This is the story of Varsha and her husband Arun. We don’t need to say that there is a cross-dressing twist to it!


In English: This is the story of Varsha and her husband Arun. We don’t need to say but there is a cross-dressing twist to it! In this story, you will come to know how a boy who was never into crossdressing, but begins to fall in love with it once he experiences the feminine pleasure. Read this beautiful journey that he travels with the support he receives from known and unknown people in his life.

Lakshmi Seetha

Editor’s Note:  Though this story starts with a familiar plot where a boy dresses up for a school drama, but that familiarity ends right there, and begins a beautiful journey with heart-felt conversations between the characters in this story. Don’t miss those conversations! All the rights for this story remain with the author, Lakshmi Seetha.

Chapter 1: A loving couple
Chapter 2: The drama begins
Chapter 3: Stage is set
Chapter 4: The Masterplan
Chapter 5: Sister’s surprise
Chapter 6: A new friend
Chapter 7: Secret trip
Chapter 8: Wedding
Chapter 9: Anniversary

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How I reached 100,000 views in 5 months?

This is about my experience with writing a blog that saw exponential growth. Read about how this blog dashed to reach 100K views

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Best Indian Crossdressing Stories

Best Indian Crossdressing Stories – Best Saree crossdressing stories on the web – हिंदी क्रॉसड्रेसिंग कहानी

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