Indian Ladies Club: Final Part

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Next morning, when these ladies woke up, they all had become women overnight. The world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. All the members had received a strange message on their phone that foretold of another event that was going to impact their lives. That fateful night had finally arrived. Read ahead to know about what happened to these ladies in this last part of the series.

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The fateful night had arrived, when something was going to happen according to the mysterious message that Sumati and her friends from Indian ladies club had received. Sumati was beaming as a beautiful bride. Her hands and legs were covered in a beautiful henna. She was surrounded by her cousins and all the women guests. There was laugh and joy in the air. Everyone was happy, except Sumati, Anjali and Madhurima who had no idea what this night was going to bring in their lives. Sumati was still smiling while other women around her were praising the beautiful bride and her henna designs. After that, the scene seemed to fade out as if everyone was going to fall asleep soon. Sumati didn’t remember what happened after that. Continue reading “Indian Ladies Club: Final Part”

Indian Ladies Club: Part 14

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Next morning, when these ladies woke up, they all had become women overnight. The world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. Sumati was soon to get married to a man named Chaitanya. She came to visit her home town where her wedding preparations were going on in full swing.

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Sumati’s wedding

“Mom, Sumati didi is here.”, Rohit announced excitedly as he saw Sumati alight from the rickshaw. She was back to her home town where the preparations for her own wedding were going on in full swing. She was going to get married to Chaitanya in 8 days. She could not believe it. She didn’t know if she was ready to spend her life with a man. Nonetheless, she was happy to be home with her mom.

The beautiful neighbor, Shiksha bhabhi, came running to welcome Sumati.

Rohit ran upto Sumati to pick up her bags. Shiksha bhabhi came running from the house next door. She was the sweet neighbor of Sumati.  “Oh Sumati is here! Look at her! She has grown more beautiful. The city life seems to agree with her health and beauty.”, Shiksha bhabhi exclaimed as she came holding her pallu over her head. She was a rural housewife, who used to get excited whenever someone would come from the city. And it seemed, she really liked Sumati. She stood their watching Sumati walk to the main entrance with her brother, Rohit. Continue reading “Indian Ladies Club: Part 14”

Indian Ladies Club: Part 13

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Next morning, when these ladies woke up, they all had become women overnight. The world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. Sumati and Anjali were now on their way to see Madhurima. Would Madhurima have any solution to the problems these ladies were facing?

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Madhurima’s heaven

The sound of flush came from the bathroom. Sumati came out shaking her saree below her waist. “Uff… using an indian-style toilet in a saree is a nightmare!”, Sumati complained. She was shaking her saree so that the pleats can fall back to the original uniform setting.

Anjali couldn’t stop herself from laughing looking at Sumati’s troubles. Anjali opened her hair bun. She was going to tie her hair on the back using a rubber band. “Looks like your saree is stuck behind!”, Anjali informed Sumati.

Sumati turned around. She realized that while putting on her panties back after using the bathroom, her petticoat and the saree had gotten stuck in it in the behind. Anjali was now laughing out loud. It was a funny situation, as Sumati looked really awkward in that stuck saree. Though funny, a situation like this can be too embarrassing for any woman. Sumati would have to be careful about this now that she is a woman. “I hate this”, Sumati fumed, “… and look, my pleats are not uniform either. I will have to fix it all over again.” Sumati got a little sad. May be she was being a drama queen but her saree troubles were real.

“Relax lady. How many times I have told you earlier that you should use two safety pins to hold the pleats together? One on the top and another a few inches below the waist. Would you remember this now? Come here and I will help you fix it.”, Anjali said. Anjali was still the same, kind, loving, caring and helpful lady. She always had all the good virtues of a woman, even before when she used to be a crossdressing man. She patiently helped Sumati with her saree. “Here you go”, said Anjali as she finished helping Sumati. “Are you feeling better now?”, she smiled and looked directly into Sumati’s eyes. Sumati was now at ease. She nodded and thanked her lovely friend. Continue reading “Indian Ladies Club: Part 13”

Indian Ladies Club: Part 12

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Next morning, when these ladies woke up, they all had become women overnight. The world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. Sumati was going to meet Anjali, her best friend, first time after their transformation.

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Anjali’s ordeal

Sumati woke up early in the morning. She had to get ready to meet Anjali at 8 in the morning. Since that night when Sumati became a woman overnight, Anjali was the only person she could talk to, who herself was going through a similar experience. But Sumati could not understand why Anjali had asked her to wear conservative clothes. If it was some other time, Sumati would have happily worn a saree. But after her bad experience in the office with men yesterday, she was reluctant to wear one.

Sumati checked her wardrobe but all her traditional salwar suits were revealing with a deep back and a cut around the cleavage. She had no other choice, but to pick a saree. She looks elegant in a saree, and she knew that. She picked a dual colored crepe saree. It was a baby pink and white in color. She was getting late. So, she quickly draped herself in a nivi style. She wore a medium sleeve blouse with it. She looked herself in the mirror. She pulled her pallu to cover her head. “Hmm… looks traditional.”, she smiled. More than anything, she was really excited to meet Anjali. After all, Anjali was the only one in this world who could understand what she was going through. She checked her phone to find Anjali’s address. Her home location had changed. This seemed unusual because Sumati was still at the same home, even after her transformation into a woman. She prayed to god that everything was well with Anjali.

Sumati took an auto and arrived at Anjali’s home right on time. The world seemed like a better place in the morning. She got down and paid the auto driver. She picked up her saree pleats with one hand, and started walking towards Anjali’s house. From the outside, it seemed like any normal house with children. She could feel the early morning hustle-bustle going on there. The house appeared very old, as if this house had seen the glorious days in the past, but was in a desperate need for repair.

Sapna’s caring mother came running behind her with a lunch box. Anjali was now a loving mother.

“Sapna, did you pack all your homework copies?” Sumati heard a voice of a caring mother running behind her daughter. “Yes, mommie. I packed everything.”, said the young cute daughter Sapna who came out of the house carrying a heavy bag on her small shoulders. “Don’t forget your lunch”, the mother said. She came running behind the daughter. She quickly gave the lunch box to Sapna. Mother was none other than Anjali. Anjali was now a mother of a 6 year old daughter! From her looks, she looked like a middle aged housewife. With her disheveled hair, it was apparent that she had a busy morning taking care of her family. Sumati watched this with a smile on her face. Somehow, all the crossdressers dream of becoming a housewife. And Anjali was living that dream now. But it surely was not an easy life.

“Hello, Sumati aunty”, Sapna noticed Sumati standing at the gate. She looked really cute in her school uniform. Those words coming out of a young girl’s mouth fell like sugar in her ears. Sumati bent down and hugged Sapna. “How is my little angel?”, Sumati said as she took out a chocolate from her purse. “Thank you, aunty.”, said Sapna.

“Sapna, it’s time to leave. You are going to miss your school bus.”, said the concerned mom. At the same time, Anjali was happy to see Sapna unite with her Sumati aunty. She smiled looking at them. Sumati used to visit Anjali’s home in the past. Of course, as a man. She knew that Anjali had a daughter, and she would always bring a chocolate for her. But in that past, Anjali was the father and not the mother, Sumati was seeing now. And Sumati used to be an uncle. But the world had changed, for good or bad. Sapna found her other girl friends outside her house, and she walked with them towards their bus stop for the school. They together bid a good bye to the cute little girl.

The happiness was clearly visible on Anjali’s face. She was really happy to see Sumati. And why not? she was her best friend. She hugged Sumati and said, “Wow, you look more beautiful than ever! I am so happy to see you Sumati.” In their short time living as women, they both had learnt how two women hug each other, barely touching each others’ breasts and putting hands on each other’s back. It can feel strange in the beginning when someone’s hand rests on your exposed back in the saree blouse. But these two friends were used to the idea since their crossdressing days at ILC.

“You have no idea how happy I feel seeing you Anjali”, Sumati said as she pulled back from the hug, but still holding her friend’s arms. They both looked at each other intently.

Bahu, we are ready to leave for the temple. We will be back in the afternoon for lunch.”, came a voice of an older woman from inside the house. “That must be my mother-in-law. They are going to a temple to listen to a pravachan (sermon) today”, said Anjali.

An elderly couple came out. They were Anjali’s in-laws. Sumati had never met them before. Because in their earlier life, Anjali was a man who lived with her parents. But things had changed now. Anjali was a woman now living with her in-laws. Sumati quickly put on her saree pallu over her head as a gesture of respect towards elders and bent forward to touch the couple’s feet. “Jug jug jiyo beti (Live a long life daughter)”, said the father-in-law to Sumati. “We hope your wedding preparations are going well.”, the father-in-law said. “Yes, uncle. Everything is going great. I will be going home in two days for the wedding preparations.”, said Sumati like an ideal girl still covering her head. “We will be there for your wedding beti. But now, we must hurry for the temple. We are already getting late.”, said the smiling father-in-law. The couple left walking slowly.

Sumati found it strange that Anjali’s mother-in-law didn’t say much to her. But she was too excited to worry about it. “Come and show me your house, Mrs. Anjali!”, teased Sumati. “Oh sure. By the way, you realized that my mother-in-law doesn’t like you much. Didn’t you?”, said Anjali. Sumati threw her pallu away now that the elders were gone. She was excited and carefree now. “OK. But why?”, asked Sumati.

“Well, in our new life and our new past as a woman, you have been here before. And you came wearing jeans and top the last time. And my mother-in-law being a very conservative woman, didn’t like it. She feels that you will have a bad impression on Sapna.”, said Anjali. “Oh! That explains why you asked me to wear something conservatively. But who cares about her. I want to know everything spicy about your new life.”, Sumati was full of energy.

Sumati got into the house and jumped on a sofa. She was strangely happy about the whole situation. In the past, these two friends secretly dressed as a woman within the four walls of Sumati’s house. They used to tease each other and often role played as devrani-jethani (sister-in-laws). But now, they were out in the real life as a woman. There was not much to hide anymore.

“OK, OK! Soon to be Mrs. Sumati. I will tell you everything. But I have to take care of the house as well. I should do it before my in-laws come back home. So, you will have to watch me do some household work while I tell you everything. You can help me if you want.”, said Anjali. She was beaming with happiness.

“No way! I am not going to help you with any of these chores. I am a working woman, you know! I do enough work as it is. “, Sumati said jokingly. But she was going to help Anjali anyway, and Anjali knew it.

“Let’s begin with the bedroom first.”, said Anjali.

“Wow bedroom stories right in the beginning. I am all ears to hear about your hot steamy nights!”, Sumati laughed.

Anjali stared at Sumati and gave a stern loving look. She said, “No, stupid! I meant that let’s clean up bedrooms first! You naughty girl!”

Anjali’s house was really old. It seemed full of really old furniture. One could easily say that the financial condition of this family was not too good. And it was very clear that Anjali was the only person taking care of this house. But despite all that, Anjali looked like a very loving housewife. Sumati had seen her briefly interact with her daughter and in-laws. She knew that Anjali was now the ideal daughter-in-law. She had a pleasant smile on her face. She was wearing an old saree of satin material. May be, Anjali preferred to wear something like that while doing house work. Sumati could not tell. She was used to seeing her in fancy sarees.

Anjali took out a broom. She slid her hands through her pallu to pulled it up over her shoulder. And then tucked the pallu’s loose end in her waist. With a pulled up pallu, her soft breasts covered in her satin blouse got exposed. But at least this way, her saree was not going to obstruct her in any of her cleaning tasks. Though Anjali was in her homely look without any makeup or fancy jewelry, she looked really desirable. She was the kind of woman who are naturally beautiful. Anjali began to sweep up the room with a broom. Sumati felt a little sad inside looking at Anjali like this. It was because as a man, Anjali was financially well-to-do. That wasn’t the case anymore. She didn’t want to bring out the difficult topic of financial well-being with her friend at the first meeting. She watched Anjali doing the clean up. “Mrs. Anjali, now tell me how does it feel to be a mom? I saw that Sapna really loves you.”, Sumati asked a question which she knew would make Anjali happy. All mothers love to talk about their kids. And Anjali was a recent mom.

Anjali took out a broom and began sweeping the bedroom. The way she tucked her saree, and held her saree pleats gave her an appearance of a real middle-aged housewife. 

“Oh dear Sumati. You have no idea how wonderful it is to be a mother! The experience of being a mother is so much more rewarding than I ever imagined as a crossdressing man. You know that Sapna had always been a very cute girl. I never had bonded this well with her as her father. But now that I am a woman and her mother, we are so well connected! I really love to do everything for her. Preparing her lunch, braiding her hair, getting her ready for the school, playing with her, and what not. Just like me, she even loves to wear sarees. She always asks me to wrap her in my sarees. But she is too small for those. You have no idea how much time we spend together talking. She really loves her mother. She says that she wants to be like me when she would grow older. You know, the most beautiful part? My love for her has now become unlimited. The mother daughter bond is so sacred and fulfilling, you know?”, said a beaming proud mother Anjali as she continued to broom the room.

Sumati helped Anjali clean up toys spread on the floor. She began wondering if she wants to be a mother too.

“Yes, I can see that in your eyes!”, said smiling Sumati. She picked up a few toys from the floor and put it in the toy box while Anjali cleaned up the area. Sumati looked at one of the Sapna’s doll intently and wondered if she would ever want to be a mother of Chaitanya’s kid. Of course, she would want to be a mother but that would mean she would have to mate with a man for that! But she was a lesbian who was about to get married to a man. Things were a little complicated for her. “So, have you talked to your husband-to-be about having kids?”, asked Anjali as she cleaned and prepared the bed in her room. Sumati, who was lost in her thought of becoming a mother, was suddenly broken out of her spell with Anjali’s question. “No, we haven’t talked about it yet.”, Sumati replied. It was not an easy question to answer for her.

“If I am guessing correctly, Chaitali is now a man you are marrying. Am I right?”, Anjali deduced. “Yes, Chaitali is now Chaitanya! He is a very sweet man. And his parents really love me. They were here day before yesterday to take me for bridal shopping. I had so much fun with them. I hope you are coming for my wedding. I have purchased really really fancy sarees and a lehenga. You should stand by my side when I am on the stage for my wedding. You know? I never imagined I would ever get to be a bride. I still can’t believe I am going to be a bride soon!”, said Sumati happily. But there was a pause after that.

“Still this all feels so strange Anjali. Living a life of a woman. I am not sure if I should be happy about this.”, Sumati continued with less excitement this time. “I understand what you are going through Sumati”, Anjali said with a caring tone.

“You tell me, how is the life of a housewife? We crossdressers used to dream of becoming a housewife at Indian Ladies Club. And you are now living that dream. Do you like it?”, Sumati was cheerful once again.

Anjali laughed.

“Oh your house is really cold.”, Sumati said as she sat on the bed. She carefully covered her legs with her saree. These two ladies were naturally good at maintaining sarees even when they were crossdressing men. Sumati was really feminine with her gestures and how she handled her saree perfectly. She pulled her pallu to the front with her left hand and put it on her lap to avoid sitting over it. Anjali always used to say that Sumati would be a perfect woman, if she could ever live as one. And today, she was being proved correct. Sumati wrapped herself in her soft saree to get some warmth. The soft crepe material of the saree soon made her warm.

“You haven’t answered my question Anjali”, Sumati said.

“What? About the dream of becoming a housewife? It’s not as glamorous you know? As a wife, I have to cook three meals a day, clean up the house whole day and every day for the rest of my life. And then, I have to take care of my daughter, my husband and my in-laws. And no one acknowledges how much efforts I put into taking care of everything around here, except for my lovely daughter. To be honest, being a housewife, is tough but I love to do it for all the precious moments I get to spend with Sapna. I love being a housewife but not for the reasons, we crossdressers used to believe. It’s certainly not glamorous, but is a rewarding experience.”, Anjali said. She was picking up things scattered around the house and putting it in its correct place. Certainly, Anjali had a very busy life but she looked content. Her life had changed dramatically from that of a working man with a well-paid job to the hard demanding life of a housewife now.

Anjali had truly adapted herself to become a housewife. She cleaned up the bed and fixed the bed sheets so that Sumati could sit on it. Sumati, who felt cold inside the house, sat on the bed and covered her feet with her saree. Both friends had become the perfect woman.

“You must be hungry, Sumati. I know you haven’t had anything to eat in the morning. Let me get breakfast for you. I have made poha for you. I hope you like it.”, Anjali said to Sumati. “Oh, you don’t have to bother about that Anjali. I am here to see you. Food can wait.”, said Sumati.

“Don’t be silly, Sumati. I can’t forget how many times you cooked food for the people at Indian Ladies Club. Anyway, poha is ready. I just need to serve it on a plate. And that way, we can sit and talk. I will take care of the rest of the clean up later. I have anyway made lunch for the family. So, I don’t have anything else to do but chat with my lovely friend.”

“Are you kidding me? You have lunch ready by 8:30 in the morning? And that too when you had to send your kid to school? How did you manage that?”, Sumati was really curious.

Anjali came back with a plate in her hand. “I wake up 4 in the morning.”, Anjali smiled. “I anyway have to make tiffin for Sapna and her father. He leaves early to his work.”

“May be I should get a week long training from you for how to be a good wife. It will prove to be useful very soon after my wedding.”, Sumati said.

Sumati was surprised how well Anjali had adapted herself to her new life. Anjali would not even had anytime to think about how things had changed since they become women. She would have been required to take care of her family the moment she woke up as a woman a few days back.  Sumati took poha in her hand, and began to eat. “Anjali, this is the most delicious poha I ever tasted!” Anjali smiled feeling satisfied that her guest liked the breakfast.

Anjali sat across Sumati on a bench. She covered her chest with her saree. She looked tired but content with her life.

Anjali sat across Sumati on a small bench. She was beaming in her saree. She looked like a perfect housewife, and her saree was a perfect companion for everything she did in her home. She sat relaxed with her back touching the rusty wall, raised her right knee to put her arm to rest on it while her left leg crossed below the raised leg. She covered her legs with her saree. She looked a little tired from all the work she had to do everyday, but she was happy. “Living a crossdresser’s dream. Huh?”, she must have thought.

“Anjali. If you don’t mind, can I ask you a question?”, Sumati asked. “Why not? It seems that something is bothering you since yesterday evening. And I think I have an idea what this is about. But go ahead, ask me”, Anjali had a fairly good idea of Sumati’s concern. Afterall, she was in the same boat as her.

“I guess bhabhi (sister-in-law) is now your husband. How is your relationship with him?”, Sumati asked.

“Hmm. So, I guessed it right. I know what’s bothering you.”, Anjali smiled. She paused for a minute. She took a breath as if she didn’t know how to say this. “Sumati, you are my only friend with whom I can share this. I had been waiting to talk to someone about this. And thank god, you are here”, Anjali said. She pulled up her saree to cover her chest. Her satin saree was too smooth and it kept slipping exposing her blouse frequently. She didn’t really mind that in front of a woman, that too Sumati. But it was somehow in her habit to pull it up as soon as her saree would slip.

“Do you remember how your bhabhi was before? … She came from a very conservative family in a small village. She was the most obedient bahu and she used consider me, her husband, as a god. She supported me in whatever I did. She never questioned me whenever I would wear a saree. You know? She came from a background where the culture taught her to support her husband no matter what. She considered this to be her duty as a good wife. And that’s why she never complained even when I, her husband, would occasionally become a woman at night. I never knew what she felt about my dressing habit, but she supported me irrespective of what she thought. And you know, she was not well-educated either.”, Anjali was telling her story.

Sumati who was now relaxed in an environment where she could share anything with her friend, reclined on the bed, listening intently what Anjali had to say. She was carefree here. The fact that her saree was getting disheveled did not bother her here. “Umm”, Sumati nodded her head in acknowledgement of what Anjali had just said. She knew that there was something important Anjali was about to tell.

“Your bhabhi who is now my husband, is the same person, just her gender has changed.”, Anjali continued.

Sumati reclined on the bed. She was now in a relaxing environment with her good friend Anjali where she could express herself. She had to push her boob inside when it slipped out of her bra.

“What do you mean by that?”, Sumati asked. Sumati’s one boob was coming out of her bra as she reclined on the bed. She had to push it inside with her hand in her bra. Then, she covered it with her saree out of her habit.

Anjali smiled looking at Sumati taking care of her breasts. Then, she got serious and said, “My husband has the same thinking as before. He believes that it is a wife’s duty to accept and support husband in all situations. He believes that it’s my duty to do everything in the house and take care of everyone. He is very different from the kind of husband I was. I used to help my wife whenever I could, but he doesn’t do that. Sadly, our financial condition doesn’t let me hire any domestic help. Between the two of us, I am more educated and qualified to do a job, and he isn’t well-educated. But he and his parents don’t want me to go out and work. They feel my place is at home, and my only job is to clean the house and feed the family members.”, Anjali had tear drops in her eyes but still not flowing.

“This house is barely running because of the pension that we get from my father-in-law, and a little money that my parents send here from time to time. This life is not easy, Sumati. I cannot even fulfill my only daughter’s simple desires.”, Anjali’s voice was shaking. “I work all day at home, and then, at night…”, Anjali stopped. Sumati got up from the bed, and sat next to Anjali. She held her in her arms and kept her head over her shoulder to console her. It was a touching moment, an emotional one, two friends were really bonding and talking about their life. It didn’t matter that they were women now. They were human beings and friends first. Sumati continued to pat Anjali on her back to make her feel better.

“… and at night, … and at night, I have to make myself available to my husband, even if I am tired. I don’t like that Sumati. I don’t! I don’t like the touch of a man. I hate it! But I have to do it anyway”, Anjali’s ordeal was out. She was facing the same problem as Sumati.

Sumati did not know what to say to Anjali. These two lady friends continued to hold each other and hug each other. After a few minutes, Sumati held Anjali’s head by her chin. She looked at her lovely tired friend. And then, she kissed her. Anjali didn’t stop, and she kissed Sumati back. The emotions and passions broke loose. Their soft lips continued to touch each other. Their soft warm bodies got closer to each other. Anjali’s soft satin saree rustled against Sumati’s soft crepe saree. Their breasts were pushing against each other. Sumati’s hands went over Anjali’s thighs and over her waist. That touch sent a shiver in Anjali’s body. They continued to kiss each other passionately. Sumati got more eager. She slipped her hand inside Anjali’s saree and over her saree blouse. She began to massage Anjali’s breasts. Anjali was losing her control and she began to kiss harder. Sumati pressed Anjali’s breasts against hers, and she slipped her hand inside Anjali’s blouse to massage her breasts. The soft touch of their feminine soft bodies were making it all hot. The kiss seemed to be out of this world. They had never experienced anything like that. This all might have happened in less than a minute. And that’s when, Anjali suddenly pulled back her lips. She stopped.

“I can’t do this, Sumati”, Anjali said.

“Why not? I can break my wedding and get out of that relationship. We two can start a new life together, Anjali. We can have Sapna with us too. I will make a living for all of us. We can give Sapna a very good life. Everything will be alright, Anjali. Come, let’s start a life together!”, Sumati pleaded. But she knew Anjali was not going to do this.

“No, Sumati. I like you, and it may seem alright now, but we can’t do this. This is not the right thing to do.”

“What is not right, Anjali? Can’t we live a beautiful life? Don’t we have the right to have a beautiful life?”, Sumati was saying these words but she knew what Anjali was thinking.

“Think about Chaitali, dear. No matter what, she supported you in your dressing. She was your best friend since childhood. She may have become Chaitanya today, but she is the same person you knew all along. Are you going to leave her for these hormone enraged moments? Think about Sapna! What if we don’t get a custody to have her with us? How would she live with her parents separated? I cannot leave my husband, who used to be my supportive wife a few days back. I can’t do this just because her appearance changed and she is a man now.”

Anjali was correct. Sumati realized that. But she couldn’t control her emotions. Becoming a woman has become really overwhelming for her. She started to feel as if the life of a crossdressing man, was much better than being a woman. Tears began to roll on her cheeks. Anjali picked her saree pallu as she wiped Sumati’s tears.

Sumati got up and fixed her saree.

“Don’t get me wrong, Sumati. I wish I could live my life with you. But it would be wrong of me to abandon my family. Most importantly, I have to think about my daughter. I want her to grow to be an independent strong woman. I need her to learn that a woman’s place is not just confined within the four walls of her home. Do you understand?”, Anjali said.

Anjali looked into Sumati’s eyes, and said, “I want my daughter to be a strong independent woman, just like her Sumati aunty.”  Sumati smiled.

These two friends hugged each other once more, comforted each other with a promise that they will be there for each other and provide them the strength whenever needed. They both held each others arms. Then, the two ladies got up, and fixed their sarees.

“Sumati, I called Madhurima aunty yesterday to tell her that we would be visiting her by 10 a.m. today. We should get ready to see her.”, Anjali said.

Sumati felt a little light hearted now. Expressing their emotions to each other had helped both these friends feel better. Anjali had shown Sumati that sometimes, one has to make some sacrifices. And she was right that Chaitali had been a supportive friend of Sumati since her childhood. She was the only one who knew about Sumati’s crossdressing during her childhood days, and she never told this to anyone. Sumati cannot abandon Chaitali now just because she has become Chaitanya.

“I am going to use your bathroom to fix my makeup. My tears must have ruined my mascara.”, Sumati said.

Anjali smiled at her friend. And she began to get ready to go out as well.


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Indian Ladies Club: Part 8

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Towards the end of that night, Madhurima announced that Sumati will no longer be able to hold ILC events at her home since she is getting married. Thus, ILC meet ups won’t happen until they find a new place. Anvesha went to a late-night party with a few ladies of the club, along with Sasha and Soha.

Next morning, when they woke up, Sumati realized that she had become a woman overnight. Anvesha and Sasha experienced the same thing. They thought they were turning crazy. But the world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined. Sumati, for one, was soon going to become a daughter-in-law, and her in-laws were coming to take her for bridal shopping.

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Woman’s body is like a puzzle to be explored. A touch in each part of her body invokes a new sensation in her. No wonder men enjoy touching women as they love to see how the woman reacts to the touch. And for Sumati, the pleasure was far more. She herself was now in a soft delicate body of a woman. Her own touch was giving a new pleasure to her. Not surprisingly, she was curious about her new body, and she wanted to slowly experience the pleasures hidden in each of her soft curves, her delicate breasts, her deep navel, and her sensitive thighs.  She looked at herself in a long mirror that was in her room. She was beaming in her beautiful saree. In a way, it was her dream come true. She was a gorgeous woman; she always wished she was born as. She could look at herself and admire herself for hours without getting bored for a second. All she wanted now was the world to stop for a while, when she could experience her new found blessings.

Sumati was looking gorgeous in her saree. She wanted to admire and explore her new soft body of a woman. She kept looking at herself in the mirror. If you are this beautiful, won’t you do the same?

Sumati touched her own bare waist with her finger. “God!! My own finger is tickling me”, she wondered. She was not familiar with her new body, and her own touch tickled her. But there was a sensation in that touch that made her wanting to go wild. Imagine the touch on a silky soft smooth skin. She slowly moved her finger over her body, over her stomach, around her navel. She slowly took her hand over her cleavage. She closed her eyes, which made her more aware of the touch and the sensations she was experiencing. “Oh god, Should I dare to touch my breasts?”, she wondered. She was closing out herself from the outside world. She wanted to experience the pure sensations in her body without getting distracted by the outer world. She slowly slid her fingers under her saree over her breasts. That touch sent a shiver through her spine. The excitement of her touch was making her mad. She wanted to bite her lips so badly since she could not control her excitement when she squeezed her left breast with her hand. She had to stop but she could not. She wanted to scream in pleasure. She was losing control. Her fingers were titillating her breasts, fondling it and soon, her fingers were touching left nipple. She rolled her fingers around the areola of her nipple. “Ahhh…”, she wanted to moan but she was forced to suppressed it inside. Her fingers took control of its own, and started fondling her nipple. Her fingers were just about to squeeze it. The thought about the unimaginable pleasure that would have brought to Sumati was forcing her to do it.

Sumati could not control herself, and she was aching to feel her soft but firm breasts. The thought of the pleasure of fondling and squeezing breasts was making her go wild.

“Ding Dong”, the door bell rang. The door bell had been going off several times since this morning. And each time it rang, it brought unexpected surprises for Sumati. Yet this bell could not have come at a better time. She wouldn’t have stopped herself from moaning had she squeezed her own nipples. Just the thought of squeezing those nipples made her bite her own lips. Just biting her own lips never felt this sexier in her whole life as a man. But that door bell forced her to come out of the enchanting effect of her body.

Sumati could hear that someone answered the door and opened it. “Namaste uncle! Namaste aunty! Please, come on in.”, Sumati could hear her brother Rohit talking to someone. She guessed that her in-laws-to-be are already here. She quickly pulled back her hair and decided to go outside and meet them. “I should hurry up. They are not going to like if their daughter-in-law is not their to welcome them. But should I be worried about anything?”,  Sumati was thinking as she checked her pallu and her saree one last time before going out. She used her hand to pull her saree to cover her breasts. “The saree looks all ok. I hope there is not much to worry. I hope that like Rohit and Chaitanya, they have no memory of me ever living as a boy. I suppose they are the parents of Chaitali, the girl I was going to marry as a man. I know them very well. This should not be very difficult.”, Sumati spoke to herself, as she tried to prepare herself mentally for this unsual situation. Though it was a new situation for her, but she seemed calm and composed. She definitely knew how to carry herself in a saree in a dignified manner. Afterall, she was the founder of Indian Ladies Club. She had transformed so many men into a beautiful woman. Yet, she still could not grasp the idea that she is now a woman, and Chaitali, her wife-to-be, is now a man named Chaitanya.

Sumati came out of her room. Her in-laws were standing near the sofa along with Rohit and Chaitanya. She was right that her in-laws are the parents of Chaitali. At least, they haven’t changed. As soon as she saw them, her right hand pulled up her hanging saree pallu from the back on its own. She quickly covered her head with her pallu, the way an ideal daughter-in-law is supposed to do. She herself was surprised how quickly she manged to do it. She quickly walked up to her in-laws and bent to touch their feet.

“May you have a very long life!”, her father-in-law Prashant said. “Your place is not near my feet dear. You should live in my heart!”, her mother-in-law Kalavati said as she hugged Sumati. Sumati felt a really nice motherly warmth as she hugged Kalavati. Sumati had a very pleasant smile on her face. Sumati was remembering how she used to play a similar role when she lived with Madhurima (her crossdressing mother) and her wife, Ajanta (Read about Madhu and Ajanta here). Sumati fondly remembered how Ajanta would tell her that she would love to have a daughter-in-law like Sumati. Thanks to that experience, Sumati was managing this situation very well.

“Mom, dad, please have a seat and relax for a while. You must be tired from all the travel. I am going to quickly make breakfast for you. My cooking may not be as good as mom, but I will try my best.”, Sumati said to her in-laws Prashant and Kalavati. But back in her head, she was thinking why did she say this. She didn’t wanna cook anything. “Rohit, please take care of mom-dad while I am in the kitchen. And get two glasses of water for them.”, Sumati looked at her brother Rohit. Rohit nodded.

As Sumati was heading towards the kitchen, her eyes met with Chaitanya, her fiance. Chaitanya was smiling, looking at his beautiful wife-to-be. Sumati smiled back at him. “This is the man I will be spending my life with”, she thought. She was really baffled by the idea of marrying a man. She didn’t know if she should feel happy or cry. She felt more like crying, but then she now had this beautiful body of a woman and chance to live her life the way she wanted to. However, at the moment, she had to prepare breakfast for her guests. She would think about the marriage matter a little later.

As soon as she moved into the kitchen, she removed the pallu from over her head. She wrapped it around her hips and tucked it in the front around her waist. She quickly rolled her hair back in the form of a bun. She was now ready to prepare the breakfast. Thanks to her years of experience managing get-together events at Indian Ladies Club, she knew how to function in a saree like a perfect housewife. “I should get started with tea and prepare poha for the breakfast. That should be quick to make.”, she said to herself. She was a natural at this. She put on a vessel on the gas stove to prepare tea, and started to cut onions and potatoes for poha.

“So, what is my dearest daughter-in-law Sumati cooking today?”, Kalavati, her mother-in-law said as she came into the kitchen.

“Oh not much mom. I am just making poha for you all. I hope you like it.”, Sumati replied lovingly as she untucked her pallu to cover her head again as a mark of respect for her mother-in-law. “Oh god! Now, I will have to work with my head covered? God no!!”, she thought.

“Sumati dear. You don’t need to cover your head. I am a woman and I know it’s not easy to cook with pallu blocking your sight and restricting your hands. Relax, dear daughter. I have seen you since you were a kid. I remember vividly seeing you grow up wearing frocks and salwar suits. I don’t want that to change just because you are now marrying into our family.”, Kalavati lovingly said as she came close to Sumati.

Kalavati placed her hand on Sumati’s chin and said, “I am just happy to see that the lovely neighborhood girl Sumati who always used to play with my son is going to be my daughter-in-law. I always wished that about you. I always had a son. Now, I have a daughter as well.”

Sumati’s eyes bent down as she felt shy hearing these words of love. But in her mind, she was thinking, “How can you remember seeing me growing up in frocks and salwars when I was never born as a girl?” No matter what, the situation was surreal for Sumati. No one seemed to remember her as a boy. Everyone seemed to have got a new memory where Sumati had always been a girl. How could that be? What kind of magic was this?

Kalavati began to help Sumati with the cooking. They both chit-chatted and laughed. Sumati loved this aspect of becoming a woman. She enjoyed talking about the small pleasures of life with her mother-in-law which she never did as a man. As a man, she had to worry about her career. Talking about her career, she had no idea what her life is going to be as a woman. Would she be working or not? As much as she liked taking care of the house, she definitely didn’t want to give up her career or job.

For the time being, Sumati was happy to learn a few thing about cooking from her mother-in-law. She was fast and knew so much about housekeeping. Soon, Sumati was ready to serve tea and breakfast to everyone. Before she went out of the kitchen to see her father-in-law Prashant, she was about to cover her head. But Kalavati stopped her from doing that, and said, “Sumati, you are our daughter now. You don’t have to cover yourself from your parents. Understood?” Sumati smiled and appreciated Kalavati’s love. “Thank you, mom! I will always remember this.”, Sumati was really glad about this.

While everyone had breakfast, Chaitanya could not stop looking at his beautiful wife-to-be and kept smiling every time their eyes met. Afterall, he was getting married to his best friend from his childhood. At least, in his new memory, that was the truth. Sumati was a little hesitant to acknowledge Chaitanya’s smile in front of her in-laws. Was it because she was a traditional woman?

“Ahh. That was a very delicious breakfast, Sumati. Now, we should get started and head out to do shopping for your wedding. I know women take really long selecting the clothes for their wedding.”, Prashant said. “Dad, I had the help of mom in cooking. She took care of everything.”, Sumati politely gave the credit to Kalavati. Everyone smiled. Rohit, Sumati’s brother, smiled as well.

They all were now ready to leave. Chaitanya soon pulled the car to the front of the house. Chaitanya’s dad sat in front with him, whereas Sumati sat in the middle seat with Kalavati and Rohit on her side. Just like any other girl, she was excited about the bridal shopping.

“Sumati, we hope that you know what do you want for the wedding day.”, Kalavati said to her. “Oh I know, what I want!”, Sumati smiled and talked to herself. In fact, most crossdressers know what would they want to wear if they ever get a chance to be a bride. Sumati was no exception. This was going to be a fun day. She thought.


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Indian Ladies Club: Part 7

Story so far: Sumati is the brains behind Indian Ladies Club where men from all walks of life gather together to become the woman of their dreams. Sumati is assisted by her very good lovely friend Anjali in setting up her apartment for the ILC meeting. Madhurima, the senior most member of the club joins them to manage the special event.

Recently, the  “ladies” at ILC had welcomed a new member Anvesha through a very special ceremony of her transformation into a princess. Towards the end of that night, Madhurima announced that Sumati will no longer be able to hold ILC events at her home since she is getting married. Thus, ILC meet ups won’t happen until they find a new place. Anvesha went to a late-night party with a few ladies of the club, along with Sasha and Soha. Next morning, when they woke up, Sumati realized that she has become a woman overnight. Anvesha and Sasha experienced the same thing. They thought they are turning crazy. But the world around them had changed, and the world seemed to always remember them as women, and never a man. Becoming a woman was going to bring challenges in their life they never imagined.

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Sumati’s story

“Ding Dong”, the door bell rang again.

Sumati was forced to come out of her admiration for her new found woman’s body, her soft breasts, her luscious lips and really lovely long hair. But more than that, what worried her more is the fact that until last night she was a man, but today everyone in this world sees her as a woman. Even Sumati’s mother now remembers Sumati as her daughter. She does not even remember that she ever had a son.

Sumati was not ready for any more surprises, but she had to open the door. As she walked, she realized that her breasts are not jiggling anymore, now that she was wearing a bra. Sumati finally opened the door. Her younger brother, Rohit, was at the door as her mom had told her earlier.

“Rohit! My dear brother.”, Sumati exclaimed. Of course, she was happy to see her brother. As an elder brother, she had always loved him and cared for him.

Didi! (Term of endearment for elder sister in Hindi)”, Rohit said excitedly. Of course, Rohit too doesn’t remember Sumati as his elder brother. Now, Rohit sees her as an elder sister. He opened his arms to get a hug from his sister.

Hugging your brother, not a big deal, right? Sumati always used to hug him, but now with her big breasts in between them, she didn’t know how to hug properly. It was a funny situation how awkwardly Sumati hugged Rohit.

“Wow, didi! You have really changed after coming to the big city. Look at you! I never saw you wearing western tops earlier! You look fantastic!”, Rohit said admiringly to his sister.

“Oh yes … I had to adjust to the city lifestyle, brother.”, Sumati said. She didn’t know what else to say. Before she could say anything more, she had another stroke of sharp pain in her brain. “Ouch! My head is going to explode”, she thought.

“Hey, didi. What happened? You don’t seem too well. Let’s get in and seat.”, Rohit took Sumati inside as a caring brother. Sumati looked at him. “Wow, Rohit seems so much taller than me. My height must have reduced after becoming a woman.”, Sumati thought.

Sumati had flashbacks of celebrating rakshabandhan festival with Rohit where she was his sister. This didn’t make any sense to her, as she was never a sister.

Suddenly Sumati had flashbacks of she celebrating Rakshabandhan as a sister where she was tying Rakhi on her brother’s hand. “This can’t be true! I never was a sister. Why is my mind playing tricks with me?”, Sumati talked to herself. She had not realized yet that everytime she experiences a pain, her mind is creating a new past for her new life as a woman, to replace the old past from her life as a man.

“Thank you, Rohit. But I am fine now.”, Sumati said to Rohit, “Tell me brother, how have you been?”

“Oh, didi! I am so excited about your wedding. Being the only son in the family, I had been busy with your wedding preparations, and I am enjoying it.”, he said with excitement.

“Being the only son”, those words struck Sumati’s mind. She still could not believe this was happening. She smiled at him and said, “That’s what brothers are for!”. She was playing her part as a loving sister now, as her flashbacks suggested.

Rohit then took out a box and gave it to Sumati. “Didi, mom has sent this saree for you to wear today when we all go shopping with your in-laws. She said that she knows you are going to love it, and you will look very pretty in it.”

Sumati’s eyes glowed with joy looking at that saree. Ever since she was a kid, she had loved this saree too much. She would love to play around her mom whenever she would wear it. The soft fabric with its silky texture, she could never forget the touch. It brought back all the warm memories about this saree. She had always wished that she could wear it someday. But being born a boy, she could only dream about it. And today, here it was in her hands ready to be worn. And suddenly out of joy, the dormant girl in Sumati woke up. She hugged her brother with joy, gave him a kiss on his cheeks, and said, “Oh dear brother, thank you! You have no idea how much this means to me.”

She again looked at the pretty gift from her mom. And she said to Rohit, “This saree is really special for me, Rohit. This is the first saree gift from mom to me. I will wear it on a very special day. Today is not that day. I will find something else to wear today.”

Rohit tried to understand his sister’s feelings. “But you should hurry up didi. Your in-laws and Chaitanya jijaji (sister’s husband) might be coming in soon.”

“OK dear. I will go and get ready.”, Sumati said excitedly. She walked to her bed room to get ready.

Sumati was now looking at her closet filled with women’s clothes of her size. The collection looked really pretty and impressive, but she had no idea of where to look and what to wear today. The situation demanded a saree to be worn. So she started looking at her collection. She will have to walk a lot today in a broad daylight. She must look for something light in color and easy to walk in. She picked a light green saree to wear. At first, the saree seemed a little heavier but from her experience, she knew that it would be easy to carry all day.

She first tried on the saree blouse to see the fit. A woman knows that a good fitting blouse can really provide you the flattering look. Ill-fitting blouse is a strict no no. “Sumati! That blouse looks so sexy on you. Look how nicely it fits over your breasts.”, Sumati said to herself as she admired her in the mirror. She wore a white petticoat. She hoped that the white color will hide in the saree. She could not find anything else to match with the saree. She turned around and watched herself in the mirror again. “Hmm… nice figure Sumati!”, she loved her new body. Next she just spread one end of her saree over the back side of her petticoat. She wanted to check if the white color petticoat will hide under her saree’s color. “Not too bad.”, she thought, “But my god, my waist and my navel are too sexy. I look like an irresistible woman.”

The saree blouse fit perfectly over Sumati’s perky big soft breasts. She loved her look. She wasn’t sure about the white color petticoat. But when she checked it with her saree covering her hips, the petticoat matched well.

“Ding Dong”, the door bell rang again. “My in-laws couldn’t be here so early.”, Sumati thought to herself. “Rohit, can you please check the door?”, she shouted from her bedroom. She couldn’t have come out half dressed. “Yes, didi.”, said Rohit.

Sumati tried to pay attention in getting ready. Her mind was sending her really mixed signals. On one hand, she was loving getting ready in her new body. On the other hand, she was a little annoyed with the fact that she was getting ready for her in-laws, people she didn’t even know. The thought of marrying a man made her cringe. But she had to at least continue this role for a day or two before she could understand what was going on. She might later figure out an excuse to get out of this wedding.

“Welcome, Chaitanya Jijaji! Where are your parents?” Sumati could hear Rohit speaking to a newly arrived guest. “So, Chaitanya, my husband-to-be is here”, she wondered who this person might be. “Oh, my parents will be here in about half-an-hour. Is your sister ready?”, Chaitanya said to Rohit.

Sumati could not hear clearly what the two men were talking outside in the living room. She kept checking herself in the mirror as she got ready. She wanted to look beautiful. She didn’t know why. A woman need not have any reason to look pretty. It just makes her feel good about herself. “Hey beautiful!” Sumati heard a manly voice from behind her.

She was definitely not expecting someone to walk into her room while she was getting ready. She had not even covered her blouse with the saree yet. She was still wrapping it below her waist. She quickly grabbed her saree to cover her front of the blouse with both of her hands, the way you would expect from any woman when a strange man walks into her room. “Why are you in my room? Don’t you know you should knock before entering someone’s room? Don’t you have any shame?”, she shouted at the man. She was really furious.

Sumati kept checking herself in the mirror as she got ready. She couldn’t be more excited to tuck in the pleats below here sexy waist and sexy navel. She loved it. 

Sumati was extremely furious. She was shaking as she tried to cover her bosom. She felt threatened by this man. “Come on, Sumati. It’s me. Chaitanya! In less than a month, all barriers between us will end, and I will never be required to knock. So why not start that a little earlier.”, Chaitanya the stranger said. He was smiling. For him, he was talking to his soon to be wife.

Sumati was still afraid of this man. Her heart was beating faster. She was panting. She looked carefully at this man. And soon she realized that Chaitanya is probably the same girl Sumati was going to get married to, when she was a man. At least the face looked similar. “Oh my god, she is probably Chaitali, who has changed into a man! I am going mad. What’s happening to me? Why is my world changing so much?”, Sumati cried inside. She felt that sharp pain again, and this time, the flashbacks showed her how she used to play with Chaitanya who was a boy and she was a girl, during her teens. Her new past had been created. In this new past, Chaitanya had always been a man. And Sumati had always been a girl, his good friend since childhood.

The pain in Sumati’s head was getting worse. There were so many flashbacks coming at her at once. Her saree that she was holding in her hands fell down on the floor. She tried to hold her head with her hand. But soon, Sumati collapsed and was about to fall. Thankfully, Chaitanya was there to get hold of her in time. Sumati was lying in the arms of Chaitanya. Her hair were almost touching the floor. She soon realized that she is in the arms of a man. She looked at him, his face, his eyes, his big dark lips and his light beard. He was smiling and holding her lovingly. But Sumati? She felt disgusted being so close to a man. What could have been the most romantic moment in any couple’s life, seemed repulsive to Sumati. She pushed him away as she took control of herself. “Stay away from me!”, Sumati was being ungrateful.

Chaitanya backed away quietly, and said to her, “Sumati, I know that we had been best friends since childhood, and our relationship is changing with our upcoming wedding. It is true that we will become husband and wife. But I will never forget that you are my best friend first and wife later.”

Sumati was stunned listening to him. Her new past in her brain was telling that it is true, she and Chaitanya had been the best friends. She kept looking at him.

Chaitanya looked into her eyes and said, “Tell me onething, Sumati. You had always been a little tom-boyish, a little less girly than any other girl in our town. You always used to physically fight with me and tried to beat me. Will you continue to do that to me? I think it will reflect bad upon me if my wife would beat me.” He was smiling as he said this.

Sumati now had a reason to look pretty. She looked into the mirror for the final “How do I look?” pose.

“I cannot promise that Chaitanya.”, Sumati said. Suddenly, she was calmer and mild in her tone towards Chaitanya. She then said, “Please wait outside. I have to get ready before your parents arrive.” Chaitanya left silently. He was happy he was getting married to his best friend.

Sumati got ready soon. Now, she had a reason to look pretty. She did not know if she would marry Chaitanya. But she wanted to look beautiful for her best friend. She finally looked into the mirror for her final “How do I look?” pose. And she looked gorgeous.


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Indian Ladies Club: Part 1

Names can be highly deceptive. Indian Ladies Club, unlike the name suggests, is a club of all men who unite together in their common interest of dressing themselves as pretty women. Yes, ILC or Indian Ladies Club, is a club of cross-dressers. But for Sumeet, the brains behind this club, would rather convey ILC as a club of feminine expression that provides a judgement free environment to all those men who would love to express their feminine side. Sumeet used to say, “By becoming women, we are adding beauty to this world! And contribute to men-women equality!”

Sumeet, aged 28, is a software engineer by profession, engaged but not yet married. He decided to form this club around 3 years ago with other cross-dressers in the area. Starting with 3 close friends, it has grown to have more than 50 members today. Sumeet, who becomes Sumati when he embraces the woman inside him, organizes a meet at his rental house located in the outskirts of the city, almost once every week when the club members would come to this heaven and fulfill their dreams for 3 to 4 hours.

Sumati decided to wear a simple light weight faux crepe saree for the night as she had to run around doing chores for the party.

Today is a very special day for this club, and it is going to be really fun but crowded as well. Sumati, has so much work to do in the next hour before a swarm of men would come, and dress themselves up in western dresses, lovely long anarkalis, flowing lehengas with big gheras, pretty flowery sarees, or the classic south indian silk sarees. The whole house turns into something like a wedding home where all the women in a family get ready together before the wedding itself. On a special day like this, Sumeet or pretty Sumati, the president of the club, would wear something fancy like a heavy silk saree. But today she was already late, and she was getting stressed about so many things that she has to take care of. So, she quickly decided to wear a simple red saree with horizontal stripes, made of a light faux crepe material. On a busy day like this, when she is expected to run around like a headless chicken, this is the best saree she could think of. She quickly began to drape her saree. Needless to say, she was an expert at this.

ilc30“Ding Dong”, the door bell rang. “People have begun to come already!! Oh my god, I am not yet ready.”, she thought. She started running towards the door while simultaneously trying to pin her pallu on her left blouse shoulder. She opened the door. She felt so happy to see her best friend Anjali in front of her eyes.

“Oh Anjali! Thank god, it’s you. I really need your help my dear saheli,  to set up this house. We have less than an hour to do so.”, she hugged Anjali hard. Anjali hugged her back and smiled at her. She ran her hands over Sumati’s hair and her back to comfort her. “I knew that you would need help today. You should ask at least a few girls to come an hour before the party, to help you set up the house. You don’t have to do it all alone, you know?”, Anjali was her sweet self as she usually is. Sumati then noticed that she had stepped on her pleats and she would have to make her pleats all over again.

“God!! I cannot catch a break today. Now, I have to make pleats again!”, said Sumati. She paused for a second and then said to Anjali, “Hey, you are looking so breath-taking today. I love the yellow and pink color combination in your saree. The flowers in your saree are as beautiful as you. How did you manage to come wearing a saree already from your home today?”, Sumati truly admired Anjali.

“Oh, my parents, wife and daughter were out of home today. So I decided to take a chance. I did a quick dress up as I knew you would need some help today. And then, I drove as quickly as possible. This is the first time I did something like this alone. What a rush it was! I was so excited.”, Anjali exclaimed. “You know the interesting part. Men were eyeing all over me on the way whenever I would stop at a traffic signal.”, Anjali was giggling and so was Sumati, to hear about her friend’s adventures.

“I  can only guess but this must be because of the red bra straps that are visible on both your shoulders!”, Sumati added. “Of course! I did it on purpose and I had my saree pallu placed in a way that it would show some cleavage as well.”, Anjali said. “You are such a naughty girl, Anjali!”, Sumati chided her. “OK, OK! I admit that. But let’s get started and change your saree. There is no way I am going to let you wear this simple a saree today.”, Anjali pulled Sumati’s hand and started taking her towards the changing room. “But Anju, we don’t have much time!”, Sumati complained but had no choice because when Anjali makes her mind, she does what she wants.

Anjali was helping Sumati wear her saree, fixing her pleats and putting pins. They both were naturally good at this.

Both Sumati and Anjali know how to drape a saree quickly. Anjali picked a green colored saree that was slightly fancier. Sumati would look ready and beautiful for a fancy night, but it would still let her do any chores quickly. Sumati wrapped herself in that green colored beauty, and Anjali began helping her correct the pleats and put pins in that saree. These two were in so sync with each other that it seemed as if these two were destined to be best girlfriends since there childhood. Yet, these two had come from different states in the country, and were very different from each other.

While Sumati was slightly younger, a little more adventurous and would often take lead, Anjali was like the sweetest woman around who was always ready to help. Anjali came from a rural traditional household. She currently lives with her very conservative parents. Her parents got her married to a girl, named Neeta, from a remote village who was brought up in an environment where she was taught to play the role of a housewife, serve her in-laws and follow whatever her husband tells her. The fact that Neeta gave birth to a daughter didn’t go very well with Anjali’s parents. They would ask Neeta to do everything at home. But Anjali, in her male mode as a husband, is the best thing that could have happened to Neeta. As a husband, he would always defend her wife. He loved his daughter very much, and he would do everything possible to help his wife at home. While his parents didn’t like it, he still would help Neeta in cooking, washing, raising a daughter, and every household chore whenever he could. As sweet a man he is, Anjali is equally sweet as a woman.

Though it seems like Sumati is a leader who formed ILC, Sumeet (or Sumati) was not a confident person as a man. That began to change when he first met Anjali 5 years ago. There friendship grew and Sumati began to blossom. It appeared that becoming Sumati freed something inside him. Sumati was truly an energetic and ambitious type of person. And when Sumeet started ILC and got to explore the life of Sumati, he began to become ambitious person as a man too. Today, Sumati is an admirable person both as a man and a woman. And Sumati always gives credit to Anjali for this who helped Sumati to blossom.

Sumati was now ready and gleaming in her green saree. Anjali looked at her and said, “I told you, it will take only 5 minutes to get you ready. Now, all we need to do is put a little darker lipstick on those luscious lips. And then, we get started with setting up the house.”

“Yes, my dear. I knew things will be fine once you are here. I can always count on you!”, Sumati said and hugged her friend again. They both felt the true friendship in that friendly hug. Anjali then walked up to the kitchen and brought back a broom in her hand. “I am going to start cleaning the party area, the dressing room and the kitchen. You take care of the decorations. And then, we two will together arrange the food and the appetizers.”, Anjali said to Sumati.

Anjali began to clean up the party area and the dressing room. Having always helped his wife Neeta at home, Anjali knew how to manage things like this.

Having always played the helpful husband to Neeta at home, Anjali had enough experience to manage situations like this. Neeta always thanked  god for such a great husband. However, Neeta was never comfortable with the feminine side of her husband. Although Anjali never forced Neeta to accept her crossdressing, Neeta was raised in a society that prevented her from ever saying no to her husband. She quietly accepted when Anjali would dress up occasionally at home when alone in the room. At Indian ladies club, Anjali would always say how grateful she is to her wife who accepted Anjali. Only if she knew what was going on in Neeta’s mind.

At ILC, the two ladies, Anjali and Sumati, were working at full pace. Anjali had cleaned every room, and Sumati had finished decorations. There were 15 minutes left before everyone would start arriving. Now, all they had to do was to arrange the table for the gala dinner. They would warm up the food and the appetizers after everyone would get dressed.

Madhurima, a really busty woman, who would make anyone laugh with her tantrums. She could always bring life to any party.

The door bell rang. Anjali opened the door. And the third founding member of the club, Madhurima, was here. The first thing anyone would notice about her were her god-gifted lovely breasts. While this was a medical condition for a biological male to have breasts, Madhurima accepted that as a gift from god. Her breasts had been a topic of ridicule all her life as a man. But she finally accepted it. As a man, whenever she would meet other men or women who would stare or want to ridicule Madhurima, she would often joke about it like how she needs a bigger bra than her wife. This would often embarrass the tormentors themselves and they would stay quiet. In reality, she is the most jovial person one would ever meet in their life. And probably, it was this inherent happiness within her that would help her stay young when she was actually above 50 years old. Before Sumati, it was Madhurima who would open her house to other cross-dressers. Madhurima had a wonderful wife, who not only supported Madhurima, but also welcomed other cross-dressers in her life. Thanks to her wonderful support, Madhurima was outgoing and never had any issue expressing her femininity. Due to her affectionate nature, many girls would consider Madhurima as their mother in their alter-ego.

Looking at Madhurima, Sumati’s eyes widened and filled with joy. They were not only friends, but also had a loving mother-daughter relationship.

“Alright girls! The queen is here. Now, where is Sumati? I immediately demand a hug from her.”, Madhurima commanded jokingly like she usually does. “Mom!!”, Sumati exclaimed. And she ran towards Madhurima. She bent to touch Madhu’s feet. “Anjali, look at her. I demanded a hug and she disobeys me by touching my feet. She needs to be spanked!”, Madhu acted as if she is angry. And then, she slaps at Sumati’s buttocks.

“Ouch, Mom! I had been waiting for you so long. Don’t you wanna make your daughter’s party a success?”, Sumati said in a complaining voice.

“Both mom and daughter are equal drama queens! Now, let’s get back to work.”, Anjali said laughing.

Madhurima began to make her world-famous salad. Of course, she had to throw tantrums while doing that!

“Yes, mom. We need you to make your world famous salad”, Sumati added. “Oh, so is that all I am good for? If you both ladies insist, I am going to make the damn salad. God, the work never ends for a mom!”, Madhurima threw tantrums as usual. Of course, she was teasing with love. She picked up the materials for salad and thumped her way towards the sofa. While her face may not be considered classically beautiful, but she is all womanly even with her big body. And yet, she jokingly does a few things in a manly manner when in her female self, to make a situation funny. If you could see, how she was cutting the vegetables, you would realize that no woman would have pulled her saree up to the knees like she did. But that was the thing about Madhurima, she was a special woman. And anything she did, would still seem feminine.

“You know, Anjali? I wish my daughter Sumati had inherited my quality of being a hard working woman. Look at that lazy bum! But what worries me most is that she is so skinny! A mom should know that her daughter eats well and is healthy. Look at me, I am close to 90 kgs and she is barely 60 kgs. I wish she inherited my quality of eating and staying healthy.”, Madhurima loved to tease like a real mom.

Anjali was laughing loudly now. Sumati walked upto Madhu and hugged her from behind and said, “Mom, if I could inherit anything from you, I would want that thing to be your humongous breasts!” Madhurima looked towards the roof and said, “Hey ram! My daughter is such a shameless woman!”

The banter continued for a while, and then other members of the Indian ladies club had begun to arrive. The house was bustling now. Almost everyone had come in their male mode, and they began their transformation into a woman they always dreamed of. The Indian Ladies Club was now alive, and the happiness quotient was increasing in the atmosphere. The world would be such a happy place if everyone had the freedom to be their true self. Sumati looked around all the ladies in the house, and felt happy that she managed ILC.

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