Do you have what it takes to contribute to Indian Crossdressing Novel?

No, we are not talking about financial contribution!

There are a few roles we have planned for the expansion of Indian Crossdressing Novel team. We are planning an expansion so that Indian Crossdressing Novel can continue to grow and provide the best indian crossdressing stories.

Since Indian Crossdressing Novel is completely driven by volunteers and does not make any money, a contributor should not have any monetary exception. All we promise to provide is a satisfaction of doing something for the indian crossdressing community outside of your pretty closet.

There are two ways to help Indian Crossdressing Novel grow.

  • Create an affiliate blog with translated stories in a regional Indian language like Tamil, Malayalam, or Bengali.
  • Become part of the core team.

Read below for more details. And if you are interested in contributing, send us a message on our facebook page.

Core Team

If you plan to become part of the core team, the following are the roles we plan to have:

  • Author
  • Page Creator
  • Editor
  • Media Coordinator
  • Administrator


As an author, you will have the rights to write your own story, create a new post with that story and design it by putting images. You will also have the rights to create a new post for stories written/contributed by someone else. You may get some help in the beginning from our team while you learn the process. As an author, you won’t have the rights to publish the post you created. Your posts will be published by the editor only after it has been reviewed and approved by at least one editor or fellow authors.

Page Creator

As a page creator, you don’t necessarily need to be good at writing stories. But you will be helping other authors who are not good at designing their pages. While you will be able to create a new page/post, you will not have the rights to publish. The decision to publish will be made by the editor.

You can become an editor only by promotion.


The role of an editor is probably the most important in order to control the quality of stories being published on Indian Crossdressing Novel site. We receive several stories from readers but not every story meets the required standard which has made this site a destination for good stories. Publishing high quality stories has been our goal since the first day of this site, and we want to continue that to maintain our brand.

As an editor, you have the rights to publish any stories/posts created by authors or page creators. In your decision to publish, you will need to review the post and discuss it with other editors or authors.

The role of an editor can only be obtained by promotion. You will have to start either as an author or a page creator or a junior editor (without the publishing rights). When our team is convinced about your decision-making capabilities, we will promote you to the position of an editor.

Media Coordinator

Our stories are incomplete without pictures. And it takes a lot of time to search for images that go along well with the stories. And it is important that the pictures are consistent. As an example, if you have a picture of a story character drinking coffee in a pink saree, and then in the next scene, that character drives in a car. The picture of driving in a car should be of the same person in the same pink saree.

As a media coordinator, you will have the rights to read the stories being considered for publishing. Either the author will tell you what type of pictures are needed, or you will be able to decide that based on the story itself.

Another role a media coordinator can play is to create promotional images to be used on our Facebook page to promote our site and its stories.


An administrator supersedes everyone else. An administrator can change the decision made by an editor, but should avoid the temptation to do so if the editorial decision was made based on careful review with other team members. Only editors can vote and decide who can get promoted to become an administrator.

Regional Indian Language Affiliate



Do you want to start your own blog in your regional language like Tamil, Malayalam or Bengali? We would be happy if our stories can reach out to more readers in this country.

We will let you create your own blog, translate our stories and post it on your blog. We will even put a link on our main page to your blog so that the readers can find your blog sooner, and you don’t have to go through the painful process we went through to become popular.

In return, all we want is that you will put the credits and attribute the stories to the original authors of Indian Crossdressing Novel. We expect you to maintain the high standards that Indian Crossdressing Novel is all about.

Our Facebook Page

We are on Facebook!

We are on Facebook! Follow us on Facebook page to receive updates on our upcoming stories!

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13 thoughts on “Contribute”

  1. Man’s World

    From the childhood i heard regularly every where this is men dominated society but i never felt it because my sister can wear my dress roam in the roads like her wish but vice versa is not accepted by any one. I saw woman driving cars, bikes and playing sports even they are entering in to the boxing. Then why if men who learning classical dance made fun by friends, family. I don’t have have choice to wear what i like and i can’t be like me. This is all because i am man and i tired to be fake

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    1. Vimala… kindly write your story in a text file or a word document and send us as a message on our facebook page… Thank you for your interest


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