Reader’s ask: We answer


Dear readers,

We often receive great feedback from you telling us how happy you felt when you were able to relate to the characters in our story. We really love reading your feedback. And many a times, we receive a lot of constructive ideas and criticism too which we use to improve our future stories. And occasionally, we receive a few questions from you … and this time, after publishing our stories, ‘Pratibha: A wild encounter‘ and ‘चांदी की पायल‘, we received two important questions that we thought we should answer.

#1: Why do crossdressers make love to men in your stories?

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How I reached 100,000 views in 5 months?

Update: I have added one more tip since I published this article. Also, I have added another useful piece of information in Tip #7.

For the first time, I am writing something that other blog writers, and not my regular readers, may find useful. As a writer, June has been an exciting month for me. For the first time, I saw my blog receive 51,000 views in a month! And this blog sailed past the big milestone of total 100,000 views! I know it’s not a big deal for a hundreds of bloggers out there, but for a novice blogger like me, it is a big deal! So here I am, writing 9 tips to grow your blog for novice bloggers. Continue reading “How I reached 100,000 views in 5 months?”