August 2017 Edition

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March 2017 Edition


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We started with writing the story of Parineeta in January this year. Since then, we have come along with several new exciting updates!

This month we continue exploring how the life continues for Parineeta as a wife, and how the girls in Indian Ladies Club face the new challenges they experience in their new life. We also bring to you several new exciting short stories. And for the first time, we have a great story from our reader titled ‘The Other Woman’. We hope you enjoy all that we have to offer this month!

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April 2017 Edition


Hello readers,
What a fantastic journey has been with you all supporting us! Thank you very much for your support. This month we conclude our popular long series of Parineeta and Indian Ladies Club. Thank you very much for loving these stories! We also present two short stories ‘A night to remember’ and ‘That girl in a dress’. We hope you love it all.

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May 2017 Edition


Hello readers,

This month we bring a new series ‘Roommate’ which is about two best friends and one of them is a crossdresser. We also publish a short story Neha Bhabhi, which titillates every crossdresser with the idea of a supportive beautiful sister-in-law. Also, we start a new series titled ‘Pallavi’ that is a long running series about a boy named Prateek and his journey towards becoming a woman named Pallavi.

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June 2017 Edition


Hello readers,
We are back in June with a bang! This month, we conclude the love saga of Nishant and Chetna in our story Roommate which has become a big success. We also bring a new series Lucky Boss, and a short story ‘First Time’ about love and revenge! In the world of our on-going series Pallavi, where she starts to live with her Masi and learns how to live like a girl.

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July 2017 Edition


Hello readers,
First, let me thank you all for reading Indian Crossdressing Novel. Thanks to you all, we saw a rapid growth in our readership. Our blog crossed 100,000 views in June! And if the trend continues, we will double our views this month too.

This month, we bring you several new stories like Mom and Coming Out, that will churn the emotions in you. And a new short series Devdas in hindi will make you laugh. And don’t forget to check the lovely expressions and stories submitted by our readers in response to our Expression Challenge. What more? We have a few beautiful pictures from our lovely reader Aditi Puri. Check out her pictures to learn a few things about photography. Be a proud crossdresser and keep reading. And let us know how we did this month!

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