Indian Ladies Club: Part 12

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Next morning, when these ladies woke up, they all had become women overnight. The world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. Sumati was going to meet Anjali, her best friend, first time after their transformation.

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Anjali’s ordeal

Sumati woke up early in the morning. She had to get ready to meet Anjali at 8 in the morning. Since that night when Sumati became a woman overnight, Anjali was the only person she could talk to, who herself was going through a similar experience. But Sumati could not understand why Anjali had asked her to wear conservative clothes. If it was some other time, Sumati would have happily worn a saree. But after her bad experience in the office with men yesterday, she was reluctant to wear one.

Sumati checked her wardrobe but all her traditional salwar suits were revealing with a deep back and a cut around the cleavage. She had no other choice, but to pick a saree. She looks elegant in a saree, and she knew that. She picked a dual colored crepe saree. It was a baby pink and white in color. She was getting late. So, she quickly draped herself in a nivi style. She wore a medium sleeve blouse with it. She looked herself in the mirror. She pulled her pallu to cover her head. “Hmm… looks traditional.”, she smiled. More than anything, she was really excited to meet Anjali. After all, Anjali was the only one in this world who could understand what she was going through. She checked her phone to find Anjali’s address. Her home location had changed. This seemed unusual because Sumati was still at the same home, even after her transformation into a woman. She prayed to god that everything was well with Anjali.

Sumati took an auto and arrived at Anjali’s home right on time. The world seemed like a better place in the morning. She got down and paid the auto driver. She picked up her saree pleats with one hand, and started walking towards Anjali’s house. From the outside, it seemed like any normal house with children. She could feel the early morning hustle-bustle going on there. The house appeared very old, as if this house had seen the glorious days in the past, but was in a desperate need for repair.

Sapna’s caring mother came running behind her with a lunch box. Anjali was now a loving mother.

“Sapna, did you pack all your homework copies?” Sumati heard a voice of a caring mother running behind her daughter. “Yes, mommie. I packed everything.”, said the young cute daughter Sapna who came out of the house carrying a heavy bag on her small shoulders. “Don’t forget your lunch”, the mother said. She came running behind the daughter. She quickly gave the lunch box to Sapna. Mother was none other than Anjali. Anjali was now a mother of a 6 year old daughter! From her looks, she looked like a middle aged housewife. With her disheveled hair, it was apparent that she had a busy morning taking care of her family. Sumati watched this with a smile on her face. Somehow, all the crossdressers dream of becoming a housewife. And Anjali was living that dream now. But it surely was not an easy life.

“Hello, Sumati aunty”, Sapna noticed Sumati standing at the gate. She looked really cute in her school uniform. Those words coming out of a young girl’s mouth fell like sugar in her ears. Sumati bent down and hugged Sapna. “How is my little angel?”, Sumati said as she took out a chocolate from her purse. “Thank you, aunty.”, said Sapna.

“Sapna, it’s time to leave. You are going to miss your school bus.”, said the concerned mom. At the same time, Anjali was happy to see Sapna unite with her Sumati aunty. She smiled looking at them. Sumati used to visit Anjali’s home in the past. Of course, as a man. She knew that Anjali had a daughter, and she would always bring a chocolate for her. But in that past, Anjali was the father and not the mother, Sumati was seeing now. And Sumati used to be an uncle. But the world had changed, for good or bad. Sapna found her other girl friends outside her house, and she walked with them towards their bus stop for the school. They together bid a good bye to the cute little girl.

The happiness was clearly visible on Anjali’s face. She was really happy to see Sumati. And why not? she was her best friend. She hugged Sumati and said, “Wow, you look more beautiful than ever! I am so happy to see you Sumati.” In their short time living as women, they both had learnt how two women hug each other, barely touching each others’ breasts and putting hands on each other’s back. It can feel strange in the beginning when someone’s hand rests on your exposed back in the saree blouse. But these two friends were used to the idea since their crossdressing days at ILC.

“You have no idea how happy I feel seeing you Anjali”, Sumati said as she pulled back from the hug, but still holding her friend’s arms. They both looked at each other intently.

Bahu, we are ready to leave for the temple. We will be back in the afternoon for lunch.”, came a voice of an older woman from inside the house. “That must be my mother-in-law. They are going to a temple to listen to a pravachan (sermon) today”, said Anjali.

An elderly couple came out. They were Anjali’s in-laws. Sumati had never met them before. Because in their earlier life, Anjali was a man who lived with her parents. But things had changed now. Anjali was a woman now living with her in-laws. Sumati quickly put on her saree pallu over her head as a gesture of respect towards elders and bent forward to touch the couple’s feet. “Jug jug jiyo beti (Live a long life daughter)”, said the father-in-law to Sumati. “We hope your wedding preparations are going well.”, the father-in-law said. “Yes, uncle. Everything is going great. I will be going home in two days for the wedding preparations.”, said Sumati like an ideal girl still covering her head. “We will be there for your wedding beti. But now, we must hurry for the temple. We are already getting late.”, said the smiling father-in-law. The couple left walking slowly.

Sumati found it strange that Anjali’s mother-in-law didn’t say much to her. But she was too excited to worry about it. “Come and show me your house, Mrs. Anjali!”, teased Sumati. “Oh sure. By the way, you realized that my mother-in-law doesn’t like you much. Didn’t you?”, said Anjali. Sumati threw her pallu away now that the elders were gone. She was excited and carefree now. “OK. But why?”, asked Sumati.

“Well, in our new life and our new past as a woman, you have been here before. And you came wearing jeans and top the last time. And my mother-in-law being a very conservative woman, didn’t like it. She feels that you will have a bad impression on Sapna.”, said Anjali. “Oh! That explains why you asked me to wear something conservatively. But who cares about her. I want to know everything spicy about your new life.”, Sumati was full of energy.

Sumati got into the house and jumped on a sofa. She was strangely happy about the whole situation. In the past, these two friends secretly dressed as a woman within the four walls of Sumati’s house. They used to tease each other and often role played as devrani-jethani (sister-in-laws). But now, they were out in the real life as a woman. There was not much to hide anymore.

“OK, OK! Soon to be Mrs. Sumati. I will tell you everything. But I have to take care of the house as well. I should do it before my in-laws come back home. So, you will have to watch me do some household work while I tell you everything. You can help me if you want.”, said Anjali. She was beaming with happiness.

“No way! I am not going to help you with any of these chores. I am a working woman, you know! I do enough work as it is. “, Sumati said jokingly. But she was going to help Anjali anyway, and Anjali knew it.

“Let’s begin with the bedroom first.”, said Anjali.

“Wow bedroom stories right in the beginning. I am all ears to hear about your hot steamy nights!”, Sumati laughed.

Anjali stared at Sumati and gave a stern loving look. She said, “No, stupid! I meant that let’s clean up bedrooms first! You naughty girl!”

Anjali’s house was really old. It seemed full of really old furniture. One could easily say that the financial condition of this family was not too good. And it was very clear that Anjali was the only person taking care of this house. But despite all that, Anjali looked like a very loving housewife. Sumati had seen her briefly interact with her daughter and in-laws. She knew that Anjali was now the ideal daughter-in-law. She had a pleasant smile on her face. She was wearing an old saree of satin material. May be, Anjali preferred to wear something like that while doing house work. Sumati could not tell. She was used to seeing her in fancy sarees.

Anjali took out a broom. She slid her hands through her pallu to pulled it up over her shoulder. And then tucked the pallu’s loose end in her waist. With a pulled up pallu, her soft breasts covered in her satin blouse got exposed. But at least this way, her saree was not going to obstruct her in any of her cleaning tasks. Though Anjali was in her homely look without any makeup or fancy jewelry, she looked really desirable. She was the kind of woman who are naturally beautiful. Anjali began to sweep up the room with a broom. Sumati felt a little sad inside looking at Anjali like this. It was because as a man, Anjali was financially well-to-do. That wasn’t the case anymore. She didn’t want to bring out the difficult topic of financial well-being with her friend at the first meeting. She watched Anjali doing the clean up. “Mrs. Anjali, now tell me how does it feel to be a mom? I saw that Sapna really loves you.”, Sumati asked a question which she knew would make Anjali happy. All mothers love to talk about their kids. And Anjali was a recent mom.

Anjali took out a broom and began sweeping the bedroom. The way she tucked her saree, and held her saree pleats gave her an appearance of a real middle-aged housewife. 

“Oh dear Sumati. You have no idea how wonderful it is to be a mother! The experience of being a mother is so much more rewarding than I ever imagined as a crossdressing man. You know that Sapna had always been a very cute girl. I never had bonded this well with her as her father. But now that I am a woman and her mother, we are so well connected! I really love to do everything for her. Preparing her lunch, braiding her hair, getting her ready for the school, playing with her, and what not. Just like me, she even loves to wear sarees. She always asks me to wrap her in my sarees. But she is too small for those. You have no idea how much time we spend together talking. She really loves her mother. She says that she wants to be like me when she would grow older. You know, the most beautiful part? My love for her has now become unlimited. The mother daughter bond is so sacred and fulfilling, you know?”, said a beaming proud mother Anjali as she continued to broom the room.

Sumati helped Anjali clean up toys spread on the floor. She began wondering if she wants to be a mother too.

“Yes, I can see that in your eyes!”, said smiling Sumati. She picked up a few toys from the floor and put it in the toy box while Anjali cleaned up the area. Sumati looked at one of the Sapna’s doll intently and wondered if she would ever want to be a mother of Chaitanya’s kid. Of course, she would want to be a mother but that would mean she would have to mate with a man for that! But she was a lesbian who was about to get married to a man. Things were a little complicated for her. “So, have you talked to your husband-to-be about having kids?”, asked Anjali as she cleaned and prepared the bed in her room. Sumati, who was lost in her thought of becoming a mother, was suddenly broken out of her spell with Anjali’s question. “No, we haven’t talked about it yet.”, Sumati replied. It was not an easy question to answer for her.

“If I am guessing correctly, Chaitali is now a man you are marrying. Am I right?”, Anjali deduced. “Yes, Chaitali is now Chaitanya! He is a very sweet man. And his parents really love me. They were here day before yesterday to take me for bridal shopping. I had so much fun with them. I hope you are coming for my wedding. I have purchased really really fancy sarees and a lehenga. You should stand by my side when I am on the stage for my wedding. You know? I never imagined I would ever get to be a bride. I still can’t believe I am going to be a bride soon!”, said Sumati happily. But there was a pause after that.

“Still this all feels so strange Anjali. Living a life of a woman. I am not sure if I should be happy about this.”, Sumati continued with less excitement this time. “I understand what you are going through Sumati”, Anjali said with a caring tone.

“You tell me, how is the life of a housewife? We crossdressers used to dream of becoming a housewife at Indian Ladies Club. And you are now living that dream. Do you like it?”, Sumati was cheerful once again.

Anjali laughed.

“Oh your house is really cold.”, Sumati said as she sat on the bed. She carefully covered her legs with her saree. These two ladies were naturally good at maintaining sarees even when they were crossdressing men. Sumati was really feminine with her gestures and how she handled her saree perfectly. She pulled her pallu to the front with her left hand and put it on her lap to avoid sitting over it. Anjali always used to say that Sumati would be a perfect woman, if she could ever live as one. And today, she was being proved correct. Sumati wrapped herself in her soft saree to get some warmth. The soft crepe material of the saree soon made her warm.

“You haven’t answered my question Anjali”, Sumati said.

“What? About the dream of becoming a housewife? It’s not as glamorous you know? As a wife, I have to cook three meals a day, clean up the house whole day and every day for the rest of my life. And then, I have to take care of my daughter, my husband and my in-laws. And no one acknowledges how much efforts I put into taking care of everything around here, except for my lovely daughter. To be honest, being a housewife, is tough but I love to do it for all the precious moments I get to spend with Sapna. I love being a housewife but not for the reasons, we crossdressers used to believe. It’s certainly not glamorous, but is a rewarding experience.”, Anjali said. She was picking up things scattered around the house and putting it in its correct place. Certainly, Anjali had a very busy life but she looked content. Her life had changed dramatically from that of a working man with a well-paid job to the hard demanding life of a housewife now.

Anjali had truly adapted herself to become a housewife. She cleaned up the bed and fixed the bed sheets so that Sumati could sit on it. Sumati, who felt cold inside the house, sat on the bed and covered her feet with her saree. Both friends had become the perfect woman.

“You must be hungry, Sumati. I know you haven’t had anything to eat in the morning. Let me get breakfast for you. I have made poha for you. I hope you like it.”, Anjali said to Sumati. “Oh, you don’t have to bother about that Anjali. I am here to see you. Food can wait.”, said Sumati.

“Don’t be silly, Sumati. I can’t forget how many times you cooked food for the people at Indian Ladies Club. Anyway, poha is ready. I just need to serve it on a plate. And that way, we can sit and talk. I will take care of the rest of the clean up later. I have anyway made lunch for the family. So, I don’t have anything else to do but chat with my lovely friend.”

“Are you kidding me? You have lunch ready by 8:30 in the morning? And that too when you had to send your kid to school? How did you manage that?”, Sumati was really curious.

Anjali came back with a plate in her hand. “I wake up 4 in the morning.”, Anjali smiled. “I anyway have to make tiffin for Sapna and her father. He leaves early to his work.”

“May be I should get a week long training from you for how to be a good wife. It will prove to be useful very soon after my wedding.”, Sumati said.

Sumati was surprised how well Anjali had adapted herself to her new life. Anjali would not even had anytime to think about how things had changed since they become women. She would have been required to take care of her family the moment she woke up as a woman a few days back.  Sumati took poha in her hand, and began to eat. “Anjali, this is the most delicious poha I ever tasted!” Anjali smiled feeling satisfied that her guest liked the breakfast.

Anjali sat across Sumati on a bench. She covered her chest with her saree. She looked tired but content with her life.

Anjali sat across Sumati on a small bench. She was beaming in her saree. She looked like a perfect housewife, and her saree was a perfect companion for everything she did in her home. She sat relaxed with her back touching the rusty wall, raised her right knee to put her arm to rest on it while her left leg crossed below the raised leg. She covered her legs with her saree. She looked a little tired from all the work she had to do everyday, but she was happy. “Living a crossdresser’s dream. Huh?”, she must have thought.

“Anjali. If you don’t mind, can I ask you a question?”, Sumati asked. “Why not? It seems that something is bothering you since yesterday evening. And I think I have an idea what this is about. But go ahead, ask me”, Anjali had a fairly good idea of Sumati’s concern. Afterall, she was in the same boat as her.

“I guess bhabhi (sister-in-law) is now your husband. How is your relationship with him?”, Sumati asked.

“Hmm. So, I guessed it right. I know what’s bothering you.”, Anjali smiled. She paused for a minute. She took a breath as if she didn’t know how to say this. “Sumati, you are my only friend with whom I can share this. I had been waiting to talk to someone about this. And thank god, you are here”, Anjali said. She pulled up her saree to cover her chest. Her satin saree was too smooth and it kept slipping exposing her blouse frequently. She didn’t really mind that in front of a woman, that too Sumati. But it was somehow in her habit to pull it up as soon as her saree would slip.

“Do you remember how your bhabhi was before? … She came from a very conservative family in a small village. She was the most obedient bahu and she used consider me, her husband, as a god. She supported me in whatever I did. She never questioned me whenever I would wear a saree. You know? She came from a background where the culture taught her to support her husband no matter what. She considered this to be her duty as a good wife. And that’s why she never complained even when I, her husband, would occasionally become a woman at night. I never knew what she felt about my dressing habit, but she supported me irrespective of what she thought. And you know, she was not well-educated either.”, Anjali was telling her story.

Sumati who was now relaxed in an environment where she could share anything with her friend, reclined on the bed, listening intently what Anjali had to say. She was carefree here. The fact that her saree was getting disheveled did not bother her here. “Umm”, Sumati nodded her head in acknowledgement of what Anjali had just said. She knew that there was something important Anjali was about to tell.

“Your bhabhi who is now my husband, is the same person, just her gender has changed.”, Anjali continued.

Sumati reclined on the bed. She was now in a relaxing environment with her good friend Anjali where she could express herself. She had to push her boob inside when it slipped out of her bra.

“What do you mean by that?”, Sumati asked. Sumati’s one boob was coming out of her bra as she reclined on the bed. She had to push it inside with her hand in her bra. Then, she covered it with her saree out of her habit.

Anjali smiled looking at Sumati taking care of her breasts. Then, she got serious and said, “My husband has the same thinking as before. He believes that it is a wife’s duty to accept and support husband in all situations. He believes that it’s my duty to do everything in the house and take care of everyone. He is very different from the kind of husband I was. I used to help my wife whenever I could, but he doesn’t do that. Sadly, our financial condition doesn’t let me hire any domestic help. Between the two of us, I am more educated and qualified to do a job, and he isn’t well-educated. But he and his parents don’t want me to go out and work. They feel my place is at home, and my only job is to clean the house and feed the family members.”, Anjali had tear drops in her eyes but still not flowing.

“This house is barely running because of the pension that we get from my father-in-law, and a little money that my parents send here from time to time. This life is not easy, Sumati. I cannot even fulfill my only daughter’s simple desires.”, Anjali’s voice was shaking. “I work all day at home, and then, at night…”, Anjali stopped. Sumati got up from the bed, and sat next to Anjali. She held her in her arms and kept her head over her shoulder to console her. It was a touching moment, an emotional one, two friends were really bonding and talking about their life. It didn’t matter that they were women now. They were human beings and friends first. Sumati continued to pat Anjali on her back to make her feel better.

“… and at night, … and at night, I have to make myself available to my husband, even if I am tired. I don’t like that Sumati. I don’t! I don’t like the touch of a man. I hate it! But I have to do it anyway”, Anjali’s ordeal was out. She was facing the same problem as Sumati.

Sumati did not know what to say to Anjali. These two lady friends continued to hold each other and hug each other. After a few minutes, Sumati held Anjali’s head by her chin. She looked at her lovely tired friend. And then, she kissed her. Anjali didn’t stop, and she kissed Sumati back. The emotions and passions broke loose. Their soft lips continued to touch each other. Their soft warm bodies got closer to each other. Anjali’s soft satin saree rustled against Sumati’s soft crepe saree. Their breasts were pushing against each other. Sumati’s hands went over Anjali’s thighs and over her waist. That touch sent a shiver in Anjali’s body. They continued to kiss each other passionately. Sumati got more eager. She slipped her hand inside Anjali’s saree and over her saree blouse. She began to massage Anjali’s breasts. Anjali was losing her control and she began to kiss harder. Sumati pressed Anjali’s breasts against hers, and she slipped her hand inside Anjali’s blouse to massage her breasts. The soft touch of their feminine soft bodies were making it all hot. The kiss seemed to be out of this world. They had never experienced anything like that. This all might have happened in less than a minute. And that’s when, Anjali suddenly pulled back her lips. She stopped.

“I can’t do this, Sumati”, Anjali said.

“Why not? I can break my wedding and get out of that relationship. We two can start a new life together, Anjali. We can have Sapna with us too. I will make a living for all of us. We can give Sapna a very good life. Everything will be alright, Anjali. Come, let’s start a life together!”, Sumati pleaded. But she knew Anjali was not going to do this.

“No, Sumati. I like you, and it may seem alright now, but we can’t do this. This is not the right thing to do.”

“What is not right, Anjali? Can’t we live a beautiful life? Don’t we have the right to have a beautiful life?”, Sumati was saying these words but she knew what Anjali was thinking.

“Think about Chaitali, dear. No matter what, she supported you in your dressing. She was your best friend since childhood. She may have become Chaitanya today, but she is the same person you knew all along. Are you going to leave her for these hormone enraged moments? Think about Sapna! What if we don’t get a custody to have her with us? How would she live with her parents separated? I cannot leave my husband, who used to be my supportive wife a few days back. I can’t do this just because her appearance changed and she is a man now.”

Anjali was correct. Sumati realized that. But she couldn’t control her emotions. Becoming a woman has become really overwhelming for her. She started to feel as if the life of a crossdressing man, was much better than being a woman. Tears began to roll on her cheeks. Anjali picked her saree pallu as she wiped Sumati’s tears.

Sumati got up and fixed her saree.

“Don’t get me wrong, Sumati. I wish I could live my life with you. But it would be wrong of me to abandon my family. Most importantly, I have to think about my daughter. I want her to grow to be an independent strong woman. I need her to learn that a woman’s place is not just confined within the four walls of her home. Do you understand?”, Anjali said.

Anjali looked into Sumati’s eyes, and said, “I want my daughter to be a strong independent woman, just like her Sumati aunty.”  Sumati smiled.

These two friends hugged each other once more, comforted each other with a promise that they will be there for each other and provide them the strength whenever needed. They both held each others arms. Then, the two ladies got up, and fixed their sarees.

“Sumati, I called Madhurima aunty yesterday to tell her that we would be visiting her by 10 a.m. today. We should get ready to see her.”, Anjali said.

Sumati felt a little light hearted now. Expressing their emotions to each other had helped both these friends feel better. Anjali had shown Sumati that sometimes, one has to make some sacrifices. And she was right that Chaitali had been a supportive friend of Sumati since her childhood. She was the only one who knew about Sumati’s crossdressing during her childhood days, and she never told this to anyone. Sumati cannot abandon Chaitali now just because she has become Chaitanya.

“I am going to use your bathroom to fix my makeup. My tears must have ruined my mascara.”, Sumati said.

Anjali smiled at her friend. And she began to get ready to go out as well.


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A night to remember

Disclaimer: This story has been contributed by the lovely Pratibha Mehra. This is based on her real life experience, and we truly believe it’s worth reading until the end. But we must give you a warning: this story may be a little bit too hot for you to handle! So pause or stop to enjoy this story. Have fun reading!


No two humans are alike, and same is true for crossdressers. Every crossdresser has a unique taste and experiences which make them the woman they are today. And this story is about my one steamy experience.

I have been dressing up for about 5 years now. I am obsessed with sarees in general! And I am a huge fan of gujju/marwari bhabhis. I love how they drape their bodies in sarees with snug fitting blouses, and go about doing their tasks like dropping their kids to school or shopping for groceries. I don’t think they know the sexuality and sensuality their body oozes when they are going about doing these things. No wonder I love making out with such pretty women in colorful sarees. Like a bee, I love tasting juices offered by these beautiful flowers. I love to see it when they exhibit their sexuality and sensuality during love making as their bodies gyrate in freedom. But more importantly, with them, I get to learn what it means to be a woman, and that my dear friends, comes in real handy when I become a pretty woman in saree myself in a bed with another man! And this story is about one such steamy night when I became a marwari diva with a man.

Marwari and Gujju woman go about doing their daily tasks without realizing the sexuality and sensuality their body oozes when they are going about doing these things.

My Story

It all started when I found out about Planet Romeo. It’s a gay dating site, and has a lot of people there! So I uploaded a pic of mine and got a few hits here and there. One of them was Nitin Shah, he is an older gentleman of about 48-50 years of age. He stays in Borivali (Mumbai) which is a hub of gujarati traders! Also since his surname was Shah, I knew he was a gujju! Looking at his name, I had a tiny hope that he will fulfill my wish of becoming a gujju/marwari woman.

He pinged me one day saying he would like to meet up on the following weekend as his wife was out. We didn’t exchange pics as I trusted him for some reason, and he did too. So we decided to meet at 7.00 after work, I did tell him that I liked to dress up and asked him if that would be a deal breaker, as I have met plenty of gay/bi men who do not like crossdressers. He seemed pretty cool with that! He had never met a crossdresser before so even he was looking forward to experiment!

So the day arrived. I couldn’t wait till the day got over and then the clock struck 6.30. I made my way to Borivali station, we decided to meet near the foot over bridge. Also we had decided that if anyone of us found the other person not up to their expectations, we can opt out and leave. As I saw him, there he was. A bald guy with a bit of paunch and a heavy mustache, he was also wearing spectacles. He was wearing a half sleeve shirt and trouser. He definitely looked like a well-off gujju trader! I kind of liked what I saw. He laid his eyes on me and gave me a sly smile. A smile that said that meant that he liked what he saw.

At that time, I was in my jeans and t-shirt with a backpack. He came close and shook hands with me, and gave me a side hug. He held me by my waist and took a handful of my waist in his hands and said “sexy kamar hai tumhari (You have a sexy waist!)”. I felt super weird as this was the first time we were meeting, and he pinched and grabbed my waist. It happened very quickly so I couldn’t react. Also since I was still in my t shirt and jeans, it felt pretty weird. Then he said let’s take a Rickshaw to his place. I agreed and hailed a Rickshaw. He told the address and we both sat in it. We just had a bit of casual talk about work and family and stuff. We kept it minimum though, he also made sure that he put his arms around me and pushed his fingers through my hair at the back of my head. I could see he was trying to be the dominating guy between us which by all means was fine by me. I felt myself rubbing his thighs through his pants. Then I got scared, what if he kisses me in the rickshaw? I would be super embarrassed!! So then I took my hand back and folded them together. We reached his place in 15 minutes. He asked me to wait while he goes up and check out if his neighbors had their door closed and check for the maid too. I said OK and went to the nearest grocery shop, and bought a bag of lays chips while I waited for his call. He called me in about 10 minutes. And he told me to come to his apartment on the 6th floor. I was a bit apprehensive, and was thinking for a moment. He called again and said “kahaan ho bahu rani, tumhara intezaar kar raha hoon. Jaldi aao na apne sasurji ke pass.” (Where are you dear daughter-in-law, your father-in-law is eagerly waiting for you!). The moment I heard these lines, I melted and felt butterflies in my tummy. I didn’t reply and just started walking towards the building!

I took the lift and pressed the button to the 6th floor. When I reached, he opened the door still clad in his shirt and trousers. He said let’s take a bath first. I said cool as it was hot and humid. Also I wanted to smell nice and fresh for Nitin. He went in the shower first and called me in. I was super excited! I got out of my jeans and t-shirt, took of my underwear and joined him in the shower.

The moment I joined him in, he hugged me tightly! I loved being held by him too. He started rubbing my back with his big and coarse hands. I loved that feeling. Then he moved a bit lower and held me by my waist! I gasped, he then reached my button and started kneading them with his hands. I was enjoying all the attention when suddenly he put his hands on my shoulder. I knew what was to come but I didn’t know how to react then he pushed me on my knees very gently. I followed it too with a throbbing heart. When I was completely down I tried to look at his face but the water from the shower faucet was ruining my vision.

Then, right in front of me was a modest 5.5 – 6 inches of man meat. I started soaping it a bit and cleaned it thoroughly, thankfully(or not) he let me get up once the soap was washed off his manhood. Then we dried ourselves and then he asked “Kya pehnogi beti” (What will you wear dear daughter?). It felt awesome as well as a bit perverse when he called me beti! A bit about me here: I am 27yrs old, with a bit of facial hair. I do not look feminine and I don’t intend to either at least face wise. I’m not too much into make up either. I just love dressing up. I am 5.10 and 78 kgs and have some nice folds at my waist. And when I wear sarees, my nice fleshy back creates sexy folds when I wear those low cut blouses! You know what I mean, don’t you? Still you have no idea, how sexy I can look in those blouses!

Back to the story:) So when he asked me that, I felt a bit shy and told him that I would like to wear a saree! I knew that his absent wife being a gujju woman would have a wonderful collection of expensive sarees. And I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to dress up to my liking. He opened his wardrobe and there was one of the best collection of sarees that I have ever seen, right in front of me. For a moment, I was lost in the beautiful treasure that was in front of my eyes.  I felt elated because all those pretty sarees belonged to me tonight.

He asked me if I liked any of the sarees “Sasu maa” had. I blushed and nodded. There was also a huge framed picture of them both on the wall. His wife was a bit on the heavier side, fair and had beautiful eyes. I am glad for that as her blouses would fit me well.

I asked him if I could dress up in private and get ready for him. He obliged and locked the door behind him. For the next 2 minutes I just stood there in awe of the collection that was in front of me. I also checked the lower drawers and they had nighties, bras and panties. They were not fancy just the simple cotton ones but the fact they were worn by his wife made them hot and special! I could picture her getting ready and wearing all of these things one by one. I got a hard-on just thinking about it. I wondered how she might be in the bed. But no matter what, I knew that I would be a much better woman tonight! Because I know what men want!

Nitin’s wife had a wonderful collection of sarees. I myself wanted to wear a lehariya/bandhani saree that is typically worn by a gujju marwadi woman.

Then I picked up a lehariya / bandhani saree, that is typically worn by gujju marwadi women. Picked up a matching blouse that had a pretty deep back and had cups in it. The saree had a bit of embroidery on the pallu. The blouses also had latkans at the back to tie the dori (string). I picked up a white satin petticoat to wear beneath the saree! I draped the saree in the next 15 minutes. Getting the pleats right and the length of the pallu right was a bit of a task! But in the end I was happy and satisfied with the result. I had not used any pins to secure the pleats of the saree as I didn’t want any hindrance to be faced by him while he is stripping the saree off my body! I wore it a bit lower than my navel, and had my pallu bunched up at my shoulder!

As I wore that gorgeous saree with a deep cut blouse, I already felt like a vixen. I, like a shy daughter-in-law, called him to tie the knot on the back of my sexy blouse.

I definitely looked hot, like I would fuck me kinda hot!! I was feeling like a sexy vixen draped in that saree. Just when I was getting out of the room, I saw a Kamar bandh hanging in the wardrobe. I wrapped it around my waist and gave my hips a few shakes. I loved the way it juggled on the waist. Then I called out “Nitin ji, zara meri choli ki dori kas dijiye” (Nitin ji, can you please tie a knot on the back of my blouse?). He at once came in and was astonished to see me. He was getting horny looking at me, and his hands directly went to his crotch and he started stroking his cock! I gave him a smirk and said “Rukiye na, pehle meri dori bandh dijiye” (Come on dear, can’t you wait a while? At least, tie my knot first.) I turned my back towards him as I showed my sexy deep cut blouse with sexy folds on my waist.

He went behind me and tied a knot. I could feel his hot breath on my naked back as he did that. I then asked him if he could tie a mangalsutra around my neck. He said yes, and I gave him the long mangalsutra that was in the wardrobe. It was a dream come true moment for me. I am getting horny just by writing and reminiscing that day!

I then went into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water and got back to the bedroom. Then he held me and said ” Bahut hua nakhra jaan, abhi bahut garam ho gaya hoon.” (Darling, enough of your flirtations. I am already too hot for you now!)  I understood what he meant and stood in front him and spread my arms while I managed my beautiful saree. He grabbed me in his loving embrace kissing my cheeks and neck, he also started biting and kissing my earlobes! Then suddenly he pushed me away, a gentle push to move me a bit. Then he took off his Kurta, the white chest hair in the yellow bedroom light looked amazing. I was going to experience becoming a woman soon!

I took the free end of my pallu and tucked it in my waist like a naughty woman. Then I squatted in front of him and looked at the throbbing cock right in front of me dripping and glistening with pre-cum. It was very difficult for me to control my self. I was ready to become the woman of this man’s dreams. I was ready to give this man the most amazing experience of his life. I knew what to do next that will rock him.  I took his cock in my hand an started gently massaging. I started off with slow loving strokes and increased my speed and a bit.

Then I slowly took the cock head and placed it on my tongue. Then wrapped the upper part of the cock with my upper lips and kept still for a few moments and looked at him in the eyes. Then I started moving my mouth on that hard cock. Oh! How I loved that moment! After sucking it for about 5 minutes, he motioned me to get up and pulled me in for a kiss. I knew he loved it! Then he signed me to turn around, and grabbed my ass. I knew what was gonna happen, then he put his hands around my waist and hugged me from behind. I could feel his cock through the satin fabric of the petticoat and saree.  The saree and the satin petticoat that came in between me and his manhood, made me go wild. It was such a sexy tease!

I loved that feeling, he started kissing on my neck and back. I made him sit at the edge of the bed and seductively picked up the rear portion of the saree then the petticoat. I felt like such a slut when I raised the back portion of the saree and stood there in his house waiting to be ravaged and loved by him. I loved it how my saree though still wrapped around my waist, easily made way for him.

Then I lowered and backed up my thick ass on his cock. It didn’t go in, but the sensation of feeling a throbbing cock near your ass hole is amazing. I just started rubbing his cock all over my naked ass. Then I let my saree and petticoat fall on his thigh and kept on grinding! He was pretty wild from this point on, he said things like “Ragdo beti, Zor se ragdo” (Rub it hard dear) and ” Pura Aurat banaunga tujhe rani” (I am going to make you a complete woman tonight my dear princess). He started grunting and moaning, I started playing along with him too by replying in hindi like a Desi bitch in heat!! Then suddenly it went all the way in.. I couldn’t believe it!! I had a man’s cock buried inside my ass and it felt amazing! He started going in deeper and I was loving it. He started calling me names and I loved it! Then I got off him and stepped away from him. He looked disappointed and called me back, I said no as I mocked him. I straightened out my saree and thankfully it had not come off completely. I went to the living room, while walking out the bedroom door I swayed my ass a little more than usual. He got up from the edge of the bed and followed me to the living room naked with his manhood dangling.

I sat on the sofa and looked at him. I told him to get his cock near my face, then I wrapped the mangalsutra on his cock and started licking it. I also looked at his face continuously while bobbing up and down on his throbbing meat. It was a sight to see, he was squeezing the front of my padded blouse and I was reacting like woman getting her breasts mauled!

So here I was,  in a man’s own living room with his manhood in my mouth and being treated like an absolute woman! He then roughly grabbed my hair and chocked my throat with his increasing hardness. I looked at his face and saw the desperation on his face to ejaculate. I didn’t want him to, not so soon. I had only started to enjoy this and didn’t want this to end it so soon. I took him out of my mouth and slapped my cheeks with the throbbing cock. Then I told him to sit on the sofa as I raised my saree and petticoat and spread my legs. Then I stood on the sofa and squatted on his cock this time facing him. His cock was again at the opening of my eager ass, and his face staring at my blouse. I can’t explain that feeling when your man is admiring you with his face so close to your chest, while you can feel his admiration hardening up below there! I felt a little bit shy and covered his face with the pallu of my saree. The saree was a bit transparent and he could still look at me. His expressions turned more aggressive behind that saree. I loved it, and gave a mischievous smile to him as I let myself go free. His cock just slid inside my aching love hole. An ‘Aah’ just escaped out of my mouth, that’s the moment I realized that I was absolutely loving this.

With the cock inside me, I was feeling like a proper woman getting a good loving from my lover. He held me by my waist grabbing my love handles and started thrusting, slowly and steadily. I just wished that this moment could go on forever. He was lovingly caressing my open back through the almost backless blouse that I was wearing. Then suddenly he grabbed my waist with one hand and the saree bunched up at my waist with his other hand and sped up his strokes. He also started moaning and grunting, this turned me on even more and I increased the pace of my squats to match his hard thrusts. The mangalsutra was still there dangling in my neck on the blouse.

I was getting restless and seductive. And I loved it when he kissed all over my neck and the back. His fingers touch would send shivers all over my body! Tonight, I was going to change his idea about what it means to be with a hot woman.

Then he started to part my ass cheeks so that he could get further inside me. I was pleasantly surprised by how deep he was going with each thrust. I started arching my back due to the pleasure I was getting. Uff I am getting hard just by thinking about it now. He started moaning and grunting and also started calling me ” a bitch”, a woman, a filthy cock sucking whore, and a lot more things. I didn’t mind it at all as I loved a bit of dirtiness and kinkiness too. I was also asking him to fuck me and use me like his whore. Things were too hot now, so I took his head and placed it between my ‘breasts’ on my chest. I hugged him tight and started moving vigorously on his cock while he increased his thrusts to fuck me. I could feel him building up a huge orgasm and I didn’t want him to waste it by cuming in my ass. So I asked him if he was on the verge of cuming, he nodded yes. He continued penetrating my love hole. The room was filled with an aroma of sex and moans of the two of us lovers in a heat. Then he said ‘baby main jhadne wala hoon‘ (Baby I am about to cum). I said him to stop and got off his cock and lap at once and kneeled down in front of his cock, I also took my pallu and put it on my head like a bahu would in front of her elders. I was ready for my final moment. What happened next? I am a little shy to write all that. But I can tell you this: I became a fully satisfied woman as he experienced the most intense moment of his life. Now, he knew that no normal woman can ever fulfill his desires the way I did. I became that “special” woman of his desire.

He kissed me on my lips. Satisfied and spent he laid there on the sofa, while I started getting up from the floor taking care of my saree, to get ready and leave as it was already late. He stopped me and offered to stroke me and please me. Afterall, my excitement, my hardness was really bulging out in that saree. The feeling of satin petticoat on it, kept it hard all the time. But I replied “I am your bahu now and I m there to only take care of you, and you don’t have to worry about me”. Then I got up and went to the bedroom to change. I walked like a seductress to tease him once more. He kept looking at me as I walked away from him. I knew that he would always remember that walk of the seductress in that gorgeous saree. And no other woman but me, would ever be able to walk in that saree for him the way I did.

Slowly, I got out of the saree and slid out of the blouse. I folded the saree blouse and the petticoat and neatly placed it in the wardrobe the way it was before. Of course, now that saree had the hot memories of me making that man wild. I again looked at his wife’s picture, smiling adoringly at the camera. I smiled looking at her. I stroked myself just thinking about her and how I managed to get her husband to love me in spite of her being so beautiful! I was proud of myself for that. Then I gave a kiss on Nitin’s cheek and we said goodbyes until we meet again, and we definitely met again. Like lots of times!! That’s to be continued in the later parts.

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Indian Ladies Club: Part 10

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Towards the end of that night, Madhurima announced that Sumati will no longer be able to hold ILC events at her home since she is getting married. Thus, ILC meet ups won’t happen until they find a new place. Anvesha went to a late-night party with a few ladies of the club, along with Sasha and Soha.

Next morning, when they woke up, Sumati realized that she had become a woman overnight. Anvesha and Sasha experienced the same thing. They thought they were turning crazy. But the world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. Sumati, for one, was soon going to get married to a man named Chaitanya. She spent her day with her in-laws and her brother Rohit, and went for her bridal shopping. Chaitanya and Sumati bid their good byes to her in-laws and brother.

Read all the parts here

Chaitanya and Sumati walked back together holding their hands to their car in the parking lot. Sumati carefully lifted her saree as she got into the car. She didn’t wanna ruin her delicate saree, nor she wanted to disturb the beautiful pleats she had made in that saree. She felt proud that she managed wearing saree and high heels for the day without any problem. She really enjoyed her day trying on bridal sarees and lehenga with her in-laws. She looked like an angel in that light green saree. She really seemed happy, and so did Chaitanya.

“Hmm… so we are left all alone now. What do we do now?”, said Chaitanya nonchalantly.

“Do I have to tell you what to do? You are now going to drive me to my home. That’s what we do.”, Sumati was blunt and rude to Chaitanya. It was as if her original male self was speaking. As she said this, she wrapped her pallu around her shoulders, covered her bosom and folded her hands. Was she feeling shy? May be it was a natural reaction for a woman to cover herself in the presence of a man, who surely had sexual interest in her.

“OK, princess. I was going to drive you home anyway.”, replied Chaitanya. He merely wanted to talk to Sumati but she didn’t seem to be in the mood.

Sumati was definitely occupied in her own thoughts. She was excited about becoming a bride. “Being a daughter-in-law was not that difficult. I loved spending time with my mother-in-law. She is so sweet and caring.”, Sumati thought and smiled. Afterall, she had a wonderful day shopping. She was not realizing that being a daughter-in-law means much more than shopping for sarees. Of course, she knew. She spent at least some time with her mother-in-law today in the kitchen. But, she was forgetting something. Sumati was so oblivious to the fact that she was going to be a wife too. And she didn’t know what would it mean to be a wife.

As they drove ahead, the wind blew her silky hair over her face, which Sumati pulled back from time to time. She really looked pretty doing that. Chaitanya silently noticed the beautiful woman sitting next to him, who would soon become his wife. Chaitanya and Sumati both didn’t say much in their ride to Sumati’s home.

Soon, they arrived at Sumati’s home. Sumati opened the door and they both entered together. Sumati assumed that Chaitanya would be there just for a few minutes, may be drink a glass of water and leave. She didn’t mind his presence as he was her best friend from her childhood, at least her new memory suggested that. But she knew the truth. Chaitanya used to be Chaitali, a girl, in her original memory, in her original life as a man. And Chaitali was really a good friend of her when Sumati was a man until a night ago.

“What a tiring, long and fun-filled day, Chaitanya! I am going to change my clothes and get out of these heels. You can make yourself comfortable, and grab water or soda from the fridge if you like.”, Sumati said as soon as she entered her home. She moved to her room while Chaitanya stayed there sitting on a sofa.

As soon as Sumati entered her bedroom, she threw away her heels. She was excited. She wanted to look at herself in the mirror. She had pretty much the same look as when she used to crossdress. But her figure was now curvy, sexier and slim. She was smaller in height now. Her jawline had changed a little bit to appear more feminine. Not to forget, she now had ample size breasts and a vagina. She looked like a diva. And she was happy to see herself in the long mirror in her room.

Sumati began by slowly removing the necklace she was wearing. She was also wearing long dangling heavy earrings. She first pulled her hair on one side so that she could remove one earring without getting it tangled in her hair. She tilted her head as she slowly unscrewed the screw behind her earlobe with her fingers while she held the earring with her other hand. As a crossdresser, she never had her ears pierced and she had to use clip-on earrings. As a woman now, she loved it how she could feel the weight of the earrings on her earlobe. A simple thing like removing an earring made her feel feminine about herself. She slowly removed her second earring as well.

Sumati slowly removed her necklace and earrings. Then she gently unpinned her saree pallu from the blouse. As she held her pallu, she looked into the mirror. She indeed looked like a diva!

She unpinned her pallu gently as she wanted to unwrap her saree. She noticed that she now had thin slim fingers which made it easier to open the pin that attached her pallu to her blouse. “Oh, how much I love being a woman! I don’t know how I became one, but I am so loving the tiny pleasures of being a woman!”, she felt elated. She found joy that surpassed all the joy she ever experienced as a crossdresser. She now looked herself in the mirror as she held her unpinned pallu in her left hand. “Wow! Even without the jewelry, I look so sexy! And my breasts are just so perfect. I can’t wait to see Anjali and Madhurima mom, and show them my new look. I wonder how they are doing.” Sumati wanted to share her joy with her best crossdresser friends. Sumati was on cloud number nine!

Sumati was now standing in front of a mirror wearing only a petticoat and a blouse.

Sumati began to unwrap her delicate saree very carefully. Her saree had been hugging her tightly. She felt she was removing a beautiful gift wrap, layer by layer, to unravel her beautiful delicate body. She hadn’t had a chance to pay much attention to her body since this morning as one person or the another kept coming. She wanted to really see herself and explore her new body of a woman. She put the saree crumbled on the bed on her side.

Sumati was now standing in front of mirror wearing only a white petticoat and a blouse. “I can’t believe I have such a sexy figure. My arms have become really delicate and slender. My waist has really shrunken. My hips are much wider than I ever created with my hip pads. And my breasts? They look so beautifully covered in that blouse. I wonder what my bra size is?”, Sumati was admiring her new body. This all seemed so unreal. “If this is a dream, do not wake me up!”, she said to herself. But she should not have said that!

“Now, it’s time I check my breasts.”, she thought. Sumati desperately wanted to feel the pleasure of squeezing her breasts once more. She could not do it this morning, but there was no reason she couldn’t do it now. She had the opportunity to see her breasts in the trial room in the saree showroom when she was trying her lehenga choli. She remembered taking her bra off as the choli had a built-in padded bra inside. But she was really enjoying the whole bridal shopping that she didn’t think about checking her breasts at that time. And suddenly she realized something. She had forgotten to wear her bra after she changed back from the lehenga choli to her saree! She felt like such a fool. “I had been parading around my in-laws without a bra! How stupid am I? Thank god, this blouse is a tight fit and my breasts were not juggling inside it.” She thought like a woman.

Sumati bent forward to check her cleavage in the mirror. Then, she slowly opened the hooks for her blouse. Her breasts appeared to flow out of her tight blouse.

Sumati then noticed the little bit of cleavage visible in that tight blouse. She smiled thinking how hard she used to try creating cleavage using those painful tapes. It used to hurt to pull the tape out. And now, she had a very beautiful deep cleavage. She bent forward to have a better look. She pulled down her blouse neck with her fingers to get a better picture in the mirror. “Woah!! I am blessed with super soft big breasts!”, Sumati felt lucky as the palm of her hands brushed against her boobs. Her breasts appeared as if they would pop out of her blouse at any instant. Feeling sexy and beautiful in her body and in her mind, Sumati began to slowly open hooks in the front of her blouse. “I wonder what color my nipples are. Light brown, dark brown, pink?”, Sumati was in such a rush this morning that she couldn’t even pay attention to the color of her nipples. Her breasts were now ready to be seen.

She was savoring her body very slowly. She was not in any rush anymore. And the moment of big reveal had arrived. She removed her blouse, and her breasts were in front of her eyes, really beautiful, really delicate, soft, firm and ample in size. The only thing missing was someone who could play with them, fondle them, and caress it gently with love. Couldn’t Sumati be the one to play with her own breasts?

The moment of big reveal had arrived. Sumati removed her blouse to expose her gentle, delicate, soft, firm breasts.

Sumati was happy with what she saw in the mirror. “Why stop now? I should remove my petticoat to see my full figure.”, Sumati thought. She opened the knot of her petticoat. But she turned away from the mirror. Could it be that she was feeling shy watching herself nude in the mirror? She slowly began to slide her petticoat down. Sumati was really taking time to enjoy every little action she was doing. She was savoring each moment of her new found femininity. She knew her legs were smooth like a silk as she had felt all day whenever she crossed her legs while sitting. But while she was taking all this time undressing herself, enjoying her beauty, she had forgotten that there was someone else in the house with her. Chaitanya had been waiting in the outer room patiently for about half an hour, and Sumati hadn’t come out.

The door to Sumati’s room opened and Chaitanya entered. Sumati was almost nude with her petticoat barely around her knees. And to make things worse, she was facing in the direction of the door with her open breasts. “Damn it, Chaitanya! I told you this morning that you should knock when you enter someone’s room. Don’t you have any shame?”, Sumati shouted. She quickly pulled her petticoat up. It took her sometime to tie the knot on her petticoat. Chaitanya had a nice view of her breasts while she tied the knot. “For god sake, at least close your eyes!”, Sumati’s temper was getting higher. Her voice was shaking. Her hands were trembling. It seemed like her eyes had a drop or two of tears in it.

Sumati grabbed the saree lying on her bed as quickly as possible and covered her breasts by holding it in front of her. Sumati was furious. “Get out of here!”, she yelled with fury at Chaitanya.

“Come on, Sumati. It’s not like I have never seen you naked.”, said Chaitanya. “When have you ever seen me naked?”, Sumati protested.

Chaitanya came closer to her, and grabbed both her arms around her wrists. They both were really close to each other. Sumati could feel his breath falling upon her. Sumati’s saree fell out of her hands. Chaitanya came further close. “Don’t you remember we have made love several times?”, said Chaitanya as he put his one arm around Sumati’s waist and pulled her closer. “No, you can’t be right.”, Sumati protested but with a meek voice this time. She could not believe that she would have ever made love to a man.

“Of course, I am right. In fact, you were the one who initiated our sex life when you were back home in the first vacation during your college years.”, Chaitanya’s lips were getting closer to Sumati’s lips.

“No! This can’t be true.”, Sumati said again. She closed her eyes. She felt the sharp pain in her head that she had been experiencing since this morning each time a new memory appeared in her mind. Yes, she was able to remember that she was back home one summer when she had initiated sex with Chaitanya in her room. There was no one at home at that time. She could vividly remember that she was the dominating partner in the bed, and Chaitanya the submissive one. But why did she do this?

Chaitanya’s lips touched Sumati’s. She could feel the rough small hairs of his beard rub against her soft face. Sumati tried to pull her wrists from Chaitanya’s hold, but his grip was strong. She could feel his lower body pressing against her. She had her one hand free, and with all her might, she pushed away Chaitanya.

Chaitanya was not in any mood to give it away. He turned Sumati around, and got hold of both of her wrists. He began to kiss her on the back of her neck. He then wrapped his arms around Sumati’s waist, and pulled her closer. “How can you not remember making love so many times, Sumati? I was not going to make love to you for the time being until we get married. But looking at you like this, I can’t stop myself.”, Chaitanya said this in an unclear voice as he vigorously kissed Sumati’s neck.

“Please, stop Chaitanya!”, Sumati pleaded. She never felt so helpless before. Chaitanya was getting excited as he moved his hands over Sumati’s slender arms. Very soon, his hands moved over her waist and got hold of her breasts. He began to squeeze her breasts vigorously and kissed her neck and back passionately, as he thrusted his lower body against Sumati’s soft hips. Sumati wanted her breasts to be pressed, but not like this. Her hips and ass never felt wider and soft to her. She just wanted to get out of Chaitanya’s hold. She was crying within. This was happening so quick and rough that she had no time to think about this. She didn’t know if she was liking what was happening to her, or if she ever liked this.

Suddenly the door opened when Sumati was about to slide out of her petticoat.

Sumati could feel Chaitanya opening his belt as it rubbed against her round ass. She knew what was coming onto her. Chaitanya pulled out his manhood and pressed against Sumati’s hips in the crevice. He squeezed her breasts firmly one more time. Then, he made Sumati bend forward around her waist on the bed as he pulled up her petticoat. He was being forceful, not minding what Sumati wanted. He quickly pulled down her panties. Chaitanya began what any man does after that. “Aaah”, Sumati moaned in pain. That thing felt much bigger for her genitals. Women were supposed to like the penetration. But Sumati didn’t feel it that way. It was too big. She felt pain. She cried as Chaitanya squeezed her breasts.

But something changed after that quick penetration, Chaitanya seemed to have come into senses. He realized that something was not right. Sumati was not her self today. She was not the way she used to be whenever they made love. In his memory, she was a dominating woman, not the dominated one. He quickly pulled back from Sumati. “I am sorry Sumati if I have hurt you because of the passion I felt. I should not have forced myself upon you. I will never force myself upon you like this ever again. I am really sorry, Sumati. I promise I won’t do this again. I am sorry, Sumati”, said Chaitanya as he began to go out of her bedroom. He felt disturbed. May be his intentions were not bad, but the wild instincts in him came raging when he saw the sexy body of Sumati. He felt ashamed.

Sumati remained lying on her stomach with her face pushing in the bed. Her petticoat was still up above her knees, her panties around her ankles, and her breasts pressed against the mattress. There were tears in her eyes. Now, she remembered everything. Her new memory or the tricks her mind was playing with her. In this newly created past of her new life as a woman, she never felt attracted to a man. She never enjoyed making love to a man. All those times, she made love to Chaitanya, she did that only to confirm what she had known all her life. She had always loved women. And in order to confirm what she already knew, she used to dominate Chaitanya into doing things her way. She was mean and exploited Chaitanya for her own sake. While she used Chaitanya to realize that she would never be attracted to a man, all those love making made Chaitanya emotionally attached to her.

The new life as a woman turned out to be not as rosy as she was thinking. The people in the world around her now had a complete new memory about her in which Sumati was born a woman. But only Sumati knew the truth that she was born a man, and she was a man until yesterday night. She was a crossdresser in the real life that she knew. But nobody remembers her as a man anymore. While her body may have changed into a woman, her mind was still that of a man who crossdressed. That mind might have loved the femininity and loved being feminine, but it was always attracted to a woman. Now, Sumati knew that she could become a good daughter-in-law but she would never become a good wife. What felt like a blessing about an hour ago, now seemed like a curse to Sumati. Having realized the new truth, the tears in her eyes continued to roll. Was a life of a crossdresser better than this life? She had to think about an answer for this question.


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Indian Ladies Club: Part 9

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Towards the end of that night, Madhurima announced that Sumati will no longer be able to hold ILC events at her home since she is getting married. Thus, ILC meet ups won’t happen until they find a new place. Anvesha went to a late-night party with a few ladies of the club, along with Sasha and Soha.

Next morning, when they woke up, Sumati realized that she had become a woman overnight. Anvesha and Sasha experienced the same thing. They thought they were turning crazy. But the world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. Sumati, for one, was soon going to get married to a man named Chaitanya, and her in-laws were here to take her for bridal shopping.

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Becoming a bride someday is the fantasy of any crossdresser. But becoming a bride begins with shopping a saree, which itself can be the most memorable moment of one’s life.

It’s a dream of almost every crossdresser to dress up and become a bride one day. While becoming a bride can be the most fascinating fantasy, the experience of the shopping for the wedding itself can be one of the most memorable experience. The joy of visiting shops with brightly colored sarees and lehengas on display on mannequins, where several women gather to find the outfit for their most memorable day of life, is unforgettable for any woman. They get to hold, touch and feel the most luxurious sarees which they would, otherwise, not wear in their whole life. The ladies get to chit-chat and share their experience of their own wedding while the bride-to-be gets to be at the center of attention of all. While the bride-to-be tries the heaviest, the prettiest and the costliest sarees and lehengas available in the shop, the ladies around her admire the new bride each time she tries a new outfit. The bride smiles and her face glows with happiness, while other ladies remain in awe. Not many crossdressers get to do that. But Sumati, she was going to experience all that which no crossdresser, in her knowledge, had ever experienced.

It wasn’t like Sumati had never been to saree shops. But all those times, she was a man pretending to buy a saree for his wife or girlfriend or mother. And this time, she was not going to pretend. She was going to buy a saree very proudly for herself as a woman! She felt such a joy that she had completely forgotten that she was going to get married to a man.

Sumati was now in a market street popular for bridal saree shops. She was walking with Prashant and Kalavati (her in-laws), Rohit (her brother) and Chaitanya (her fiance). She had walked on this street before. And as always, she was mesmerized by the beautiful colorful sarees and lehengas that were on the display in a series of shops. The street was buzzed with many other brides like her who had come to do bridal shopping with their families. The happiness could be felt in the air. And certainly could be seen on the smiling faces of Sumati and Kalavati. These women were happy and excited to shop.

A salesman had put on a saree to show it to the women around him. Sumati, as a man, had always thought that she should have become a salesman like that.

As they walked, Sumati peeped into a tiny shop where a salesman was showing a saree to a few women. He had made the pleats on the saree and was holding it around his waist to show how it would look when worn. The women were touching and feeling the fabric of the saree while they decided if it is worth the purchase. Sumati smiled to herself. She remembered how many times she must have felt like becoming a saree salesman so that she could get to be around women’s clothes all the time. And she would never have minded putting a saree on herself like the salesman did. In fact, she would have worn it completely.

As they were walking by several shops, Sumati started thinking about where to begin her shopping. There were so many shops to look at. “Each shop seems to have a lovely bridal collection. If I look at every shop and try several sarees on before making any decision, it would take several days to complete my shopping! I always thought I knew what I would like. But god!! Looking at these pretty sarees hanging in the shops, I want to try them all before I make any decision! Should I purchase a lehenga? Or should I try sarees and lehengas both? And see which I like better? No no… that will make it even more time consuming task. I am going to focus only on sarees.” Sumati’s mind was contemplating what she would do to be efficient in her shopping.

“Listen, my dear husband. I am warning you that I am not going to spare any expense today. I have got only one daughter-in-law and I want her to buy anything she likes, no matter how much it costs!”, Kalavati said to her husband Prashant. She was being a little dramatic.

“My dear Kalavati ji. Just like you, I have got only one daughter-in-law as well. But that’s not the point. Who told you that I am not going to spend money for a very special day in the life of our lovely Sumati?”, Prashant responded politely. Both Rohit and Chaitanya were smiling at their conversation.

“OK, dear. But tell me are we going there or not?”, Kalavati enquired. “Yes, my dear wife. We are going to the shop you like the most.”, said Prashant.

That street was lined with an impressive series of shops for bridal shopping. But one shop stood apart from all that. Once Sumati reached at the front of the shop, she could not stop gazing at the way the designer sarees were on display at that shop. Sumati wished this was the shop Kalavati was talking about. And to her surprise, Prashant said, “So should we go in or are we going to stare at the shop from the outside?” Sumati almost had tears of joy in her eyes. She wanted to say, “Thank you very much, Daddy.” But she stopped from saying that but her eyes conveyed her message to Prashant.

One shop stood apart from all the shops on that street. Sumati could not believe her eyes that she was being taken to this shop for her bridal purchase.

Once they entered the shop, they were taken by a lady to an area where they all could sit on the mattress where the sales people would show them the clothes. Sumati sat next to Kalavati with her legs bent backwards, her back straight and her arms on her thighs. She always knew how to sit like a lady, but in a woman’s body, it seemed far easier. There are differences between a man’s body and a woman’s body. The wider hips and a more flexible waist makes it easier for a woman to sit on the floor. Realizing that the shopping process has begun, Sumati started blushing. Kalavati, being the only woman with Sumati, was there to ensure that Sumati doesn’t feel uncomfortable among three men. Men can get impatient while shopping, and Kalavati didn’t want that to pressurize Sumati into hurrying up her shopping.

“Please show us some bridal sarees in the shades between orange to maroon, preferably  in red.”, Kalavati said to the salesman. “Sure, madam. But please have some cold drinks first. I will show you all the best items we have. Do you have any price range in mind?”, said the salesman.

“Do not worry about the prices, but don’t show us anything exorbitantly expensive.”, Kalavati said with a pride on her face.

“Alright, madam.”, salesman said and went to get a few sarees. He came back after a few minutes, and began to show sarees. “Madam, this is a Kanchipuram silk saree. It is very fashionable to wear in south indian weddings.” It was a very rich magenta-pink silk saree with floral and temple designs weaved in golden threads. It came with a heavily embroidered blouse piece. “Wow”, that’s all Sumati could think of when she looked at that saree. Any woman who would wear that would get to feel like a queen. South indian sarees are really classic. The fabric when touched felt really luxurious. Sumati’s own saree that she was wearing at the moment, seemed like a very poor one in comparison.

“Madam, this second sample is a gota patti saree on a pure georgette material. This type of saree is very popular in our area.”, the salesman showed another beautiful saree. It was a dual color saree in orange and pink. It was adorned with zari, sequins, stones, and stones. It wasn’t a silk but a little transparent georgette material. “This feels pretty royal. Can I hold it?”, Sumati said. “Of course, madam.”

“Woaahh… This is really heavy.”, Sumati’s delicate hands could not handle the weight of that saree. “Huh.. just until yesterday, I could have easily handled the weight of saree like this.”, thought Sumati.

“Yes, dear. The heavy embroidered sarees like this with stone work are usually heavy to carry. But they give a very regal appearance when worn. You must know that these are very popular nowadays.”, Kalavati added her two cents.

Of course, Sumati knew all that. Searching for bridal sarees used to be one of her favorite activities to do in her leisure time. That saree was indeed impressive, but she didn’t like the dual color sarees as much as a single colored saree.

The salesman opened another saree and said, “Madam, this one is a zardozi style saree. This .. ”

“No. No. We don’t want zarozi sarees. Can you show me the heavy embroidered sarees with stone work in a single color?”, Sumati said.

“Looks like somebody knows what she wants.”, Chaitanya giggled.

“Of course, my dear hubby-to-be.”, Sumati didn’t mind laughing with her best friend from her childhood. “If you know what you want, then this shopping will be over pretty soon. Good for us.”, Chaitanya said on behalf of the men sitting there.

This process of looking at sarees continued for more than three hours, and the two ladies must have looked, tried and discussed the pros and cons for each of more than 50 sarees they saw together. There was always one quality missing in one saree which they would find in another. But then, they would find something in that saree that they did not like. It was not the case that those sarees were not beautiful, but when you are shopping for the wedding, that saree has to be perfect. There cannot be any compromise on that.  The guys had nothing much to say in the matter, nor they had any right to do so.

The final moment almost arrived when Sumati said, “How do I look in this one?” Sumati asked everyone with a ray of hope in her eyes. She was wearing a magnificent hot pink saree. Women’s eyes can distinguish between various shades of pink such as fuchsia pink, hot pink, baby pink, neon pink, and so on. For men, all those colors are just pink. “Sumati didi, you are looking stunning. You will steal all the attention on your wedding day.”, said Rohit. He really admired how beautiful his sister looked.

“My prettiest daughter-in-law will definitely wear this one on her wedding.”, said Kalavati. “Can’t get better than this dear daughter.”, said Prashant.

“I can’t wait to see you in your full glory on the wedding day when you adorn this saree.”, said Chaitanya.

A woman needs not only a saree but a lehenga too for her wedding. She can’t wear the same outfit for all the events on the wedding day.

Sumati blushed listening to all the compliments. The decision was made as the saree was finalized.

“Now that we have finalized the saree, let’s look at lehengas.”, said Kalavati.

“What? There is still more to purchase?”, exclaimed Chaitanya. “Of course, there is a lot more to purchase son! She can’t stay in the same outfit the whole day. She will have to change for different events. We will just get a lehenga today for the main reception, and she can purchase clothes for other events on her own.”, Kalavati almost reprimanded Chaitanya for being impatient.

“Relax, Chaitanya. Mom, I think I know what I want for lehenga. I had been looking at that aisle of hanging lehengas for sometime, and only one has caught my attention. Let me pick that up. I will come back dressed in that in a minute.”, said Sumati.

This is usually a problem when men join women in their shopping. Men get impatient after some time. But Sumati saved their day. She was back soon wearing a red lehenga choli. It was a sleeveless choli, and her soft light skin radiated in that lehenga. Saying that she was looking any less than breathtaking would undermine the truth.

Sumati put on her heels to check the length of her lehenga. It was good that she came wearing high heels today. She would be wearing high heels on her wedding day too.

Beta, please wear your heels to make sure that the lehenga is of right length. “, said Kalavati. Sumati obliged. “Hmm… we will have to get the choli altered to your size. But dear, I am ready to brag to all the women in the town that I have got the most beautiful daughter-in-law.”, everyone laughed as Kalavati said this.

“Wow, I am going to be a bride!”, Sumati was getting excited. At the moment, she was not realizing what getting married as a woman means. She had not really thought this through like how her life was going to change. All she could think about now was how gorgeous her wedding saree and lehenga were. In a way, she was thanking god for giving her very loving in-laws, and especially, a mother-in-law who loved her like a daughter. What Sumati was not thinking at this moment, or what she was desperately trying to avoid thinking about was that she was getting married to a man. Was she ready to become a wife? Was she ready to give herself and her body to a man? Wasn’t she physically attracted to girls all her life? She thought she would worry about this when she would be alone.

After the shopping was over, Prashant and Kalavati informed Sumati that they are going back to their town in about two hours. Rohit, being from the same town, was going back with them. They all had lunch together at a nearby restaurant. They all laughed. Sumati seemed really happy today. And Chaitanya was really noticing how happy she seemed. He felt as if he is the luckiest guy on the planet to have found a wife like Sumati. Any guy loves it when he sees his wife mingling well with his parents. Sumati was surely going to be a good daughter-in-law. But would she be a good wife too?

Soon after the lunch, Sumati and Chaitanya took his parents and Rohit to the railway station. Sumati hugged her brother Rohit to say good bye. This time there was no uneasiness. She was thankful that her brother was there to give her a company amidst a new family. She was now thinking very differently. May be she was getting a bit emotional. And tears in her eyes gave that away. “Please come again sooner, Rohit”, she said to her. She pulled his cheeks and said, “Don’t forget to take care of our parents back home. And tell mom that I am going to come home soon to help her with the wedding preparations.” Sumati was becoming a good daughter too.

Sumati now covered her head with her saree pallu, and along with Chaitanya, she touched the feet of her in-laws. “May god increase the love between you two and always keep you two together happy.”, said Prashant. Kalavati hugged her daughter-in-law with much love and affection.

Soon, Prashant, Kalavati and Rohit boarded their train and the train departed. Sumati and Chaitanya were now left alone on the railway platform. They both looked at each other. They both smiled. Chaitanya pulled down Sumati’s pallu from her head. He then grabbed her hand. Sumati didn’t object. She smiled again. She just felt comfortable with Chaitanya. After all, Chaitanya was her best friend from her childhood. They walked back towards their car in the parking lot.


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Indian Ladies Club: Part 8

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Towards the end of that night, Madhurima announced that Sumati will no longer be able to hold ILC events at her home since she is getting married. Thus, ILC meet ups won’t happen until they find a new place. Anvesha went to a late-night party with a few ladies of the club, along with Sasha and Soha.

Next morning, when they woke up, Sumati realized that she had become a woman overnight. Anvesha and Sasha experienced the same thing. They thought they were turning crazy. But the world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. Sumati, for one, was soon going to become a daughter-in-law, and her in-laws were coming to take her for bridal shopping.

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Woman’s body is like a puzzle to be explored. A touch in each part of her body invokes a new sensation in her. No wonder men enjoy touching women as they love to see how the woman reacts to the touch. And for Sumati, the pleasure was far more. She herself was now in a soft delicate body of a woman. Her own touch was giving a new pleasure to her. Not surprisingly, she was curious about her new body, and she wanted to slowly experience the pleasures hidden in each of her soft curves, her delicate breasts, her deep navel, and her sensitive thighs.  She looked at herself in a long mirror that was in her room. She was beaming in her beautiful saree. In a way, it was her dream come true. She was a gorgeous woman; she always wished she was born as. She could look at herself and admire herself for hours without getting bored for a second. All she wanted now was the world to stop for a while, when she could experience her new found blessings.

Sumati was looking gorgeous in her saree. She wanted to admire and explore her new soft body of a woman. She kept looking at herself in the mirror. If you are this beautiful, won’t you do the same?

Sumati touched her own bare waist with her finger. “God!! My own finger is tickling me”, she wondered. She was not familiar with her new body, and her own touch tickled her. But there was a sensation in that touch that made her wanting to go wild. Imagine the touch on a silky soft smooth skin. She slowly moved her finger over her body, over her stomach, around her navel. She slowly took her hand over her cleavage. She closed her eyes, which made her more aware of the touch and the sensations she was experiencing. “Oh god, Should I dare to touch my breasts?”, she wondered. She was closing out herself from the outside world. She wanted to experience the pure sensations in her body without getting distracted by the outer world. She slowly slid her fingers under her saree over her breasts. That touch sent a shiver through her spine. The excitement of her touch was making her mad. She wanted to bite her lips so badly since she could not control her excitement when she squeezed her left breast with her hand. She had to stop but she could not. She wanted to scream in pleasure. She was losing control. Her fingers were titillating her breasts, fondling it and soon, her fingers were touching left nipple. She rolled her fingers around the areola of her nipple. “Ahhh…”, she wanted to moan but she was forced to suppressed it inside. Her fingers took control of its own, and started fondling her nipple. Her fingers were just about to squeeze it. The thought about the unimaginable pleasure that would have brought to Sumati was forcing her to do it.

Sumati could not control herself, and she was aching to feel her soft but firm breasts. The thought of the pleasure of fondling and squeezing breasts was making her go wild.

“Ding Dong”, the door bell rang. The door bell had been going off several times since this morning. And each time it rang, it brought unexpected surprises for Sumati. Yet this bell could not have come at a better time. She wouldn’t have stopped herself from moaning had she squeezed her own nipples. Just the thought of squeezing those nipples made her bite her own lips. Just biting her own lips never felt this sexier in her whole life as a man. But that door bell forced her to come out of the enchanting effect of her body.

Sumati could hear that someone answered the door and opened it. “Namaste uncle! Namaste aunty! Please, come on in.”, Sumati could hear her brother Rohit talking to someone. She guessed that her in-laws-to-be are already here. She quickly pulled back her hair and decided to go outside and meet them. “I should hurry up. They are not going to like if their daughter-in-law is not their to welcome them. But should I be worried about anything?”,  Sumati was thinking as she checked her pallu and her saree one last time before going out. She used her hand to pull her saree to cover her breasts. “The saree looks all ok. I hope there is not much to worry. I hope that like Rohit and Chaitanya, they have no memory of me ever living as a boy. I suppose they are the parents of Chaitali, the girl I was going to marry as a man. I know them very well. This should not be very difficult.”, Sumati spoke to herself, as she tried to prepare herself mentally for this unsual situation. Though it was a new situation for her, but she seemed calm and composed. She definitely knew how to carry herself in a saree in a dignified manner. Afterall, she was the founder of Indian Ladies Club. She had transformed so many men into a beautiful woman. Yet, she still could not grasp the idea that she is now a woman, and Chaitali, her wife-to-be, is now a man named Chaitanya.

Sumati came out of her room. Her in-laws were standing near the sofa along with Rohit and Chaitanya. She was right that her in-laws are the parents of Chaitali. At least, they haven’t changed. As soon as she saw them, her right hand pulled up her hanging saree pallu from the back on its own. She quickly covered her head with her pallu, the way an ideal daughter-in-law is supposed to do. She herself was surprised how quickly she manged to do it. She quickly walked up to her in-laws and bent to touch their feet.

“May you have a very long life!”, her father-in-law Prashant said. “Your place is not near my feet dear. You should live in my heart!”, her mother-in-law Kalavati said as she hugged Sumati. Sumati felt a really nice motherly warmth as she hugged Kalavati. Sumati had a very pleasant smile on her face. Sumati was remembering how she used to play a similar role when she lived with Madhurima (her crossdressing mother) and her wife, Ajanta (Read about Madhu and Ajanta here). Sumati fondly remembered how Ajanta would tell her that she would love to have a daughter-in-law like Sumati. Thanks to that experience, Sumati was managing this situation very well.

“Mom, dad, please have a seat and relax for a while. You must be tired from all the travel. I am going to quickly make breakfast for you. My cooking may not be as good as mom, but I will try my best.”, Sumati said to her in-laws Prashant and Kalavati. But back in her head, she was thinking why did she say this. She didn’t wanna cook anything. “Rohit, please take care of mom-dad while I am in the kitchen. And get two glasses of water for them.”, Sumati looked at her brother Rohit. Rohit nodded.

As Sumati was heading towards the kitchen, her eyes met with Chaitanya, her fiance. Chaitanya was smiling, looking at his beautiful wife-to-be. Sumati smiled back at him. “This is the man I will be spending my life with”, she thought. She was really baffled by the idea of marrying a man. She didn’t know if she should feel happy or cry. She felt more like crying, but then she now had this beautiful body of a woman and chance to live her life the way she wanted to. However, at the moment, she had to prepare breakfast for her guests. She would think about the marriage matter a little later.

As soon as she moved into the kitchen, she removed the pallu from over her head. She wrapped it around her hips and tucked it in the front around her waist. She quickly rolled her hair back in the form of a bun. She was now ready to prepare the breakfast. Thanks to her years of experience managing get-together events at Indian Ladies Club, she knew how to function in a saree like a perfect housewife. “I should get started with tea and prepare poha for the breakfast. That should be quick to make.”, she said to herself. She was a natural at this. She put on a vessel on the gas stove to prepare tea, and started to cut onions and potatoes for poha.

“So, what is my dearest daughter-in-law Sumati cooking today?”, Kalavati, her mother-in-law said as she came into the kitchen.

“Oh not much mom. I am just making poha for you all. I hope you like it.”, Sumati replied lovingly as she untucked her pallu to cover her head again as a mark of respect for her mother-in-law. “Oh god! Now, I will have to work with my head covered? God no!!”, she thought.

“Sumati dear. You don’t need to cover your head. I am a woman and I know it’s not easy to cook with pallu blocking your sight and restricting your hands. Relax, dear daughter. I have seen you since you were a kid. I remember vividly seeing you grow up wearing frocks and salwar suits. I don’t want that to change just because you are now marrying into our family.”, Kalavati lovingly said as she came close to Sumati.

Kalavati placed her hand on Sumati’s chin and said, “I am just happy to see that the lovely neighborhood girl Sumati who always used to play with my son is going to be my daughter-in-law. I always wished that about you. I always had a son. Now, I have a daughter as well.”

Sumati’s eyes bent down as she felt shy hearing these words of love. But in her mind, she was thinking, “How can you remember seeing me growing up in frocks and salwars when I was never born as a girl?” No matter what, the situation was surreal for Sumati. No one seemed to remember her as a boy. Everyone seemed to have got a new memory where Sumati had always been a girl. How could that be? What kind of magic was this?

Kalavati began to help Sumati with the cooking. They both chit-chatted and laughed. Sumati loved this aspect of becoming a woman. She enjoyed talking about the small pleasures of life with her mother-in-law which she never did as a man. As a man, she had to worry about her career. Talking about her career, she had no idea what her life is going to be as a woman. Would she be working or not? As much as she liked taking care of the house, she definitely didn’t want to give up her career or job.

For the time being, Sumati was happy to learn a few thing about cooking from her mother-in-law. She was fast and knew so much about housekeeping. Soon, Sumati was ready to serve tea and breakfast to everyone. Before she went out of the kitchen to see her father-in-law Prashant, she was about to cover her head. But Kalavati stopped her from doing that, and said, “Sumati, you are our daughter now. You don’t have to cover yourself from your parents. Understood?” Sumati smiled and appreciated Kalavati’s love. “Thank you, mom! I will always remember this.”, Sumati was really glad about this.

While everyone had breakfast, Chaitanya could not stop looking at his beautiful wife-to-be and kept smiling every time their eyes met. Afterall, he was getting married to his best friend from his childhood. At least, in his new memory, that was the truth. Sumati was a little hesitant to acknowledge Chaitanya’s smile in front of her in-laws. Was it because she was a traditional woman?

“Ahh. That was a very delicious breakfast, Sumati. Now, we should get started and head out to do shopping for your wedding. I know women take really long selecting the clothes for their wedding.”, Prashant said. “Dad, I had the help of mom in cooking. She took care of everything.”, Sumati politely gave the credit to Kalavati. Everyone smiled. Rohit, Sumati’s brother, smiled as well.

They all were now ready to leave. Chaitanya soon pulled the car to the front of the house. Chaitanya’s dad sat in front with him, whereas Sumati sat in the middle seat with Kalavati and Rohit on her side. Just like any other girl, she was excited about the bridal shopping.

“Sumati, we hope that you know what do you want for the wedding day.”, Kalavati said to her. “Oh I know, what I want!”, Sumati smiled and talked to herself. In fact, most crossdressers know what would they want to wear if they ever get a chance to be a bride. Sumati was no exception. This was going to be a fun day. She thought.


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