sumati’s own saree that she was wearing at the moment, seemed like a very poor one in comparison.

“Madam, this second sample is a gota patti saree on a pure georgette material. This type of saree is very popular in our area.”, the salesman showed another beautiful saree. It was a dual color saree in orange and pink. It was adorned with zari, sequins, stones, and stones. It wasn’t a silk but a little transparent georgette material. “This feels pretty royal. Can I hold it?”, Sumati said. “Of course, madam.”

“Woaahh… This is really heavy.”, Sumati’s delicate hands could not handle the weight of that saree. “Huh.. just until yesterday, I could have easily handled the weight of saree like this.”, thought Sumati.

“Yes, dear. The heavy embroidered sarees like this with stone work are usually heavy to carry. But they give a very regal appearance when worn. You must know that these are very popular nowadays.”, Kalavati added her two cents.

Of course, Sumati knew all that. Searching for bridal sarees used to be one of her favorite activities to do in her leisure time. That saree was indeed impressive, but she didn’t like the dual color sarees as much as a single colored saree.

The salesman opened another saree and said, “Madam, this one is a zardozi style saree. This .. ”

“No. No. We don’t want zarozi sarees. Can you show me the heavy embroidered sarees with stone work in a single color?”, Sumati said.

“Looks like somebody knows what she wants.”, Chaitanya giggled.

“Of course, my dear hubby-to-be.”, Sumati didn’t mind laughing with her best friend from her childhood. “If you know what you want, then this shopping will be over pretty soon. Good for us.”, Chaitanya said on behalf of the men sitting there.

This process of looking at sarees continued for more than three hours, and the two ladies must have looked, tried and discussed the pros and cons for each of more than 50 sarees they saw together. There was always one quality missing in one saree which they would find in another. But then, they would find something in that saree that they did not like. It was not the case that those sarees were not beautiful, but when you are shopping for the wedding, that saree has to be perfect. There cannot be any compromise on that.  The guys had nothing much to say in the matter, nor they had any right to do so.

The final moment almost arrived when Sumati said, “How do I look in this one?” Sumati asked everyone with a ray of hope in her eyes. She was wearing a magnificent hot pink saree. Women’s eyes can distinguish between various shades of pink such as fuchsia pink, hot pink, baby pink, neon pink, and so on. For men, all those colors are just pink. “Sumati didi, you are looking stunning. You will steal all the attention on your wedding day.”, said Rohit. He really admired how beautiful his sister looked.

“My prettiest daughter-in-law will definitely wear this one on her wedding.”, said Kalavati. “Can’t get better than this dear daughter.”, said Prashant.

“I can’t wait to see you in your full glory on the wedding day when you adorn this saree.”, said Chaitanya.

A woman needs not only a saree but a lehenga too for her wedding. She can’t wear the same outfit for all the events on the wedding day.

Sumati blushed listening to all the compliments. The decision was made as the saree was finalized.

“Now that we have finalized the saree, let’s look at lehengas.”, said Kalavati.

“What? There is still more to purchase?”, exclaimed Chaitanya. “Of course, there is a lot more to purchase son! She can’t stay in the same outfit the whole day. She will have to change for different events. We will just get a lehenga today for the main reception, and she can purchase clothes for other events on her own.”, Kalavati almost reprimanded Chaitanya for being impatient.

“Relax, Chaitanya. Mom, I think I know what I want for lehenga. I had been looking at that aisle of hanging lehengas for sometime, and only one has caught my attention. Let me pick that up. I will come back dressed in that in a minute.”, said Sumati.

This is usually a problem when men join women in their shopping. Men get impatient after some time. But Sumati saved their day. She was back soon wearing a red lehenga choli. It was a sleeveless choli, and her soft light skin radiated in that lehenga. Saying that she was looking any less than breathtaking would undermine the truth.

Sumati put on her heels to check the length of her lehenga. It was good that she came wearing high heels today. She would be wearing high heels on her wedding day too.

Beta, please wear your heels to make sure that the lehenga is of right length. “, said Kalavati. Sumati obliged. “Hmm… we will have to get the choli altered to your size. But dear, I am ready to brag to all the women in the town that I have got the most beautiful daughter-in-law.”, everyone laughed as Kalavati said this.

“Wow, I am going to be a bride!”, Sumati was getting excited. At the moment, she was not realizing what getting married as a woman means. She had not really thought this through like how her life was going to change. All she could think about now was how gorgeous her wedding saree and lehenga were. In a way, she was thanking god for giving her very loving in-laws, and especially, a mother-in-law who loved her like a daughter. What Sumati was not thinking at this moment, or what she was desperately trying to avoid thinking about was that she was getting married to a man. Was she ready to become a wife? Was she ready to give herself and her body to a man? Wasn’t she physically attracted to girls all her life? She thought she would worry about this when she would be alone.

After the shopping was over, Prashant and Kalavati informed Sumati that they are going back to their town in about two hours. Rohit, being from the same town, was going back with them. They all had lunch together at a nearby restaurant. They all laughed. Sumati seemed really happy today. And Chaitanya was really noticing how happy she seemed. He felt as if he is the luckiest guy on the planet to have found a wife like Sumati. Any guy loves it when he sees his wife mingling well with his parents. Sumati was surely going to be a good daughter-in-law. But would she be a good wife too?

Soon after the lunch, Sumati and Chaitanya took his parents and Rohit to the railway station. Sumati hugged her brother Rohit to say good bye. This time there was no uneasiness. She was thankful that her brother was there to give her a company amidst a new family. She was now thinking very differently. May be she was getting a bit emotional. And tears in her eyes gave that away. “Please come again sooner, Rohit”, she said to her. She pulled his cheeks and said, “Don’t forget to take care of our parents back home. And tell mom that I am going to come home soon to help her with the wedding preparations.” Sumati was becoming a good daughter too.

Sumati now covered her head with her saree pallu, and along with Chaitanya, she touched the feet of her in-laws. “May god increase the love between you two and always keep you two together happy.”, said Prashant. Kalavati hugged her daughter-in-law with much love and affection.

Soon, Prashant, Kalavati and Rohit boarded their train and the train departed. Sumati and Chaitanya were now left alone on the railway platform. They both looked at each other. They both smiled. Chaitanya pulled down Sumati’s pallu from her head. He then grabbed her hand. Sumati didn’t object. She smiled again. She just felt comfortable with Chaitanya. After all, Chaitanya was her best friend from her childhood. They walked back towards their car in the parking lot.


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Indian Ladies Club: Part 5

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them soon.

Tonight all the “ladies” at ILC have gathered here to welcome a new member Anvesha. As part of the welcome ceremony, the club members transform Anvesha into a beautiful princess. These ladies celebrate their time at ILC being unaware of the craziness they are going to experience.

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“She is looking lovely in that lehenga, isn’t it?” Sumati’s attention was broken when Isha came next to her. Sumati had been silently watching Anvesha regale after her makeover. Anvesha was walking with a grace of a bride, pulling her lehenga a little up, a little afraid that she might step on it. Her fear was unfounded but she couldn’t really see her footsteps in that big round “ghera” of her beautiful lehenga. Having never walked in heels before, Anjali was holding Anvesha’s one arm so that she doesn’t trip. “Her make up came out very well too. What do you think Sumati?”, prompted Isha again. “Yes madam. After all, we know how good Isha’s make up skills are!”, Sumati smiled and said to Isha.

“Sumati! You are such a liar. I know what a fake appreciation is!”, said Isha, “I can certainly see something is bothering you my sweet friend. Is it about that news? Everything will be fine. Let me tell you that you are worrying for no reason.” Sumati was startled about how did Isha know about the news. She looked down out of a little sadness. She was nervously rolling the end of her saree’s aanchal with her fingers. Isha pulled up her chin, looked into her eyes and said, “Hey, everything will be fine. It’s a happy news.” Sumati was trying to control her emotions but she gave up and hugged Isha. She put her head over Isha’s shoulder and said, “All is going to be well. Right?” Isha caressed her hand over Sumati’s back and said, “Of course, it will.”

Anvesha, full of happiness in her new look, danced around. Her lehenga opened up like a blossoming flower. Who wouldn’t feel the joy when you are surrounded by beautiful ladies and you are one of them! Being the princess tonight and dressed meticulously by the lovely women of Indian Ladies Club,  Anvesha was exhibiting unbounded joy and happiness.

At the other end of the room, Anvesha now seemed to be much more comfortable walking. “Chham! Chham!” Her payal (anklets) made a lovely sound. She was now walking up fast, laughing and chatting with other women of the club while Anjali was trying to catch up with her. It seems like somebody had challenged Anvesha to dance in her royal outfit. Anvesha got out of Anjali’s hold and started turning round and round like a princess. She first started by holding her lehenga in her hand which seemed heavy for her dainty girly arms, but then, she let it go and spread her arms feeling the joy of being a beautiful woman. Her lehenga caught up the wind and started flowing up. Looking at her, it seemed like a flower was blossoming up. The happiness visible in her face was infectious.

Isha took Anvesha to a sofa nearby and checked if Anvesha would be able to stand up again after getting her ankle bent in heels.

But no matter how young and energetic you are, if you don’t have the experience walking in heels, you don’t pull a stunt like that! Suddenly, her ankle bent and she fell down. “Damn it! These young college girls can’t control themselves.”, Isha said and ran towards Anvesha. Anjali was a little concerned and yet she was laughing. She said complainingly to Anvesha, “See, this is what happens if you don’t listen to your elder sister.” Isha took Anvesha to a sofa nearby and started looking at her ankles to see if she is fine to stand up again in heels. It was really amazing how dressing up as woman would make these ladies caring, loving and affectionate. At least it happened for Isha, Anjali, and a few others. Some ladies of the club didn’t care much while others would turn more jealous and bitchy. The ladies at Indian Ladies Club showed the entire spectrum of womanly behavior, and bitchiness is one of them.

Madhu, the motherly figure at ILC, came forward and said to everyone, “Ladies! I am really hungry now. And before I get too hungry, let’s complete today’s special events. Anvesha, come here!” Madhu called Anvesha. Anvesha who was finally opening up, went back to being shy after she fell while dancing. “Here is one final thing for the night. If you have any wish for tonight that we ladies here can fulfill, it’s your chance now to speak up. We will try our best to fulfill your wish.”, Madhu said to Anvesha. Anvesha was taken by surprise. She couldn’t think of anything as the ladies at ILC had already fulfilled her dreams. Out of nervousness, she could only stammer. She thought for a while and stuttered, “My wish … I want everyone …”, she couldn’t speak clearly in presence of an outspoken lady like Madhu, “… to form a big circle and sit down on the floor.” What a strange wish, thought Madhu. “OK, ladies! You heard what Anvesha said. Let’s form a big circle.”, announced Madhu.

There was not enough room to make a big circle but somehow all the ladies tried forming a circle. But sitting down when wearing fancy women’s clothes is not a trivial thing to do. If you are wearing a saree, you have to make room so that you can fold your legs inside your petticoat without messing up your saree pleats. Try it, if you don’t believe it! If you are wearing a tight churidaar, you can only keep both the legs on one side. Try keeping your back straight in that position! It’s not as easy as it sounds. Sitting in a short skirt is easy but only if it’s not a tight fitting one. And of course, you have to make space for your big purse and sandals. These ladies were certainly not flexible as real women. It was a funny scene seeing all these ladies struggle for a simple thing as sitting down. They were pushing each other making more room for themselves. “Oh Maa!! My back. Some one please support me from the back!”, exclaimed Madhu who fell on her buttocks. Anjali and Sumati were laughing like crazy. Anyway, somehow everyone settled down. “So, what’s next?”, asked Anjali to Anvesha.

“Now, I want all of you to hold hands of the two persons sitting next to you so that we form a connected chain.”, said Anvesha, “… and then, close your eyes and stay quiet and try to calm your mind.” When someone tells you to calm yourself, this is what goes on in your mind:”Oh, my bra strap is causing me to itch.”,”I need to stretch my legs.”, “I am not going to wear heavy boobs next time. It’s hurting my back.”, “How beautiful I am looking tonight? I bet I am the most beautiful woman today in this room.”, “Why do I have to do this?”, “I should sometime try the lehenga Anvesha is wearing.”, “Anjali looked gorgeous today in that saree. I wish she was my wife.”, “Did someone just pinched me from the back?”, “God! I can’t stop smiling. I am going to burst out laughing.”, “I am hungry.”. Every one had something going on in their mind.

Anvesha then said, “Dear ladies, I can’t thank you enough for the very special evening tonight. I still don’t know most of you but you all created a memorable night for me. I can’t do much for you but I can pray to god for us all.” She grabbed everyone’s attention. “I pray to god and goddess that they fulfill everyone’s dream of becoming and living a life of a woman. There should not be any need to hide for us when we dress up as a woman. I pray that we live in a society that accepts us for who we are. I pray to live in a society where we can be the women we want to be, and everyone accepts us as one. I pray to god that everyone’s life partner here accepts them as a woman they desire to be.”

That was a powerful prayer. Everyone stayed quiet holding each other’s hand. Some were thinking that it’s a nice prayer but what’s the use of such a prayer, people around us can’t change overnight. But the prayer touched Sumati. Now that the prayer was over. It was the feasting time. Everyone began to eat.

Anvesha used this time to make new friends. She approached two girls who looked like girls of her own age group. “Oh! Hello, Anvesha. How does it feel to be the beautiful princess tonight?”, asked one of the girls when Anvesha came closer to them. “Hmm… gorgeous and unbelievable. I am little struggling with the weight of this lehenga but it is so worth it. I feel like a flower, you know?”, Anvesha replied beaming with a smile. “I understand you. I still remember my princess night vividly. By the way, I am Sasha and she is my good friend Soha.”, the girl in a pretty light pink saree moved forward her hand to shake it with Anvesha.

Anvesha approached Sasha and Soha who looked like the girls of her age group. Sasha was wearing a light pink saree in a modern style, whereas Soha was in a white skirt and very high heels.

“It’s so nice to meet you both! Sasha, what a gorgeous saree! So well draped! And such a sexy blouse. Way to go girl! You must be expert in wearing sarees.”, said Anvesha admiring Sasha. Sasha was indeed looking gorgeous in her fancy modern looking satin saree with halter neck blouse. “Oh no! It wasn’t me. I can’t even dream of draping a saree with this look. I was helped by Sharmila aunty. You know her, right? She was the one who draped your dupatta tonight. One day she took me to her tailor and asked him to stitch me a halter top style blouse. She said that a young girl like me should wear sarees in a modern style. She is just so lovely.”, said Sasha.

“Haha. Indeed,  you look ravishing in that style. I feel like pinching your bum.”, Anvesha said laughing. Then she turned to Soha who was smiling in her long sleeve indigo top, a white skirt and matching high heels. “Hi Soha! Nice to meet you. Wow, girl! You are wearing 4 inches of heels?? And I made a fool of myself with one inch heel tonight. I was so embarrassed, you know?”, she said to Soha who was standing next to Sasha. “You will learn to walk in it in no time, girl. It just takes a little practice. By the way, you look splendid today. Really nice choice you made in picking up that lehenga. It looks really pretty on you. By the way, it was really great to see you dance before you fell. I loved it.”, Soha replied politely. “Thank you, Soha. You know? I am more of a skirt girl like you. When I will come here next time, I am going to wear a nice tight sexy short skirt, to grab everyone’s attention!”, said Anvesha.

“Whose attention do you wanna grab Anvesha? We all are ladies here! No men!”, said Sasha and everyone started laughing loud. The three girls began to bond. Soha suggested that they should get something to eat together. This was probably the beginning of a new friendship for Anvesha.

The night went on. Many people came up to Anvesha to welcome her and to compliment her on her looks. The time passed by quickly. The ladies had so much to talk about. They admired each other’s sarees, makeup, and dresses. They spent time talking about how lovely someone’s necklace was. Or how much beauty a mangalsutra adds. Someone was showing her new payal (anklet). Some were busy catching up with their close friends. Someone was flaunting her new hairstyle. Someone was telling how great her new breastforms feel. Someone was describing her outing experience. Some girl was telling how she told about herself to her girlfriend, and how she ended up accepting her. Some where discussing the new recipes they found. Some were discussing how they want to watch out for their figure. While some others were planning an after party for later tonight. There was so much to do at ILC, and not a moment to waste in boredom.

But it was time for the ILC to close the night. It seemed so soon. These ladies had so much more catching up to do. Once again Madhu came to the center to make the announcement. She made a loud clap to get everyone’s attention. She took her long pallu from her back and tucked it in the front. She started her announcement, “Ladies! I hope you all had a great time tonight. But this is our closing time. I have a very happy news to share with you all.” Madhurima looked at Sumati. She gave a very big smile at Sumati and said, “You all know my loveliest daughter, Sumati, who had been running this club since the very beginning at this house. So, first, let’s give her a big hand to thank her for all the efforts she put into all these years so that we all have a place to be ourselves. Also, let’s thank the beautiful Anjali who was here earlier to help set up everything tonight. Let’s not forget Sharmila, Isha, and Anitha who did the magical transformation for Anvesha.” It was the usual note of thanks at the end of the ILC meet up. Everyone clapped and cheered for the girls who made this night possible.

“And now the big news! My daughter Sumati is finally getting married. And as her mother, I am so emotional tonight. In a month, she will be a married woman. I wish I had more time to teach her how to be a good wife and a daughter-in-law. I hope she doesn’t spoil my name and reputation in the eyes of her in-laws.”,  Madhu was always a drama queen. She winked at Sumati. Deep down, Madhu was genuinely happy for Sumati. Madhu continued, “Sumati, congratulations! We all are very happy for you.”

“Now, the second announcement. As you all know, we had been having our meet up here at Sumati’s home. At this point, we don’t know if Sumati’s wife-to-be will accept our beloved Sumati, the woman we all love. I am sure she will accept Sumati someday. Who wouldn’t? She is a lovely woman, after all. But even if she accepts Sumati, I know that a new wife will not be looking forward to hosting 30-40 people every week at her home. So until we make new arrangements for our new meet up place, there won’t be any Indian Ladies Club meeting anytime soon.”

That news really shattered the club members. There safe haven was gone. Everyone immediately started talking about this with each other. Like in any other group, this club had its share of ladies who would take all the advantages of a group, but won’t miss any chance of complaining. Garima was the leader of such ladies at ILC. These ladies started talking among each other, and then Garima came forward to say, “This is unacceptable to us. The Indian Ladies Club does not belong to Sumati alone. Why should we suffer because she is getting married?”.

Madhurima had enough experience in her life, and she knew how to deal with ladies like Garima. She said, “OK, Garima! So it’s final now. From next week, we will have our meet ups at your home. No one will suffer.”

Garima was taken by surprise by what Madhu said. She hesitated and responded, “But I live with my parents and wife. How will I manage with my parents?”

“Oh! Is that so? That’s a valid concern, Garima.”, Madhu said, “In that case, I am sure you won’t mind renting a separate place for us. That will be even better. Anyone will be able to go there anytime they want!”

Garima couldn’t say anything. She moved back. Madhu had her good. Garima had always been the troublemaker in the club. She wouldn’t do anything to help with the club operation, but she would always complain about other members or how the club should be run.

“I think we don’t have anything more to discuss. Now ladies, please help us clean this house because Sumati’s younger brother and her fiancee are coming to see her tomorrow. And don’t forget to take everything back that you brought here. There should be no make up or clothes left here. We won’t be able to save it for you.”, Madhu said. All the ladies started wandering in the house, and started with the cleanup. And Madhu supervised them.

Madhu began to supervise the cleaning operation after the party was over. Everyone helped clean Sumati’s home.

Soon after the clean up, some ladies began to change back into their male clothes. For many, that would be the saddest part of their day. But they got to keep the sweet memories of time spent at the Indian Ladies Club. Very often, a few ladies will leave in the female clothes and go to someone’s place for the late night party with drinks and dancing. Anvesha decided to join such a group of around 9 ladies along with Sasha and Soha. She changed into a dress that she had brought with her. A few ladies at the ILC had to help her remove her lehenga, dupatta and the fanciest jewelry she wore for the night. She felt light after changing into a dress. But she loved it as she was going out with other ladies for a party. Going out dressed would often give goosebumps to these ladies. They were usually afraid of what will happen if they are caught or stopped on the road for some reason. Going in a car, in a group, would make things a little easier but still the fear of unknown was always there. But the person who was organizing the after party convinced them that she had a safe place to party where no one will bother them. Soon, everyone left except for Sumati, Madhu, Anjali and Isha.

“Everything will be alright Sumati.”, said Isha to Sumati holding her hands. Anjali and Isha then gave her a hug. “Why don’t we ladies get a picture together to remember this night?”, suggested Anjali. “That’s an awesome idea, Anjali. You three are such good friends. You should have one picture together.”, Madhu said as she pulled out her phone from her blouse to take a picture. “Seriously? Phone in your bra?”, said Isha laughingly to Madhu. “Oh, I have so much more in my bra Isha. I know you would want something like that in your bra too! 38DD you know! Now, say cheese with a big smile!”, Madhu instructed. The three ladies, the three friends, put their arms on each other’s back and smiled. Click! What a memorable event this was! And how loving these gorgeous girls looked.

Anjali and Isha changed their clothes and said good bye to Sumati. Madhu stayed for a little longer. She asked Sumati to change into her nighty. Sumati went to the bathroom to change and came back soon. Madhu and Sumati were now sitting on Sumati’s bed. Madhu gave her a hug, and said to her, “I know how are you feeling now Sumati. I have been through that though a long time back. But a marriage brings its own joy. And sometimes, that joy is enough that you forget about the woman inside you, at least for the first few years of marriage. And who knows your wife might accept Sumati by then? And if she doesn’t, Anjali, Isha and I are always here for you. We will arrange time and place for Sumati. We will always find a way to see Sumati. Do you understand?”

After a long tiring day planning for the ILC party, Sumati soon fell asleep in her nighty.

“But Mom! I am going to miss you so much. You won’t get to see me often, and you won’t get to meet your daughter-in-law.”, said Sumati. “Dear, I am always here in the city. We will find a way to meet. Now, get into your bed and sleep like an angel.”, Madhu consoled Sumati. She knew it would be hard for her as well if she doesn’t get to see her lovely daughter. She tucked Sumati into the bed. And like a loving mom, she gave a kiss on Sumati’s forehead. “Good night, my love. And remove your wig soon. You won’t get good sleep with that on.”, Madhu said and soon left to go back to her home. Sumati soon fell asleep after a long tiring day. Sleeping in a comfortable nighty is always relaxing. Why won’t it be? After all, a good nighty loves you, touches you and appreciates your body the way woman’s body should be appreciated.

The crazy next morning

At Sumati’s home: Have you ever worn a comfortable nighty to sleep at night? If you have, you would know how good it feels when you first wake up in the morning, feeling the soft touch of your nighty on your skin. That’s what Sumati experienced. She still had her eyes closed but she smiled appreciating the comfort of her nighty. What a lovely way to rise! She sat straight on her bed. She first slid her fingers through her long hair and pushed it back. Her long hair? She then spread her arms wide and pushed forward her chest to release all the sleepiness, and welcome the new day. Her big chest protruded out. Then, she folded her arms in the front, realizing the morning chill. The soft touch of her breasts against her folded arms gave her comfort. She squeezed her arms a little more. It squeezed her soft breasts a little more, and the breasts moved up against her arms. Her soft breasts? What?

Anvesha at the party home: The party home, where Anvesha had gone with a group of ladies to drink and dance, was in a very bad shape. There were beer bottles and cans lying everywhere on the floor. There were colorful bras, sexy panties and beautiful tops scattered all over the place. There were several girls sleeping after a heavy party night in unusual positions. Some girls were topless with their soft firm breasts visible. A few girls were in their tank tops but with one breast coming out of their top, and only wearing nothing but sexiest panties in the bottom. Two girls were in their blouse and petticoat. Their sarees were scattered over the bed. All the girls were hungover and sleeping in each other’s arms all over the room. Anvesha was in one corner in the bed lying next to who appeared to be Sasha. Sasha was in her petticoat while Anvesha’s arm was inside her halter top blouse. They definitely had a crazy night.

Back at Sumati’s home: Sumati was in shock. She now had breasts! She must be going crazy, she thought. She must be hallucinating. Did someone drug her last night? She did not even dare to check below her waist for what might surprise her. She must be going crazy, she said to herself. But the real craziness was just about to begin.

Dear readers, thank you so much for staying with us this far. It took us long to reach here but the story’s plot is now set. The journey ahead is going to be fun and super crazy. So stay tuned!


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Indian Ladies Club: Part 4

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them soon.

Tonight all the “ladies” at ILC have gathered here to welcome a new member Anvesha. As part of the welcome ceremony, the club members are going to transform Anvesha into a beautiful princess. Anvesha’s transformation is about to begin now. But these ladies have no idea how this new girl is going to change their life soon.

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“Oh! I have so many crazy stories about going out dressed.”, Madhurima said to a group of women who had gathered around her. The ladies of the club were not chit-chatting among their own group of friends now while Anvesha was changing in the bathroom with the help of Isha. “But let me tell you about one evening when I took Sumati to the market to buy vegetables.”, Madhu continued. “No!!! mom. Please don’t tell that story.”, Sumati was laughing and pleading at the same time. “Sumati, you can’t order your mom like this”, said Madhu in a complaining tone and continued with her story, “You know, me being an ideal mom, I wanted Sumati not only to learn how to cook, but also learn how to bargain with vegetable vendors like a true woman.” Madhu’s facial expressions would make everyone laugh.

Madhu was telling her outing story when she went out with Sumati dressed as women to buy vegetables from the local market. Sumati was so embarrased that day with what Madhu did to her.

“So, one day we both dressed up in regular homely sarees like any other women do when they go to shop for vegetables. The market is only 1 km from my home. So we decided to walk to the market. And in that entire way to the market, Sumati was so scared, that she wouldn’t even utter a word. I didn’t understand what was there to be scared of. She looked beautiful, and after all, she is my daughter.”, Madhu said with pride, but Sumati was genuinely scared that day as she didn’t want to be recognized as a man in a saree.

“And when we reached the market, we started finding and sorting the vegetables we wanted to purchase. Finally, when we had all that we wanted, I told Sumati about the trick on how to bargain with the seller. You know it’s my duty as a mom to pass the trick to my daughter.”, Madhu showed sincerity. “Mom! Please! I am not going to stay here anymore”, Sumati wanted Madhu to stop telling the story. But everyone else asked Madhu to continue.

“So, I asked Sumati to either pull down her pallu on the front so that her cleavage is little more visible, or pull it a little up so that her blouse covered breasts can be seen from one side. You know men can’t say no to a woman whose breasts are a even a tiny bit visible.”, Madhu said as if it was such an innocent advice. The ladies listening to this were getting mad laughing. Sumati seemed to get enraged and said, “You know what she did publicly in the market? She literally pulled my pallu to open up my cleavage in front of the whole crowd!”

“So, what? I then asked her if she is not willing to do anything, she should at least show her bra strap! But she didn’t do that either! Haiii, my own daughter doesn’t listen to me. We could have easily saved 50 rupees that day!”, Madhu put her hand over her chest as if she was truly disappointed with Sumati. Sumati was smiling now. She hugged her mom and said, “My mom wants me to be indecent in public so that she can save Rs. 50!!! See how much she loves her daughter?”

“So, what happened next?”, someone asked. “Oh! I cannot be an irresponsible woman, you know? So, just before I was about to make the payment, I said to Sumati out loud,’Oh dear! my bra strap is digging hard into my skin today’. And I pulled my bra strap out in front of the seller. Long story short, we saved Rs. 25 that day. You know? During my prime youth days, I could have easily saved Rs. 50.  But Sumati looked so red and embarrassed that day.”, said Madhu laughing out loud. All the girls were laughing. And it was always like that when Madhu is around.

Anvesha came out wearing a satin robe, lush long hair, a light lipstick. She could already feel like a gentle princess, and she was about to pick her outfit that she would wear tonight.

The bathroom door opened. Isha came out first, and then she brought tonight’s princess Anvesha with her. Anvesha was now wearing the satin robe with the matching bra and panty set inside. Anvesha now had lush long hair, ready to be styled. Isha had applied a light layer of foundation and a light lipstick to her. The idea behind this was to make Anvesha already feel like a girl from inside when everyone else would do her transformation. Anvesha was looking down as she treaded light feather like steps as expected from a princess.

“Oh my Anvesha! Are you ready to pick your outfit for the night now?”, Isha asked her. Anvesha nodded like a shy bride. She was already getting into the feminine behavior.



There is something alluring about the red bridal saree that Indian girls can’t resist. In fact, many members had chosen this saree on their princess evening. Sumati had worn this on the occasion of ILC opening.

Anvesha first started looking at all the bright colored sarees. For Indian girls, sarees have a special place in their heart. They all have the fond memories of seeing their mom and women in the family dressed in the royal attire. And for young girls who don’t yet know how to wrap the 6 yards of heavenly pleasure around their body, they die for opportunities like this when other women would wrap them in it. There was one particular saree, a red bridal one, that always caught the attention of new members of the club. There is something charming about the red bridal saree that indian girls can’t resist. This one was bought by Sumati which she wore for the opening of Indian Ladies Club several years ago. Since then, many girls had chosen this saree on their evening as princess. Anvesha looked at this saree with so much love for it. She had never worn a saree, at least not the way it is meant to be, as she didn’t know how to wrap herself in the 6 yards of heavenly pleasure. She was afraid that she might not be able to walk properly in a saree. Having never worn saree properly with a petticoat, she didn’t know that walking in a saree does not have to be difficult at all.

Will you be able to pick which anarkali to wear from these two choices?

Anvesha moved past all the sarees and the satin evening gowns. She was already experiencing the sensation of satin around her body. The bra and panty she was wearing were made of satin, and were giving her so much pleasure. And the satin robe, she could feel the royal touch of it every second in every inch of her skin wherever it touched her. She thought she will try an anarkali instead. All the anarkalis, hanging in front of her eyes, were irresistible. For each anarkali was more beautiful than the other one. She started realizing that it is going to be a very difficult choice to make. She limited her choices to a pink glittering anarkali, and another one in orange with a beautiful red border. Both these were heavy and would come close to her ankles. The dupattas with the anarkali were even more beautiful. She imagined herself handling the delicate dupattas on her shoulders. Just imagining that would give her shivers. She imagined herself wearing those, and she realized she would look dazzling in each of those. Oh! What a difficult choice it is to pick one!, she wondered.

“A girl always knows her outfit”, Anvesha remembered what Anjali had said to her earlier. Where is my outfit? Anvesha wondered. And then, her eyes fell on the prettiest lehenga she had ever seen. Red in color, like a bridal one. It came with a lovely dupatta too. She instantly knew this was going to be her outfit for the night. A girl always knows her outfit. She smiled, and told Isha in a meek voice trying to imitate a girl, “I want this one.”

“Ok, girls! Let the transformation begin!”, Madhurima exclaimed. Soon, a group of ladies surrounded Anvesha. Two of these ladies held Anvesha’s hands and took her to the chair where she will seat while her transformation happens. Anvesha looked at the ladies around her, dressed meticulously in bright colors, glittering sarees and lehengas. She really felt like a princess. Her heart was full of joy and her happiness found no limits. She was now really smiling and experiencing what it means to be treated like a princess. The ladies at ILC weren’t lying. They knew how to give a special treatment. She felt like a delicate princess, and she felt safe in the hands of the beautiful ladies. Until a few minutes ago, they all were strangers to her and she was nervous. But the nervousness was gone. She walked delicately to her chair, and couldn’t stop smiling. She shyed when she saw women giggling and started looking down. Her hair came in front of her eyes which she delicately slid to the side with her hands. She never felt this feminine.

Anvesha’s magical transformation into princess had begun.

 Soon, Isha started the magical transformation using her makeup skills. Anvesha felt really relaxed. The feeling, that you get when someone else is doing your makeup, can be understood only be experiencing it. Anjali was incharge of styling Anvesha’s hair with the help of Trupti. Those two discussed the options for a while. They both looked at the lehenga, and thought about the best style that would go with it. Anvesha was not allowed to see herself. The ILC ladies wanted to give her a surprise after the complete transformation. A few girls from the club began applying nail polish on Anvesha’s fingernails and toenails. When you have wet nail polish on your nails and you can’t move until it dries, that’s when you really start understanding what it means to be a princess. Anvesha’s toenails were in a bad shape. So, the ladies decided to give her a pedicure before applying the nail polish. Soon it was suggested that they should wipe out the polish they just had applied on her nails, apply new fake transparent nails and then paint it. Anvesha tried to look at those nails but she couldn’t see it clearly as her make up was being done. She caught a glimpse of one nail. “God! Those nails are long. How will I do anything with such long nails?”, she wondered.

Sharmila aunty was standing in front of Anvesha along with Madhu, Sumati, and many other women. Sharmila suddenly began to laugh and said something in the ears of Madhu. Madhu then looked at Anvesha. Madhu placed her hand over her forehead as if thinking what should I do now. Other women began to laugh too looking at Anvesha. Anvesha was getting really embarrassed now. Then, Madhu took the courage and said, “Somebody please cover her robe! Come on, we are decent women out here.” Sumati was laughing out really loud and said, “And this advice is coming from a woman who wanted me to expose my breasts in a public market.” Apparently, Anvesha was not the only one who was excited. She had an erection, and her satin panties could no longer hold her excited partner inside. And it had come out of the robe as well. Cross-dressing, especially in the age group of 18-25 when the hormones are raging, is often accompanied with sexual excitement. It was not like Anvesha had an eye on one of the ladies around her. There was nothing that Anvesha could have done to prevent it. After all, satin has a sensuous effect and she was wearing the sexiest lingerie inside. Satin was kissing her body. And from what she could see, she had sexy long nails of a girl. But she was red-faced. The ladies soon got over what happened, and focused on what they were doing. But Anvesha was not. Thankfully, the embarrassment made the excitement to go down.

The final transformation

The makeup, hair and nails were all done. Now, it was time for the final transformation. Anvesha was picked up from the chair. Isha was all set to remove Anvesha’s robe. But Madhu interrupted, “Isha, make sure that her excitement is contained before you undress her. We don’t wanna see that thing again”. Everyone giggled like true ladies. Their bangles made the tinkling sound as they tried to stop giggling. What a pleasure it is to be with ladies, and be one of them! Anvesha smiled too. Isha now removed her robe. Anvesha was standing only wearing a satin bra and panty in front of everyone. No wonder she felt really shy. She covered her face with her hands.

Anvesha could now feel the heavy weight of lehenga below her waist. She felt delicate like a woman.

Trupti came close to Anvesha. She peeped inside Anvesha’s bra and inserted soft warm breastforms in the bra cups. Anvesha still had her eyes closed. She could feel the weight of breastforms on her chest, and her bra trying to hold it in place. “Princess Anvesha, don’t try to touch them yet!”, Trupti said and giggled. The feminine feeling one gets wearing the heavy breastforms is always tempting. And for someone, who is wearing it for the first time, the femininity it invokes in them sees no bounds. Anvesha still had her face covered with her palms. She quickly wanted to wear something because she wasn’t sure when her excitement would show up again down there. Anjali and Trupti brought lehenga and slipped it over Anvesha’s legs. Finally, her lower body was covered. She could now experience the heavy weight of lehenga. Trupti quickly tightened the lehenga around Anvesha’s waist while Anjali delicately was correcting the folds in the heavy beautiful lehenga. Anjali really had good feminine sense. Anvesha could now feel the weight of whole lehenga around her waist. She didn’t realize it was going to feel this heavy. But that’s the beauty of a lehenga especially for crossdressers, the heavier it is and the more you seem to struggle with the lehenga’s weight, the more delicate and womanly you feel. And that’s what we want. To feel like a delicate flower. Each step one takes while pulling the hundreds of pleats and folds of the glittering beauty, it takes us one step closer to feel like a perfect woman. It slows one down, and gives you a chance to truly experience each moment of the womanhood.

Trupti tightly tied the knot on the back of Anvesha’s choli. The tightness around her chest made her feel as if the breastforms became part of her body. She desperately wanted to touch her soft breasts. Anjali and other ladies began to put jewelry on her.

Trupti then helped Anvesha wear her choli. Trupti tied the knots on the back of the choli really tight. The tightness of the choli made her breastforms become part of her own body. She really wanted to touch and feel the softness of her breastforms with her hands. At least, she was able to feel it on her chest. Now, she was almost the woman she always wanted to be. Full-bossomed, with soft breasts, long hair and beautiful nails. Her eyes and her expressions were getting more womanly with each step in her transformation. If this not magic, she could not imagine what else can be.

Anjali and other ladies picked out jewelry from a large collection that would match the lehenga choli. “How does it feel, Anvesha? Aren’t you excited to see yourself in the mirror? It will only take a few more minutes.”, said Anjali while putting on a very beautiful necklace around Anvesha’s neck. Anvesha blushed and didn’t say anything. “Look, how this princess is blushing!”, Madhu said. She was really admiring her. Isha and other women slid dozens of bangles in her hand. Some bangles seemed too tight to go through her hands. “Ouch!”, said Anvesha in a meek voice. Isha tried to tease Anvesha and said, “Look ladies! She has already become gentle like a princess. Will you be able to carry these many bangles Anvesha?”

The ladies then put on big hanging earrings on Anvesha’s ears. “Anvesha, these earrings are going to hurt you after sometime. I am sure you knew that being a woman was not going to be so easy.”, Anjali warned her. Anvesha nodded. The sweet pain is going to be so worth it. She thought to herself. As fun being dressed by other woman is, the ladies who adorn the lucky princess enjoy the whole transformation as much. There is a little girl in all the ladies at the Indian Ladies Club who always wanted to play with dolls and dress it when they were child but could not do so. This transformation gives them a chance to play the dressing doll game as an adult. And there is no doubt, they enjoy every aspect of each.

Draping dupatta in a correct way is the most critical thing while wearing a lehenga choli. Only an expert like Sharmila can do that correctly.

Wearing lehenga and choli is not that difficult. The real skill is needed in draping the really long dupatta. You might have the best looking lehenga, but if you don’t wear dupatta correctly, you may still end up looking rookie in the prettiest lehenga. This is where Sharmila aunty moved in. She draped the dupatta and arranged pleats on Anvesha’s right shoulder very carefully with love. Sharmila exhibited real motherly love whenever she would help someone dress. Sharmila delicately arranged pleats over Anvesha’s 36C breasts, and wrapped the other end of her dupatta around her body and pinned it in the front. Step by step, from lehenga and breastforms to bangles, earrings and dupatta, Anvesha could feel the increasing weight on her body, and she loved it. She already had started experiencing the sweet pain of becoming a woman.

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Anjali sat down to put anklets on her foot like a caring elder sister who is dressing her younger sister as a bride.

Anjali then pulled out anklets from her big purse, and said, “Ok, pretty girl! Smile and get ready for the final piece of jewelry. Bring forward your foot.” Anjali sat down to put anklets on her foot like a caring elder sister who is dressing her younger sister as a bride. Anjali looked up into Anvesha’s eyes and smiled. Anvesha could not believe that she thought Anjali was trying to flirt with her earlier in the evening. She was beginning to understand the ladies at ILC. Madhu now came upto Anvesha and gave her a motherly hug. She performed the ritual to prevent any bad things from happening to her. Madhu then brought silver sandals with her and put it down in front of Anvesha’s feet. “Anvesha, now it’s your turn to take your first step as a woman. Come! Put on those sandals.”

Anvesha took her first step as a woman to put on her sandles. She was looking royal in that outfit. She was trembling with excitement.

Anjali held Anvesha’s arms as she took the first step. She was trembling with excitement. The sandals had an inch of heel so Anjali was there to help her from tripping. Isha pulled up her lehenga to help Anvesha see her foot slide into the sandals. The round ghera around the lehenga can be really big for a girl to be able to see their own feet. Anvesha took the step. The anklets jingled. The bangles tinkled. The several layers of clothes inside her lehenga rustled. Her earrings dangled. And necklace glittered. And Anvesha blossomed. Each sound made by her clothes and her jewelry produced the sweetest melody she had ever heard. As she took the next step, and put on both the sandles. She looked up. And she sees the most beautiful girl in front of her eyes. She had imagined how beautiful this girl would be, but what she saw was beyond her imagination. The ladies at ILC had quietly brought a large mirror in front of Anvesha for her to see herself as soon as she looks up after wearing her sandals. The ladies at ILC knew how to give a special treatment. Looking herself in the mirror as the most beautiful woman in the world, her eyes got filled with tears of joy. She had now began her journey as a woman. Everyone at ILC clapped to welcome this new woman. While all this was happening, there was one lady, who was watching all the events quietly, standing alone in a corner of the room. She was the one who made all this possible for Anvesha, and many more girls who are now the members of the Indian Ladies Club. There was something going inside her mind. She just didn’t know how to express it.


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Indian Ladies Club: Part 3

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where man from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them soon.

Tonight is like a festive wedding night at ILC where every woman is dressing up to be prettiest. They all are here to welcome a new member to the club. While all these beautiful ladies are happily getting ready, there is one man who is nervous with all that is going on around him. These ladies had no idea how this man was going to change their life soon.

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Madhurima was chitchatting with a girl. Everyone loved to chat with their lovely “Madhu Aunty”.

The Indian Ladies Club party was in full swing. Madhurima was chatting with one of the girls in the corner. All the ladies in the club loved to hang out with their lovely fun-loving “Madhu aunty“. She always said that she doesn’t like being called aunty but people kept calling her that out of love. There were some women in the club who were secretly jealous of her. It was because Madhurima seemed to have it all. She naturally had breasts and didn’t need any breastforms. Her ass was big enough to give her a feminine look. She looked really amazing when she would tightly wrap a saree around her round body. In reality, she was a bit overweight and had a medical condition, but in a crossdresser’s world, it worked in her favor. To top all this, she had an amazing supportive wife, named Ajanta, who not only accepted Madhu, but also her crossdressing friends. Her wife would meet with Madhu’s friends with all respect and affection. She was not bothered at all when Madhu would just decide to dress up and go out. At least, it seemed like that to other people. Madhu had a very feminine appearance of a busty woman, naturally feminine mannerisms, and except for her, she was truly passable as a woman. No one in the Indian Ladies Club had ever seen Madhu as a man, unlike others who would come in their male form and change later to be a woman. There was only one exception to this.

A few years ago, Sumati needed a place to stay temporarily. Madhu had welcomed her like a mom would welcome her daughter.

A few years ago, Sumati needed a temporary place to stay before she moved to this place which became Indian Ladies Club. By that time, Madhu had started considering Sumati as her daughter. When Sumati arrived in the evening, Madhu welcomed her like a mom would do. For the next two days, Sumati enjoyed her stay there as a girl. But Madhu stayed in her male form. Madhu and her wife, Ajanta, treated Sumati like their daughter, and Sumati enjoyed that experience with ‘Madhusudan uncle’ and ‘Ajanta aunty’. She helped and learnt quite a few things to cook with Ajanta in a short span of time. Ajanta would tell Sumati that if it was at all possible, she would have had Sumati as her daughter-in-law. Madhu and Ajanta didn’t have a son, but a married daughter. Their daughter grew up seeing her father wearing sarees at home once a month. In fact, she accepted that she has a father and two moms since her childhood. Even today, when she visits her parents, she ensures that she has a day alone with them. That day, one mother Ajanta spends time cooking for her daughter, and the other mother, Madhu, takes her to shopping. Madhu “seems” to have it all good in her life. Except for the medical condition which makes her fall sick very often. Due to the frequent sickness and medicines, she had gained a lot of weight. Yet, she brings joy in everyone’s life with her smile everytime.

Those pretty bangles would make a lovely tinkling sound. But they love to get entangled easily in things such as your friend’s pretty saree.

The ladies of Indian Ladies Club were now all ready and dressed up, beaming with smile, glittering in their jewelry, and struggling in their high heels. While everyone their loved to be a woman, not everyone had yet learnt all the required skills to dress and walk like a woman. Some would go overboard and wear 4 inch heels when they couldn’t even walk in an inch high sandals. A few of them keep struggling with their long dupatta or saree pallu which would not stay in place even after putting in all the pins in the world. Many ladies really loved the open long hair but it would keep bothering them by falling over their eyes and limiting their vision. Tinkling bangles and dangling earrings would entangle in anything it could find. But that was the great part of being at ILC, you have the company of your peers who have gone through the same things and would help you grow to be a lovely woman of your dreams. The struggle growing up is so much fun and so worth it. Every crossdresser know that very well.

Madhurima was now ready to make the announcement. She was lovely as usual.

Madhurima was now ready to start the main event of tonight’s party. She wrapped her pallu around her waist and tucked it in the front. She really likes it that way. She started walking towards the stairs in the room. She climbed a few stairs so that she could see everyone in the room. Her hips swayed at each step like a perfect woman. Probably, she exaggerates her hip movement a little for that effect. The tightly wrapped saree around her big round bottom caught eyes of many of the ladies in the club. She turned around. She clapped her hands to get everyone’s attention and said, “Ladies! The time has come for the special event we all are gathered here for.” Everyone was now looking at her. “And I am not talking about the dinner. I know you ladies very well. Now that you all are dolled up, you just want to eat now.” Everyone started laughing. “Ladies, let me introduce you to the newest member of this club. Let’s give a very big hand to Anvesha”, Madhu announced excitedly. The sound of claps and tinkling bangles filled the air, and everyone was looking at the young handsome man in the corner. With so much attention on him, it was no wonder he was shying. But without saying anything, he waived his hands at the crowd. Being the only man in the room, he was not sure what these group of women were capable of doing to him. But the continuous claps encouraged him, and Madhurima pulled him up to the stage.

Madhurima teased the young man with her flirty style.

“Oho! Look how shy he is”, Madhurima said, “And sooooooo handsome! How will I keep my hands away from him?” Madhurima teased the young man. She ran her hands through his hair and wrapped one of her arms around his waist and pulled him closer.

“Ladies, it’s our duty that he should never forget this night. Ever! He should remember the magic of us girls.”, there was nothing that would stop Madhurima from being her usual funny self. While everyone else knew, the young man was getting more nervous.

Looking at him, Madhu got a little serious and said, “Anvesha, it’s my promise that tonight will be an unforgettable one for you. Because the best of all women are here tonight to turn you from a handsome man to the prettiest girl you couldn’t even have imagined. We all have gathered here to welcome you, and we will give you a very special treatment today.”

Anvesha received this breath-taking bra and panty set as a welcome gift from the ladies of Indian Ladies Club. Imagine how Anvesha must have felt!

Madhu then looked at Sumati, and said to her loud, “Sumati! Come on here. Bring Anvesha’s gift!” Sumati, the busy bee, the organizer of the ILC, came with a bag in her hand which she gave to Madhurima. “Thank you, Sumati!”, Madhurima said to her and then she turned to Anvesha, the young man. “Anvesha, this is a small gift that we ladies have purchased for you as a token of love from us ladies.”, she said to Anvesha.

Anvesha looked at the bag and finally managed to say, “Thank you everyone. I am a little nervous today. But more than that, I am truly emotional. I can’t believe I will become a girl tonight. And that too with the help of you all beautiful women.”, his voice cracked.

“Oh, dear! Don’t get emotional yet. Open and look at your gift! That should cheer you up.”, Madhu raised the chin of emotional Anvesha. Anvesha looked at the bag. The bag had the prettiest silk bra and panty set he had ever seen. He was not only getting overwhelmed but the thought of wearing these pretty things made him feeling grateful to everyone. The bag also had a satin robe from Victoria’s secret.

“Alright, ladies! Before Anvesha gets too emotional, let’s get him to the princess room. Isha are you ready?”, Madhurima asked Isha who was guarding a locked room. Isha shook her head in yes.

“What’s the princess room?”, asked Anvesha. Madhurima smiled at her and said, “You will see it in a minute sweetheart”. She pulled Anvesha’s cheeks with her hands.

Madhu walked Anvesha with her. And all the women followed them. Isha opened the door to what can only be described as a heaven for an Indian crossdresser. Anvesha’s eyes glittered and his jaw dropped. The room was decorated and filled with the most beautiful sarees, fanciest blouses, mystic long anarkalis, shining punjabi suits, sexiest evening satin gowns, breath-taking lehenga cholis, glittering jewelry  and numerous variety of shoes.

Princess room was decorated with the most beautiful sarees, fanciest blouses, sexiest evening gowns, glittering jewelry and numerous variety of shoes. Selecting one outfit from this collection would be a challenging task for any girl.

This was all arranged delicately by Sumati and Anjali. Sumati, had been running around all night, because she was collecting all these clothes from the members who were of the same size as Anvesha. They all had brought their best clothes from which Anvesha will pick one to wear tonight. While Sumati managed to collect all these secretively, Anjali used her feminine sense of decoration to lay it all in the prettiest way possible. This was not just a surprise for Anvesha but for everyone else as well. Everyone loved to have a look at the princess room decoration. All these special ladies develop extra admiration for such beautiful things as soon as they shed their male garb.

Anjali came up to Anvesha who is still in male clothes, and said, “I told you, there is nothing to be scared of.”

Anjali then came forward and said to Anvesha, “I told you handsome. Tonight is your night. There is nothing to be scared of!” Anvesha blushed and bowed his head down. “Now, remember you will pick one from all these beautiful outfits. Imagine yourself, in which outfit, you will look the best?”, Anjali continued.

“Just one outfit from all the prettiest options!”, wondered Anvesha how difficult a task it would be. How can he reject the long sexy red satin evening gown and not feel like a celebrity on a red carpet? How can he turn his eyes away from the glittering pink saree which will make him feel like the prettiest newly married wife ever? How will he say no to that slim-fitting long anarkali with so large a ghera that would make all the college girls seem inferior to him? Selecting one outfit was going to be a difficult job!

Looking at Anvesha perplexed,  Anjali said, “Relax, Anvesha! You will instantly know your outfit when you see it. Trust me, a girl always knows it. But before you do that, it’s time to do some initial preparation for you. Isha will take you to that bathroom where you will change into the bra and panty set you just got. You will come out wearing the satin robe that is in the bag. That’s how the bridal make up begins, handsome!” Anjali smiled at him and touched him at his shoulder. When Anjali had met Anvesha earlier during the evening, Anvesha thought that Anjali was flirting with him. But this time, Anvesha knew it better. Anvesha knew that this is how the ladies at ILC tease. He walked into the bathroom with Isha to wear the sexiest lingerie ever known to him. He walked to become a woman. He walked to realize his dream.

The bathroom door was now shut close by Isha. In the meanwhile, the ladies at the club began going through the decorated princess room where they all had become a princess once. They all fondly remember their night. And so will Anvesha. But little did the members of the club know, this was going to be the last festive meeting of Indian Ladies Club. Because one person was going to change their destiny forever tonight.


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Indian Ladies Club: Part 2

Getting Ready Bride Indian Wedding
It was a festive time at Indian Ladies Club. Everyone had shed their male clothes, and were busy helping each other out getting ready in their pretty clothes. No one was perfect. But they didn’t have to be! Today, they all were ladies, and were here for a good time.

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It was a festive time at Sumati’s house. Men from all walks of the life, of different shapes and heights, from various professions, had come at her house to become the women of their dreams, and to celebrate this special day. They all had started transforming into their beautiful feminine self. The whole atmosphere was like that of a wedding home where everyone was getting ready for the big ceremony. Some had already wrapped their pretty sarees; some were looking for help to get their dress zipped up in the back as their hands could not reach there; some ladies were still figuring out what to wear; some had already exchanged their clothes with others so that they could try something new; some wanted to try a new hairstyle today and were trying to find if someone would exchange wigs with them; some ladies were applying makeup while some were helping other apply makeup; some needed help with applying eye liner; some were helping others by making the saree pleats; some ladies realized that there blouse has become too tight; one girl was going round and round in a new lehenga that she purchased for herself.

Sumati was the busiest person tonight. She was running around the house, taking care of the needs of her guests, and answering all their questions.

It wasn’t like all those ladies were shapely and classically beautiful or feminine like real women. But that was the point of Indian Ladies Club. No matter what, today all were ladies. It didn’t matter how feminine they looked, how fat they had become, or how hairy they were. They were becoming beautiful in their own eyes. And everyone knew that the best way to enjoy ILC was to treat each other as a woman and with high respect. Everyone had their own unique skill which they brought to this club. No, they were not perfect, but no one was there to judge. With so much going around, Sumati was running from one corner of the house to the other, taking care of the needs of all the guests. She was glad that she wore something that didn’t slow her down. Anyone who had any problem or question, they would come to Sumati who was really the person who made everything possible at ILC.

There was so much chit chat and laughter in the air, just like the ladies are expected to do. They all had shed their masculinity with their clothes. But after becoming women, they also gathered the tendency to bitch around.  Yes, women do get jealous and bitchy, and these ladies were no exception. That’s why the senior members used their experience to ensure that there is more affection between members than jealousy. They promoted cooperation and members were expected to follow some rules. And there was one specific rule that was strictly enforced: No one at ILC is allowed to remain in their male mode.

An angel came up to the lonely nervous man in the room. Who was she?

There was one person who didn’t follow this rule. This person looked really out of place, and somewhat scared with what was going on around him. Everyone else were so immersed in their preparation that no one noticed him. It was evident that he had never met a majority of the ladies club members. He was just observing what was happening around but seemed scared of the strangers. He tried to smile a bit but his heart was throbbing fast, and could not smile for long.

And that’s when an angel came who grabbed both his hands. “How are you doing, handsome?”, said the angel. “Oh, Hi. Hello!”, said the man in a shaking voice. “You look nervous! Why so? You have so many pretty women around you. Don’t tell me that beautiful women scare you! Come on, what is there to be nervous about?”, said the angel in a cheerful voice. “Oh, I am so sorry but I don’t know anyone and I haven’t done this before.”, said the man. The angel laughed.

“Relax! handsome. They all have come here for you. Trust me. You will be fine.”, she said. “Thank you, madam!”, he replied. “By the way, my name is Anjali.”, said the woman.  “Come here. Come on, come close to me. Let me give you a hug.”, said Anjali. But the man hesitated. “Come on. Don’t be shy! I am not the kind of woman who goes around giving hugs to strange handsome man.”, Anjali teased him. He reluctantly caved in. She comforted him with his hug. His heart beats rushed. He didn’t know what else to do but to continue to do what Anjali said. She pulled back after sometime and looked straight into his eyes. She lifted his chin with her hands and whispered close to his ears, “You see now! There is nothing to be scared of. Feeling better?”. Strangely, there was something comforting about Anjali and her soothing voice. The hug really calmed him down. He smiled back at her.

“Let me tell you about some of the members here. Do you see that woman in a green saree  over there? The one who is continuously running around, with everyone else chasing her.”,  Anjali said. “Yes, I do.”, the main said. He was finally feeling relaxed and less nervous. “She is Sumati. She lives here and organizes ILC meetings. If it wasn’t for her efforts, you wouldn’t be in this party. Don’t forget to thank her later.” The man yes mam’d Anjali.

Sharmila aunty was the in-house expert in draping sarees and lehengas in 18 different styles. Almost everyone comes to her for help with new styles. Tonight was a busy night for her.

“Now, look at that aunty in a black and white saree. She is Sharmila aunty. She is our in-house expert who knows how to drape saree in 18 different styles! On a day like this, she is usually busy styling sarees or lehenga cholis for others.”, Anjali continued. “That’s really impressive. I must have seen her help at least 10 women.”, the man finally said more than a few words for the first time.

Not everyone in ILC needed help dressing up. Some were content with whatever they could manage.

Anjali then said, “Look not everyone here dresses up like a queen. But we all make efforts to improve ourselves. And all of us are certainly trying to look our best tonight, in your honour.” The man nodded. He got a little nervous again. Anjali looked at the time in her phone, and then said, “In about 10 minutes. It will be your turn. We all together will dress you up like a queen. Your dreams are going to be true tonight, handsome. You will get to see yourself as a really beautiful girl. Enjoy your night!” She winked at him, and shoved her shoulder at his. Her breastforms must have accidentally brushed up against his arms. That brush sent shivers in his spine, and he started blushing. “I will see you later.”, Anjali said and went to talk to Sumati.

The man remained standing there. He was a little perplexed. “Was she trying to flirt with me?”, wondered the young man. He didn’t know that the ladies lovingly tease each other like this. And it is so much fun.

He began looking at all the women around him. He was 22. And his dream of seeing himself as a beautiful woman was going to be true today. His entry into the Indian Ladies Club was the special occasion everyone was so excited about. It was the club’s policy to welcome a new member by giving them the best makeover possible. The new comer was not required to do anything. Everything would be taken care by the club members. The young man was thrilled and really excited thinking about this. This opportunity was especially exciting for young men like him who lacked the right clothes, the make up skills, and the much needed privacy to transform themselves in their best self. Tonight, that was going to change. Welcome to Indian Ladies Club!

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